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Childcare Palma

Childcare Palma

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Great product for the price ($99 @target on sale)

Before my baby was borned I wasn't sure if I should get this stand alone change table or one that goes over the top of the cot. Have decided to get it because we have the space in the bathroom so why not? Now I cannot imagine changing my baby without it! Since it sits in the bathroom, if the baby makes a mess it's easy to clean up, and also for me to wash my hands afterwards. When changing, I would position my baby on the change table so his feet points towards the bathtub in the bathroom (parents you know what I mean =)
Sturdy. Very easy to clean. Has organizers to hold all baby essentials (baby toiletries, towels, nappy rash cream etc)
Wheels are pretty useless, does not spin on bathroom tiles. Change table top hard to drop if using one hand (the other hand busy with the baby). Hose does not fit tap so the only way to fill the bath is to use a bucket.

I loved it

i loved mine it really helped me out being a first time mum bathing in a normal bath can be scary but i used this and bubby was in my arms the whole time ... i dont think is a "i need it" item i wouldnt recommend it too parents that has small homes as it is quite big but if you have the room and you know exactly where it is going too go ... its a handy too have !! It fits all your little baby shower gifts and nappies, wipes and your knick knacks!! ... i wouldnt use the hose attachment i would use a bucket that will take so much time and dragging it through the house
strong and sturdy! Inexpensive when sale is on
the hose is very time consuming ... use a bucket

Terrible. Leaks, drainage tube unreliable and broke first time I used it!

Bought this from Target in July 2012. It's a good concept but the first time I filled the tub and put my newborn baby in, the drainage tube came off the bath and water leaked all over the floor. I fixed the problem with a cable tie to make the tube tighter around the drainage hole. You can't fill the bath very full as the effect of gravity means that water will still leak out the drainage tube even if you hang the tube on the highest part of the tub. The wheels don't work very well on a tiled bathroom floor and it is difficult to move the bath around if you need to move it. It doesn't feel sturdy and i stopped using it after only a few times as it was too difficult to handle the baby and the leaks all over the floor and then to put the lid down after the baby has bathed to dress them, you need another person to help you as it is difficult to do one handed. I wouldn't recommend this product. When you're trying to hold your little baby and there are leaks all over the floor it is dangerous!
It is only useful as a change table, forget about using it as a bath.
Leaky, wheels are useless.

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There is a clear silicone plug that came with the bath have you tried using it? I do agree with you, the wheels are pretty useless...


Originally i wasnt intending on getting a change table at all thinking i could survive with table changes etc however i saw this on special and liked the storage, design and the soft top so bought it and im glad i did. I use it for every change now and it has definetly saved my back, plus it has lots of storage for all bubs changing/bathing items so its great :)
Great storage
Easy to assemble and sturdy
Soft top for baby comfort
Top flips up to a bath underneath
Great height for me - has saved my back
Love the mesh bag on the side - i slot the huggies nappies pack from the box straight in there and its ready to go
Also love the storage caddy on the side so you have quick access to stuff when ur changing and dont need to bend down and lose sight of wriggly baby
Cute designs available
Has wheels if you needed to wheel it around
Cheap - i got mine on sale from target for a good price compared to others like this ive seen
Though its a good idea i dont actually use the bath underneath anymore - i didnt have room in the bathroom for this so had it in bubs room and it was annoying to cart the water back and forth etc. Plus even though my baby is small she has already outgrown the bath. Not super keen on the provided 'plug' either - baby used to kick this and it would pop right off.

Excellent change table.

This product seems perfect for the new baby stage. High enough to support a mother's back. The change mat is fixed securely to prevent slipping. The unit contains a bath so great multiple purpose item. All components fit securely but are removable and constructed of easily cleanable materials. There is also a storage shelf for towels/nappies as well as pouches and tubs for other baby supplies. The maneuverability of the unit is exceptional with 4 wheels which lock for safety.
Great value for money.

Good to use for changing nappies, have used the bath once

Bought this change table on sale at Target before our first bub was born.
Not too hard to assemble compared to other nursery furniture!
Good height for me, im 172cm.
Easy to clean.
Lightweight and easy to move around
Bubs seems to like the animal characters on the table to stare at!
I use it as a change table only now and use a seperate baby bath.
Sturdy, easy to clean, cheap (when on sale), lots of storage for everything needed to be in arms reach, easy to move around
Bath - too small, takes forever to organise a bath especially when you have a nappy leak emergency! hard to juggle wet baby whilst putting table lid down and set up towels etc when noone is there to help!

