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Citroën C4 Picasso

Citroën C4 Picasso

2015-Present and 2007-2013
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Economical Strong Diesel Car

I needed an economical cheap family car.
Came across this. People advised not to buy European cars, as its hard to find the parts. Now I have been driving this for almost one year and I am happy with.
Very open comfortable family car. The only thing which make me a bit worry is its pickup from the rest position. It takes a bit longer time than the others. Still it got turbo diesel engine. It has both Auto/Manual options. Built in back sensors and lot if other features like speed limit ,cruise control blue tooth etc are cool features. Very comfortable as well..

Purchased in May 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
TransmissionDual-Clutch (DCT)
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

There's the Space Shuttle and then there was The Citroen picasso

I was advised to buy the Diesel C4 Picasso. However, now I realize that Diesel cars are fitted with a 'Particle filter Sachet'. The problem of course, is that if that sachet runs out, your car, being very intelligent, will simply leave you stranded (perhaps) out in the middle of nowhere?...(Because that's what the computer is programmed to do LOL!) So, now I need to spend 800 dollars for a new particle filter, plus labour!. Who said a Diesel car was cheaper to run?. Certainly in the past, tractors did very well on Diesel...dirt cheap, but it's a whole new different story today. The 7 seater is pretty good, nice shape and comfortable to drive..I can't complain. This van would have been a huge seller, were it not for the space shuttle interior controls...Too much for me, personally.

Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Sadly no longer available as a 5 seater.

I am currently averaging 5.5L/100km which is actually slightly better than the published ‘combined’ figure.......and on E10 fuel at that.
Amazing adaptability, all round comfort, fabulous vision including high seating position in a compact sedan size.
The automatic 6 speed transmission is from Toyota owned Aisin and the proven engine means one can expect solid reliability.
If only it continued to be sold new here, but that is what happens when you fail to promote it. Nobody realised it existed.

BadgeExclusive e-THP
Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedJul 2017

So much care put into the design. Perfect family car.

After a year of ownership, we love this car. We bought it to be able to seat three across the second row comfortably, while still having a large boot. The large boot is fantastic. The third row seats are only occasionally used. We always have one of the third row seats up to provide a partition, which we find very practical.

The features in this sub $50,000 car are amazing and only found on more expensive cars for other makes. Things like top view (birds eye view) camera, lane departure warning (tugs on the seat belt), self parking and blind spot monitoring. The leather seats option is a smooth Nappa leather, not the corrected grain plastic leather found on most vehicles that including Mercedes and BMW. These “leathers” are leather scraps that are ground into a fibrous power and then stuck together with a plastic like adhesive. A leather texture is then imprinted onto the leather fibre matte. If you look closely enough, you will find the leather texture repeats and the surface is always perfect. This is a sign of leather fibre leather - which can legally be marketed as “leather”. The Picasso has no such thing, it is smooth high end leather that is a joy to sit in.

The car drives well. For a large car, it feels like a small sedan to drive and is easy to park manually, or using the park assist. There are many well thought out features in the car that you discover as you own it - things like the individually adjustable and collapsible second row seats. Economy is excellent. We fill up the car once a month, getting about 800km from a full tank.

My only gripe is the front row passenger side glove box. It is useless, being taken up by the fuse box. Really odd.

Would buy another, no question. After sales support has been great too at Allpike Citroen.

BadgeExclusive HDi
Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedDec 2016

Perfect family car

A very practical family car which is a joy to drive on both rural and city roads. Ours is the 2 litre diesel which is extremely frugal yet surprisingly quick. The visibility is excellent with massive windscreen and it also comes standard with a reversing camera. Very easy to manoeuvre with a tight turning circle. Seats are extremely comfortable and versatile. Only criticism is that the centre control panel can only display one function at a time.

BadgeExclusive HDi
Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedJun 2016

Terrific car to drive and cheap as chips at the pump

I love the comfort of the so called captains chair it feels like luxury you sit high and comfortable with every possible adjustment and luxury you could want it has a 60L tank diesel when you fill diesel it bubbles up and around 10% will not be accepted so around 54L of diesel will allow me to travel around 660km Sydney driving I drove to Canberra recently i filled the tank the previous night 293 km one way on my arrival home I had clocked 641 km the gauge said more than quarter full left and the computer told me I could travel a further 212 km 853 km I'm happy with that the auto shifting manual gearbox helps with the economy initialy on my first drive I did not like the gearbox but within 10 minutes of driving I was sold it has 7 seats auto everything really nice leather trim and the amount of space in this vehicle is incredible I'm very happy with it on summing it up my wife drives a late model Honda Jazz it feels underpowered in comparison and uses far more fuel than the Citreon

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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i have read a lot of comments on servicing and parts cost I have only had good experience on these two issues as I plan ahead purchase all my expected replacement filters and or parts on ebay beforehand and get the basement service deal at Kmart Tire Auto who I can only recommend very highly have been using them for years now they use the required full synthetic oil I need no problems what so ever with the particle filter I might write them a review as well as they only ever gave quality service to me

Love the car not so mad about the service support

Chose this car for a family of 5 (needed 3 booster/baby seats across) and occasional relative pick up and drop off tag along.
Ticked all the boxes for me:
- Diesel (good for carting weight)
- Not an SUV
- Not a an oversized people mover (relatively standard size car driving experience)
- excellent safety rating
- excellent visibility
- when not used as 7 seater excellent luggage space (throw the bikes in)
- 3 baby seats fit in
- Wife feels comfortable to drive it
- Bit of French design differentiating itself from the market
- parking sensors
- Auto handbrake (wasn't originally on the tick box but I love it), auto windscreen, tyre presser sensors, auto lights
- independent AC settings for left, right, front and back with a master control
- Seating flexibility and versatility

Things that would be nice:
- All wheel drive
- Hybrid Diesel (for future)
- Could do with a slightly higher clearance but still OK.

