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Philips Avent Digital Bath and Bedroom SCH550/20

Latest review: We purchased ours in 2008! I'd do adds for this device. We didn't use it in the bath, just used in our child's bedroom.Has only just died (2018).Replaced the battery in October 2018 but unfortunately

Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor

Latest review: Keep disconnecting while we were asleep. I have to wake up and check now and then to ensure it is still connected. However, it saves the hassle of using a

Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead

Latest review: I have been looking for an easy to use, fast and accurate baby thermometer and I think to have found the one! The Cherub Baby ear and forehead thermometer is so easy to use on both my kids, and for

Medescan Touchless RC008

Latest review: Great thermometer, however for the price i expect it to last more than 2 years.. the main button has been sticky - hard to turn on and even harder to get a temperature. My son suffers from a rare

Braun ThermoScan

Latest review: Consistently 2-3 degrees out. Measures normal body temp as 35.5 every time. So if your kid is sick with a 39 it reads 37. So they are actually pretty dangerous to have around. Tested it at the

No Touch

Latest review: We have used one for over 5 1/2 years and love it. It still works perfectly. It's best to keep it in the room you will be taking the temperature in, so if your child is ill, leave it in their room so

Vicks Fever InSight V916C-AUS

Latest review: Please don’t trust it and don’t give your poor children medications because of this rubbish! I gave my poor baby Panadol twice a time because that showed 38.5 degrees fev

Oricom Digital Bath & Room Duck

Latest review: We love our thermometer. Everyone in my family uses it. Bubs also loves to use it as his bath toy. I get the perfect temperature all the time and it also comes in Celsius and Fahrenheit so it’s u

Oricom FS300 Non-Contact Infrared

Latest review: The thermometer is not reading my baby ferver, I can feel she is with high ferver but the thermometer keep saying 36 C, after try more than 10 times the thermometer show 37.8 C, it kept on playing up

Braun No Touch + Forehead NTF3000

Latest review: Can take multiple readings and get +/- 0.5 degree differences each time, we usually have to take multiple readings until we get the one we want. Today it's showing my infant has a temperature of

Omron MC720

Latest review: To put it in a simple way. It is inaccurate, it doesn’t not work properly! The worst product that I have ever purchased. Even if it’s free, I will still put it in the bin

Omron TH839S

Latest review: From the first day I received it as a gift, it didn't measure the temperature half of the time, it just beeped and gave an error message regardless how I positioned it. After 2 years, it will only

Vicks V977 Forehead

Latest review: I took this thermometer to the doctor's as I had my own doubts about its credibility. When the doctor measured the temperature of my 1 year old on his own thermometer, it was showing 40 degrees C. I

Oricom HFS1000

Latest review: The Oricom non-contact thermometer is brilliant! A great purchase and well worth the money. This is very easy to use, with just the touch of a button. I like that the screen colour changes when the

TempGuard Digital

Latest review: This product reads a person's temperature with high accuracy and does this in only a few seconds. Conventional thermometers need ages to read out a temperature and the child does not hold still.


Latest review: My little boy used to have serious febrile convulsions with every fever .. cutting teeth etc ... You clip it onto the nappy near the belly button and turn it on ... it has a parental receiver that

Ritalia Digital Baby Forehead Thermometer

Latest review: The digittal display is bright and numbers are easy to read. It feels sturdy and combortable in your hands. The ear and head buttons are separate, so you easily know which one you are using. I

TempGuard Digital Dummy

Latest review: When bub was 4 weeks old he had a night where nothing would settle him. we only had this dummy in the house. it worked and he instantly fell asleep. pity this magic dummy could only bu used for short

Cherub Baby Dummy

Latest review: Actual lifesaver! I can’t bet my baby to sit still long enough to take his temp via ear, underarm or forehead. This temp dummy is a genius idea! So accurate too! Never let me d

Chukles Bath Thermometer

Latest review: This worked for two baths then completely died. I emailed the company but didn't get a response. I will try and follow them up again, but it wasn't really high on my priority list when my baby was

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