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Christian Connection

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I was stalked and threatened

I didn't respond to this so called Christian man for one whole day (after only speaking a few times with him, on a friends only basis,for the previous two days). Next time I looked in my inbox, he had texted abuse in 45 messages, including a story about a man stabbing his girlfriend for not giving him enough attention. I was so freaked out I went to the police. This was my first and last dating website I ever joined! And I joined a Christian one coz here I was thinking the men might be nicer and more respectful. But instead I came across a psychopath!

Great dating website no scammers

I found my perfect Christian match on Christian Connection. I found the people on there were genuine people. I have however had to go through a lot issues with other dating sites. If you are a Christian and are looking for a genuine Christian match, this side would probably one of the better ones. I think it was God watching out here. My advice just don't give up, there is a lot of bad press about dating sites. But you get out what you put in.. All the bad experience taught me a few things about myself too, and best to write a great authentic profile specific to your beliefs and what you are looking for and what you are not looking for in a man

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OK cool

He says "She said YES!!!!!." She says "Wow he asked me to marry him".

He says - Have been a member for nearly 2 years. Met some lovely people, coffee meetups, dinner dates and movie dates and very pleasant conversations. As a guy, I didn't encounter any serious scammers, but did get some messages from people obviously outside my stated parameters of interest.

In January, I got a compliment from a member, and I responded with a question. That resulted in an avalanche of messages backwards and forwards, where we asked and answered questions about everything and nothing. Then we stepped it up to voice calls (scary) but we found we talk as much as we had messaged. Then the dreaded, make or break, first date. We already knew so much about each other because of the contact possible through the site. A courageous lady came sailing with me. We ran aground!!! It was a God moment where both she and I responded in the most positive way that neither of us expected, as we both expected the worst, but instead discovered the best. We only dated for 4 or 5 dates, before I asked her to be my girlfriend. What a wonderful few months leading up to knowing that I had found my match. A lady that so fulfils all my wishes of what I was looking to find. So early this month (July), I asked her to be my wife and she said YES!!!

This would never have happened without Christian Connection. So I have to say it is a good site, but also that the whole process can work, and for some people it does. I'm still amazed that it worked for me.

She says - I was on the site for only a few weeks and had had several conversations with other people. I hoped to meet someone but was sceptical at my age; I thought at best I may find a good friend to go to movies etc with. Unlike other sites, there were only a few scammers and Admin were quick to notify me about these. The site was easy to use and the site's questions helped me develop my profile, and clarify my expectations. It is much improved since I first used the site in 2013.

I loved his profile, he took time to complete the questions in some detail and he matched what I was looking for. The chance to message whilst still on the site provided me with a sense of security - and not receiving a warning from admin about him helped! The ability to message in real time was also helpful. It was exciting to be able to find that same connection face to face. He is a man of surprises - first asking me to be his girlfriend and now to be his wife. He makes me laugh, encourages me to play and be myself. God brought us together and draws us closer each day. Christian Connection, like other on-line dating sites needs you to be careful and wise but it does work. I look forward to a new life with this amazing man.

Login so secure even members cannot log in!!

Set up profile, receive numerous promotional and notification emails but when I try to log on no email with link received. I would presume the people I had previously contacted will presume I'm no longer interested and/or wasting their time. Would delete my profile but of course have to log in to do that. Oh! and before you say it, double, triple, quadruple checked my email.

Unprofessional Controlling

WOW .. what a controlling site .. unprofessional and even though I was abiding by their TERMS .. but had voiced my disappointment in the way they stated things and threatened to close my Profile... they didn't show the proof in the examples they had sent at all that I had breeched their Terms.. but now because of my email stating my disappointment but accepting that I was abiding by their unlawful and Controlling Terms.. they have Cancelled My Profile... don't use this site .. not professional at all. I was 100 percent genuine and decent in all my correspondence to other Profile Members .. GODLY in My attempt to find One Equal GODLY Lady... but their System is not set up to be fair and reasonable and especially not LAWFUL as the Adult Laws allow.
Its all about MONEY at the bottom of it all. They GOT my Money and No refund. See my emails below...And no way had I not agreed to do as I was requested to do. I did communicate my disappointment in being harassed when I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. Even the links of their proof had no justification for them threatening me. Seems [name removed] didn't like me saying he was unprofessional. . But very much wrong the way I was treated.. Read emails below

Dear Daryl

Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear that you are not willing to change the way that you behave on Christian Connection. You agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of the website when you first signed up and we have explained very clearly where you have continued to breach these terms on several occasions.

As you have chosen to continue to ignore our suggestions and have continued to breach the terms and argue with our staff, we have no other option but to close your account with immediate effect.

I'm sorry we couldn't come to an agreement this time, but I wish you well in your search for a partner.

Best regards

[name removed]
Customer Service Manager

Daryl on January 18, 2018 at 2:54am wrote:

Also here is a very good reason why genuine effort gets results .. and as I said .. unless someone responds withva No Thanks how can anyone who is genuinely interested in them .. know not to keep trying.

See attached received today..  thanks

Daryl on January 17, 2018 at 11:02pm wrote:

[name removed]..

Seems like your words are also changing from our previous communication...

Its been said I wasn't to send contact details in the first email to a contact.. if they are not full members it gives them a way of contacting me.. its not just about the money You need to get from them as well although one lady did join so she could reply because she didn't read my email fully to her.. these are my personal contact details... absolutely controlling that You tell me who I should or shouldn't send them too..

As I had changed the way I was contacting ladies by your request.. Only waving to anyone outside your 15 yr ruling. . So they could indicate if they wanted a response.. yes some have and then I respond.. scrutinise anything that I'm doing but again I'm not a mind reader when I'm making genuine enquiry on a lady .. and I dont know if her circumstances have changed from the last time I initiated contact.. or if they have forgotten as they have to many men interested in them...