Good for storage and changing nappies

I only ever used the bath once as i couldn't find an attachment hose to fit my taps so i could fill it, so trying to get water in it was time consuming. Also i found the change table a little high for me, but i am only short. Can also take up quite a bit of room if you have a small bathroom. It is sturdy and is great for storing all your nappy changing items underneath, also easy to clean.
Easy to clean, sturdy, great storage
Can be difficult to use the bath and can be hard to move around if your bathroom is small

Best baby buy!

Love it! Considering how many changes there are each day our change-table is great value.
Wheels are great and we wheel it around the house to wherever it suits us to bath and change bub. Perfect height for saving backs and allowing lovely eye contact with bub so less tears at change time!
We use a combination of cloth, disposable and modern cloth nappies and have plenty of storage space for everything we need.
Great to have everything in one place - no need to go running to a cupboard to grab something with a crying bub to keep a hand on. Good height - saved Mum and Dad's backs!
Plug for hose and drain didn't seal very well so we glued it closed and lifted the bath out to fill and empty. May be a problem if you can't lift the weight or reach high enough easily.


Great for a small baby, but wouldn't purchase one if you are tall or have a bigger baby. Expensive.
Easy to use, convenient and saved my back from leaning into a normal bath tub.
expensive, limited use. Consider the size of you and your partner before buying this tub, our bubs grew out of it in 2 months, as my husband and I are tall. Hard to drain and fill.


A great purchase - we got it on sale at kmart for $33 so it has been excellent value. Keeps everything handy for both nappy changes and bath time. Bath is nice and deep. Able to store outside if nec.
Easy to clean, padded top is soft enough for a tired baby to fall asleep on, good storage space for towels, nappies, cloths, bath oil etc. Bath nice and deep and hose makes emptying easy. Netting on front useful.
A little too high for me (5"2) as a change table. Took a while to assemble and not easy to disassemble.


I have had my change table for 4 years, it has been used by 3 babies (my two and a family members). When I brought this change table the sales assistant freaked out a bit as i went around to every change table and shook the hell out of it, this was the only one in that store (and there were alot of change tables) that didnt flex and bend and this is why I brought it. It is 4 years old and still looks like new, it hasnt faded nor has it tore anywhere. Even though I dont need a change table anymore it is still set up in our bathroom to store towles etc. Its a must have for mums to be!!
Everything. Great hose to empty the bath, very sturdy!!


Would recommend the table, very practical and multifunctional.Would clash a bit with classical nursery style, but if you can put it in a bathroom, it will make your life much easier.
It wasn't that cheap, but worth every cent.Two years on, still using it. Fantastic if you have a space in a bathroom to put it. Very easy to clean, just rinse trays and dry them, plenty of storage for nappies, towels, all creams, bath toys.
A bit too high for me (but i am just over 5 feet). Bath was too much hassle to fill and empty, we tried to use it in early days, but soon moved it into our big bath and used it there. And yes, plastic cover got a small split in one of the seams (guess because my toddler was standing up and jumping on the mat)


This is a great economical change table with plenty of room to store everything you need to change your baby. I liked that it came with a baby bath as it saved us having to buy one separately. The bath is removable so can be used in the change table or can be used in your big bath. I would highly recommend this change table.
This is a great change table with a fun design. The storage compartments for nappies, wipes and creams are good and allow for easy access. The baby bath was great to have in the early days. The towel rack is handy. The padding is nice and soft and it is easy to clean.
Nothing so far


I found this table to be perfect for my needs. My husband is tall and he never had a problem using this table, it is sturdy and very practical.
Great for storage, everything you need is at hand. I use Modern Cloth Nappies and there was room for them, plus wipes, lotions and potions. Everything I needed. Easy to move around and was great that I didn't need another "baby bath".
None I can think of


If you live in a small house then this product is perfect. i just pull it out into the living room, all the bath products and nappies are in the compartments underneath. You can fill it up easy with a bucket and then just drain it when finished. Saves so much messing around and easy to push back in the nursery when finished. this saved me a lot of time. my six month old baby still bathes in it.
Convenient, easy to manouvre, saves heaps of time and no heavy lifting, just drain the water straight into a bucket. Lots of places to store nappies and bath products.
Havent come across any problems so far - its a must have for anyone lacking space or time!!

baby changes

it looks like it has everything you would need for bub to be at ease.
eveything is in easy reach.
it shoud have a mobile or music.

Questions & Answers

I want to know if u can buy a new change mat as mine ripped all down one side and everything is falling out. I have the white Palma childcare change mat with bath tub?
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Hi Liz, If you contact our customer service line on 1300 667 137, they will be able to advise you on the best possible solution to your issues with the Childcare Palma Change Center. Thank You


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