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Love N Care Omega

Love N Care Omega

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Perfect for what I wanted!

This change table bath combo is brilliant, i gave it a 4 only due to the drainage as it is a bit of a pain but still not a huge deal. I wanted this to go in our bathroom to bath our newborn who is too little to bath with our 3yr old yet. Its a good size & plenty of storage! I did add the hammock from our old baby bath so i could be hands free to tend to my 3yr old if i needed to. Very cute design & a great height! Im 176cm tall & find it great to use!

Great investment for a small space

We loved this change table, it suited our needs from a change table that is of good height, padded top, strap for safety, it also has heaps of storage compartments, great bath that suits newborns up to 8 month olds. It's got a sick bag for dirty clothes or towel. We loved it as it was so easy for us to roll closer to the bathroom and compact enough for the small baby's room.

Bath / Table is good, drainage is badly designed

The bath and table are good in themselves. The drainage hose which attaches to it is absolutely terrible. The hose just slips into the plug on the bath, not clicking in or anything. This, along with a relatively rigid hose makes life difficult. If the hose is bent (or sometimes even just bumped) then due to the rigidness, its gotta give somewhere else - and that's when the hose comes apart from the bath (due to simply being pushed on and not clipping or anything). When the hose comes away from the bath, the water just starts freely pouring all over the below compartments, wetting everything down there, and then continues to flood the floor. Trying to plug the hose back in whilst watching your baby is difficult let alone being dangerous. I've ended up super gluing it together but I don't know how long that'll hold. I'm not sure if I got a bad batch or something, but it's pretty annoying.
Easy to use, good storage, good size.
Drainage is the worst.

A good investment change table!

Being advised by my friends that should buy a change table with bath tub. So glad that I bought this table. The bath tub is a bit small but it is very good for newborn 'til 6 months old ( really depends on your baby size). the compartments are great and I still using it as a handy wardrobe for my bub.
space saver and handy!
the bath tub is a bit small.

Function over form

I picked this up second hand for $50 hardly used as decided to "room in" baby and needed a decent height change table for nights as doing her nappies on the bed was not a good plan for my back.

Ideal -good height, good storage, safety belt, easy to clean, useful to roll into bathroom, stable.

Good budget option - practical.

Personaly I hate plastic as it uses fossil fuel to manufacture, but needs must...it is also ugly if you are a design buff.

good buy!

i brought this table on sale for $99 and very happy with it, good height, cute design an storage shelves help as we live in a smaller unit and space is important. I never use the bath as the the basin is just as useful. i would hight reccomend putting a towel over the change mat to save the plastic also we live in the tropics so baby doesnt stick to the mat!
cheap, good size and cute design


Very VERY disappointed with this product and very grateful that we only need to use this for out last baby. Bub outgrew the bath in under 9 weeks ( we was ony a little bub too) and he was never very easy to hold in there anyway. The vinyl top has split already and now needs to be sticky taped up so it wont scratch bubby. This was a cheaper product on the market and you can really tell! Would strongly discourage anyone from buying one of these tables unless its as a spare for Grandma's ect.
Good Height and I like the side storage.
Bath size WAY too small. Mat vinyl has split after just 5 months of use.


We bought this combination bath and change table because we don't have a lot of space in our unit. It can be wheeled between nursery and bathroom and the wheels lock in place for safety. Also features an adjustable strap to keep the baby secure on the change table if needed. Lots of great storage for all your bath and change needs. The change table surface is easy to wipe down and keep clean. the plug in the bath can be kicked out by an active baby but the hose secures to the bath stopping water spilling onto the floor. The hose lets water out very slowly but it is usually empty by the time baby is dry and dressed so we didn't find it a problem. The bath is fairly small so won't last all that long but the height of the unit is great for my bad back. Would highly recommend.
Combines change table and bath for economy of space, very affordable and can be moved about. Lots of storage.
wheels are not great and can be a little difficult to manouvre but for the price thats not a big problem.


I love this changetable - we keep it in the bathroom and never had to worry about splashing water anywhere. This really is a great product I can not recommend it enough. easy to move around and so easy to clean. The storage is great too. Best value for money change table on the market I think.
Very compact and is multipurpose.
Loads of storage.
Great value for money.
very durable and easy to clean
bath is small - will only last you a couple of months but thats fine. Pipe to drain we dont use. easier to just toss water in the bath.


Great product for price point. Has loads of storage and the bath serves its purpose for the early weeks. Extremely pleased with such a functional piece of baby equipment for such a low price. This and the rocking chair are absolute must haves for all new mums.
Fantastic product for the price category. Lots of storage room in the shelves underneath and the bath can become an extra storage area once the bub outgrows it. Good height for mid height females so no bending of backs.
There is no barrier at the top of the change table so you need to be extra vigilent with bub trying to launch themselves over the edge. Wheels are a bit dodgy but again for the price point you really can't complain. The plug inside the bath can be kicked out by an active baby and is difficult the rescue while holding baby. Water ends up pouring all over the floor!