I asked for examples of what [name removed] was complaining about.. none of them were rude offensive or blocked.. Or outside your requirements.

I am far from happy with your Professionalism. . Having run businesses all my Life and having a decent GODLY standard I ask You to please look at what I write and how I have been polite and decent with anyone who has said no thanks.. I have blocked ladies .. its an easy way to not have to deal with anyone You are not interested in.. doesn't mean I have done anything wrong in my GENUINE contact.. look at those Blocked ones and see who has actually done what they should have and politely said no thanks..

I dont think You have been unprofessional in this instance .. especially when I have limited my use of your site .. and tried to stay inside your requested boundaries.

[name removed] was not Professional. . Did not provide proof to substantiate what He had complained about in his threat to close my profile with no refund..

Harassment is more what his behaviour and email was.. no not a happy or pleasant experience dealing with Your controlling behaviour.. that isnt GODLY at all in your Control for monetary gains..

I have tried to abide by your rules.. haven't been using your site anywhere as frequently as I was.. only wave to people outside of the 15 yr age restrictions. . Except about 2 that where 40 and 41... how ridiculous that You see that as being wrong. . I have not put my contact details in any first contact emails ..as was stated earlier.. now your telling me differently... I have not recontacted straight away with persistent emails to profiles.. non of my contact has been offensive rude .. and has been polite decent and genuine..

Sorry but your out of line in this instance of your attack on my Genuine use of your site.. to facilitate finding One Decent GODly lady that matches Me.

Again very disappointed in this attack on My decent effort and behaviour.

GOD Bless everything about Your site and Your unrealistic Controlling behaviour of Adults who are decent and also trying to find a genuine partner.

Guess at some stage I can expect to be punished for being Honest and stating truthful facts about Your behaviour ..

Again suggest that You fix your site making it mandatory before anyone can come away from reading a message that has been sent to them.. so as they can get off the screen they have to send a polite response...


Im interested but currently busy.. contact me again soon.

Im currently talking to someone else and will get back to you if that changes

I thank You for your nice message but I dont think We are suited.

I look fwd to hearing more from you. Im not a paid member. Pls send me your contact details

Or Block

Thanks GODS True Will and Blessings only


Great site all around

Fantastic site to try meet someone of faith, reasonably priced, real profiles have met over 10 people in 2016 and been on 6 physical dates. Much much much better experience than eHarmony which is the only other site I tried, only drawback is fewer numbers but still a great online dating experience.

It's a good format, it just needs some more members.

Easy to use site, rarely come across a scammer or illegitimate profile. People are friendly, only thing missing is a larger member base.

Using Christians for Money Making Greedy Website.

You wouldn't know how it works when you join but they give you 3 days of trial so you don't really know whether you need to pay when you just replying to someone 's msg.

So you start conversation but after 3days you won't be send any message unless you subscribe lol

So if you liked that person you'd better exchange email addy before they stop you!

Money charging system should be more clear and NOTIFYING MEMBERS they all need to SUBSCRIBE even if REPLYING to received msg lol

Poor customer service

I used to be on Christian Connection until I got kicked off because someone had allegedly sent a "serious report" about me. At no time was I given the opportunity to answer any accusations (whatever they were) and was just dumped off the site. No right of appeal, no other explanations, just dumped. I very much doubt if Christian Connection every got any substantiation from these (at best spurious) allegations because frankly I never ever said or did anything worth reporting to anyone I met on that site. So it seems that if someone bears a grudge against you, or you do or say anything that might tick them off, then they can just say whatever they like to Christian Connection and they can get you kicked off!

Great Online Dating But lacks Members

This is one of the most underrated dating sites on the internet. I met a few people on this site however it is poorly marketed so lacks a strong regular amount of members to the site. It is a real shame as the site design and payment options are very user friendly. Maybe it is just a sign of the times with not so many religious men or women hence the site not attracting many users.
Easy to use
No marketing of product so lacks adequate amount of members

Questions & Answers

Can I change the age group of single ladies offered against my age?
No answers

Hi. I am 52 and a Christian lady (over 30 years saved). I am single and looking for company... more a companion to start off with rather than immediately entering into a committed relationship or coupling up. I have come out of a marriage of control and abuse and am weary to put myself out there. Now what I want to know is if I do sign up, do I need to give my "real" name and do i have to post a photo? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Renay
2 answers
Hey Renay. You do not have to give your real name or post a photo but in respect of the latter the likely hood of getting any responses is greatly reduced. Best wishes.Hi Renay, so sorry to hear of your circumstances - you are a brave woman and understand your caution. Posting a photo improves your chances of someone contacting you, and to be honest I didn't look at profiles without a photo - for me putting up my photo was the most stressful & intimidating part of the process. Your name is used, but first name only is used onsite. The thing that is nice for CC is that for females they they display your area generically - eg Sydney east, western sydney etc rather than your suburb. I found a mentor for the process, a christian woman who I trusted as a sort of spiritual advisor - and let people close to you know what you are doing - that is your safety. Don't go off the site to chat, the genuine men will stay on the site. Follow the sites recommendations and google has some great tips for online dating. Listen for God's voice, it can sometimes be drowned in the anxiety. I was looking for a companion, so was my now husband. I wish you well. Carolyn

Is Christian Love Dating the same as Christian Connection? Their formats are exactly the same.
4 answers
Hi Jen, I am not sure as I have only used Christian Connection.Hi Jen. The website registrars and owners appear to be different. Hard to say exactly but I'd say that they're not the same people.Jen, try this as an experiment: go and put up a profile and state in your profile: homosexuality is sin, and if they delete you, they are the same website, as that is what Christian connection does, they delete your profile if you state something politically incorrect. they are not a christian website.

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