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Philips Avent Digital Bath and Bedroom SCH550/20

Latest review: This thermometer is excellent for the bath and room temperature. We take it everywhere we go travelling! So handy and great piece of mind when you're not sure what the bath temperature

Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead

Latest review: I bought this thermometer a few years ago after reading that it had won the Mother and Baby Award for best thermometer. It hasn’t let me down yet. Kids are not easy when they are sick, and it can be d

Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor

Latest review: Doesn’t work if your baby sleeps with their arms up. So it didn’t work at all for us. Would be a great idea if it actually worked. Very expensive for something that is of no use

Medescan Touchless RC008

Latest review: Overall great idea for a multi purpose thermometer with the unfortunate fail in the critical body temp readings. Measured 3 family members who will get 36.4 to 38 around the head, the temple area

Braun ThermoScan

Latest review: The temperature reading fluctuates a lot depending how the product is used, for example ,if my wife uses the product to measure our baby boys temp it reads 37,2 but of I take the temp 10 sec later

Cherub Baby Dummy

Latest review: All new mums know how important it is to monitor a new baby’s temperature, but it’s not always easy with a more traditional glass thermometer. Not all babies like to be prodded or poked, or will even

No Touch

Latest review: We have used one for over 5 1/2 years and love it. It still works perfectly. It's best to keep it in the room you will be taking the temperature in, so if your child is ill, leave it in their room so

Oricom Digital Bath & Room Duck

Latest review: We have had this duck for over five years and it still works. Haven’t even changed the battery yet, in fact I can’t seem to get the cover off so maybe that’s why it’s so watertight. Having seen the ot

Vicks Fever InSight V916C-AUS

Latest review: this is inaccurate. Used on myself and it said I was 37. I knew it was wrong because I could tell I had a fever. Went to the doctors half an hour later and had a temp of 39.9. Went home and straight

Oricom FS300 Non-Contact Infrared

Latest review: Shows very inaccurate temperature. Had to come back to traditional one. Big difference in temperature. 1 or 1.5 degrees makes a big difference to body when goes above 37.

Braun No Touch + Forehead NTF3000

Latest review: This product gives completely inaccurate readings. Temperature readings are either too low, too high with a variation of more than 2C. I've followed all the guides and troubleshooting but with no

Oricom NFS100 Infrared Forehead

Latest review: Have used in accordance with the directions provided and it still says my babies temp is 36.4 ( took her to the doc and it was over 38!) Just awful the last thing we need with a sick baby is

Omron MC720

Latest review: I bought this in about March 2019 from a local chemist. It was one of the more expensive ones on offer. Initially, I took it back as I didn't like the mode of operation and I couldn't hear any

Omron TH839S

Latest review: this is garbage, the head is solid plastic and requires to put into ear to measure. it takes very long to get result, and the display is on the other side of the device which you can't see what is

Vicks V977 Forehead

Latest review: I had an obvious fever and was shaking, the thermometer said my temperature was 36 degrees. When I got to the hospital it was 40! This product is a waste of money and incredibly

Ritalia Digital Baby Forehead Thermometer

Latest review: The digittal display is bright and numbers are easy to read. It feels sturdy and combortable in your hands. The ear and head buttons are separate, so you easily know which one you are using. I

TempGuard Digital

Latest review: This product reads a person's temperature with high accuracy and does this in only a few seconds. Conventional thermometers need ages to read out a temperature and the child does not hold still.


Latest review: My little boy used to have serious febrile convulsions with every fever .. cutting teeth etc ... You clip it onto the nappy near the belly button and turn it on ... it has a parental receiver that

TempGuard Digital Dummy

Latest review: When bub was 4 weeks old he had a night where nothing would settle him. we only had this dummy in the house. it worked and he instantly fell asleep. pity this magic dummy could only bu used for short

Oricom HFS1000

Latest review: We rate highly our thermometer particularly with its non-contact infrared feature we can obtain a temperature throughout the night without waking the baby! Easy to use, functional, light, and we love

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