It served well as a change table, really loved it. easy to clean, and lots of storage, therefore everything nearby,wish they would make only the change table and exclude the bath, with a cheaper price.
The right height to change bub. lockable wheels, and a lot of storage.
bath was not practical, and small. the surface of change table easily torn.


Honestly, I wish I'd gotten a wooden change table and then a deep baby bath which could have been used for longer. However, it has served me well over the last year.
It was a life saver having it after having a c-section, I dont see how I'd have coped not having everything I needed for baby changes in al compartments at the side (they fit newborn nappies and wipes and creams etc really well)
The bath wasn't at all practical, I wound up having the bath up on the sink, because I wasn't confident holding a wet baby while putting the change table over the bath, I was worried about dropping him. The bath also wasn't very big and he outgrew it by 6 weeks old (though he was a big baby) it also has cracks and tears in the change table after 12 months of use, so it wouldn't be sanitary as bacteria could get into the foam, so I would need to replace it for number 2.


this is perfect doesnt take much space. change baby then put in the bath in the same spot just lift the lid and shes in. a good product
this is great if you dnt have much space, it is the perfect height for me. the top is soft for baby to lie on. loads of storage space, with pull out trays.


A great little change table, we used it for the first years of our daughters life and have just pulled it out again for use with our son.
A great budget option for any family
Easy to clean, just spray and wipe down to disinfect.
The change table mat has high enough sides and a safety strap so child is always safe.
The bath is removable, we chose not to wheel the whole table into the bathroom but keep the tup in there permanently.

Fabulous amount of storage area - great for all little ones clothes, blankets etc.
We have recently pulled ours back out of storage and after 2 years in the shed it came up as good as new with some spray and wipe.
Easy to assemble and reassemble.
Not much wrong with this change table! It's not the most gorgeous thing going around but certainly does the job!


We are tall people and it was a life saver for my back, didnt have to bend over at all. The price is affordable and can be moved to different parts of the house, we had a winter baby so we use to bath in the lounge room. We used our for two kids and it does not show any sign of wearing. Recommended to all new parents.
Great to move around as it has wheels that are lockable. A hose to drain the water out. Great storage spaces. Easy to clean.
The bath is a bit small. We had very long babies.


Great overall product with a heap of storage space and convenient side trays for easy access to baby products when changing baby. Elaborating on my 'con' statement, the bath is quite small so will be useful for only a few months or so after baby is born. I did not like the fact the change table sits up on a 90 degree angle when bathing your baby, then after you finish bathing baby (all wet) you need to hold him/her and put the table down to then use it. A little bit dangerous I feel.
Very compact change table, a lot of space, good size, on rollers so is easy to move around, soft padded change mat on top, lots of compartments for storage, bath included
The only thing I did not like about this product was the fact that the bath is under the change table, which I found to be very awkward to use.


I have had two of these types of change tables/baths and I preferred the other one (a different brand). The Omega does have plenty of storage and is very easy to keep clean.
Good value for money, Looks attractive, easy to clean, loads of storage space.
Small wheels made it difficult to control moving from room to room (for bath). The drainage tube nearly always fell off the bath resulting in water from the bath pouring into lower shelves and on bathroom floor.


I found that this product was just too big and bulky and a waste of space. Now that I have my second; I've found that bathing bub in a bucket is easier, and as with my first child - we change her nappies wherever we may be; whether it be on the sofa, the floor or bed.
If I was more organised, the storage space could have been quite handy - but I never really ended up using it. Fairly durable, we're quite rough with our stuff and didn't manage to break any parts of it!
I found it hard to fill up, annoying to drain and a bit tricky to get bub from the bath onto the change table with one hand.The cover of the changing pad got a small tear in it at some point and I didn't notice and the foam inside filled up with water. It was hard to roll around on our tiles with the small wheels.


This was given to me as a by shower gift and in my opinion, is the best and most used item we've ever received! It has definitely saved my back! I love that all items are within easy reach and are just underneath. Definitely a plus when you have a wriggling baby on the changing table. I also like the soft foamy top of the changing table. It has a plastic top which is easy to clean especially with all those accidents! It has roller wheels and it has been dragged to and from every room in the house. One drawback would be the water plug. make sure you have it on tight as it can be dislodged quite easily. Also, I never used the complicated hoses to drain the water. I just picked up the bathtub after each use and threw the water in the shower. A must have for all new mums!
Easy to clean, lightweight, heaps of storage, double duty (bath tub and changing station)
The little plug sometimes gets dislodged causing water to spill out underneath


Because i dont have a bath tub in the bathroom this was the only thing i could resort to. I found the price very affordable and it was small enought to fit in the laundry. Accompanied by one of the bath seats i think this is the total package that one needs. Lots of space at the bottom for storage and very easy to clean.
The ultimate bath friend
It is hard to transfer baby onto the top with one hand. A little small but you get the best use till in the late months. Water fiils up in the side holding sections when baby splashes around. Kind of hard to fill up but draining is a breeze

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Is there a weight limit for the table?
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Id say so but not sure what it is, maybe check manufacturers instructions? They are very sturdy & held my 20kg 3yr old at the time who was pretebding to be a baby like her sister.在香港那處買到更換尿布枱


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