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Childcare Forehead

Childcare Forehead

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Don't buy go get mediscan

Not worth the money at all! Low readings even on my husband who is always hotter than me. He got a reading of 33.6, that's low! Took it many times with widely varying temperatures. I would rate this one as totally inaccurate and I took mine back to the store for a immediate refund. That was 30mims after purchasing it. Now have a mediscan thermometer, excellent easier to use more accurate
Sounded easy and good. That was it
Very inaccurate


very disappointed. I too thought spending a bit more would guarantee a better product - not in this case. starting to be quite disappointed with the childcare range as a whole
fast, convenient
inaccurate. wildly different temperatures


Bought this to replace another brand which was particularly useless. This one has been so easy to use & has been accurate every time. Great product.
Accurate at reading temperature. Easy to use when child is still.
Can be a little hard to get accurate reading when your child is trying their hardest to grab it out of your hands when you've got it against their forehead!


I like that it reads temperature from your forehead rather than ear as I thought it would be easier to use on Bub, and I was right about that when he's wriggling! He likes the music it plays when the reading is done, so that makes it a little easier to use when I take a reading for a second time. It's good to have it, but I am never 100% confident with the reading.
Easy to use, reads temperature quickly. Plays music when temperature taken. As well as reading appearing on LCD screen, a voice tells you temperature which I like.
Inaccurate. I always take temperature twice and some days it is the same reading or has only a very small difference and then other days the readings greatly vary. Creates confusion and a little anxiety!


I think this thermometer is great. I had to use it one night in dim lighting and having the temperature read out to me made it much easier for me. I was surprised when others said it inaccurate as my readings have always been the same. I find the fact you can take the temperature from the forehead so much easier as my little baby wriggles around alot and when she is settled it doesn't disturb her. The only thing I found a little annoying was that I have to take the batteries out to save battery power which can be annoying when you need to put it in before taking the temperature. That is not too much of a problem for me though. Overall I would recommend this thermometer, I think it works well and is easier to use on babies.
Digital display, reads temperature outloud. Easier to use for wriggling babies.
Have to take batteries out to save battery power


This is so easy to use, quick and its not invasive which is good if your child is crying and won't stay still long enough to get a reading. In fact the little chime and the voice that tells you the time distracts the child so they stop crying. My son now thinks its a game and would put his forehead towards me for me to measure his temperature. Then sits back to hear the chime and the voice and smiles. Cracks me up everytime.
Reads temperature very quickly. Easy to use. Saves temperature readings. Has date and time function. Voice tells you the temperature. Turns off automatically. Fairly consistent readings.


I bought this thermometer because I wanted something that was non-invasive and would be easy to use with my baby if he was fussing and wriggling. It has always worked perfectly for us and is so quick in reading the temp that my son doesn't get upset. We use it for the whole family. It is more expensive at baby shops but Big W has it about $20 cheaper so it works out to be a great price compared to other forehead thermometers. The batteries have seemed to last us for months and instead of having an off button, it turns off automatically a couple of minutes after the last button was pressed. It also comes with a few covers for the end which you can clean and reuse.
Is very non-invasive, records the last 30 readings, has the time and date on display, is very simple to use by just pressing the 1 button twice to turn it on and then to take the reading. It is also very compact and reads the temperature very quickly.


A great thermometer that is easy to use. Large display menas it's easy to read. No messing around with replacing tips. Clock and date function records last 30 readings (which is good when trying to work out the last time they were sick). Very reasonably priced. Neither of my kids mind this as they can see what you are doing and not putting anything in their ear.
Easy to read, easy to use. No need for replacement tips. Great for younger babies as no need to stick in the ear. Great for using when asleep.
None that I can think of.

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Childcare Forehead
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