I have had a couple of stall issues in the first 6 to 8 months with the engine conking out, for which a restart saw the problem disappear until next time. Took this to Continental Cars (under warranty) and they fiddled around with it and haven't had the problem since.

The handing has been a bit rough on the poorly maintained Sydney roads, and under heavy turning the weight of the car becomes apparent which is why I presume the XL (stiffer tyre walls) were fitted for improved performance. The original tyres I got were the older Primacy HPs which I have just changed at 32k (95% city driving), and have put the Primacy 3 ST (Michelin) on also with XL spec which seems to offer reduced roll noise, and a smoother ride. Will put the pressure up to same as before to see if this still holds true. Overall with the original tyres the general passenger comment was that it is a quiet car, and comfortable ride.

The feel on the steering seems delayed or at least not sensitive enough to smaller movements (like going through small roundabouts) but I have put this down to it being a people mover thing. The steering does seem to require more turning than normal. I also noted under braking and turning that I get creaking noises from the steering column, but no issues from that thus far.

Over all the driving experience (despite the harshness over the bumps) as been ok to better than ok, but I am really not pushing this car hard at all, as that is not it's main purpose anyway.

Fuel economy:
Nowhere near what the labels were indicating in the shop (I am getting between 10.5 and 11/5 per 100km on diesel around the city, short trips typically). On the open road I can get about 6.5 to 7.5 per 100km. Not sure if this is related to the stalling thing I mentioned earlier.

To me the servicing is the other half of the car sale. Buying from Continental Cars which sell and service, gave me relative confidence as the point of sale, but...
I have had a service for each year thus far (standard) but have failed to trust the service centre at Continental Cars, especially after the last service I was smacked for $400 and they "missed" some very obvious things like very low coolant and brake fluid levels. This was just before needing to hit road for several hours on holidays. They tried to rectify, but for me the trust is gone, as I now doubt they did any of the work they stated in previous services.

Buy Again:
Would like to but...
I love the styling of most of the range, strong association with Peugeot. However now that the I have issues of my own with the service centre (who are considered pretty good as far as Citroen goes) , I think I will reconsider where I go for a second car, which may be on the books soon, as the kids get older.
visibility, diesel, 7 seater, auto lights, auto wipers, auto handbrake, pressure sensors, french styling, clever design
don't trust service support, some stall issues at start

TransmissionElectronic Automatic

Great family car - love my C4 Picasso

With 3young children under 5yrs we looked at many family cars before buying the C4 Picasso. Although I loved the Volvo XC90, Mercedes R Class, Mazda CX9 and Toyota Kluger we decided against these (as well as the larger 4WD 7seat cars) due to high fuel needs & high price. After looking at the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Avensis etc, all 7seat comparisons - we couldn't go past the spacious yet small sized, cute, practical, easy to drive and low fuel consumption. The flexible floor plan was what won us over in the end. Love how it seems so small, yet it easily fits 3 car seats in the middle row. I often us the 3rd row for my children's school friends - so roomy for booster seats - but not really for an adult in 3rd row. I'm looking at buying a new car again now (lease is up), but can't think of a better car as yet!
Comfort, kid friendly (rear window blinds, kid rear vision mirror, seats recline, fits 3 car seats in 2nd row. Under floor boot storage.
A little bouncy on bumpy roads. Concerns of high parts cost - although no problems since new (6yrs old).


With a young family you can't really to at least look at the C4 Picasso

After shortlisting the C4, Volvo XC90, Honda Odyssey and Kia Carnival. We settled on the C4 and are truly glad we did.

How they managed to fit so much space in a car this size is amazing and the all round visibility and light inside the cabin is great. In the end though it was a few touches that are probably really specific to our situation that won us over. Of the greatest importance was to be able to have two child restraints in the middle row of seats yet still have good access to the third row. Of the other 7+ seaters that could do this they came with some fairly hefty fuel consumption figures or poor safety rating (or both). Further in the case of the Honda the mounting points for the child restraints were in the roof above the third row seats making them essentially unusable.

For anyone with a young family there are some really nice touches to the C4 that make car trips with young ones that little more enjoyable, like the little mirror that allows you to keep an eye on them. The inbuilt sunshades in the rear doors, the drop down tables and all the storage spaces available near every seat and in the floor. To top it off, even a fridge that fits a fair amount of stuff and actually functions rather well - I had just written this off as a bit of a gimmick when the sales person told me.

There are some nice touches for the driver too like the unusual fixed hub steering wheel, the great windscreen and some really comfy seats but sadly this is no drivers car and with a full compliment of passengers can be a little sluggish. Admittedly I have the petrol model and if you get the diesel it will most likely have a bit more pulling power.

Also even though you can move the middle row of seats forward (each independantly) there is little leg room in the third row - as we only use these seats occasionally I was prepared to accept this for the fuel savings on offer but if you intend to use all seats virtually all of the time, you should really take everyone with you when you go for a test ride.

Overall though I would suggest anyone considering a 7 seater for young family needs to at least give the C4 a good once over.
Nice family touches, windscreen, safety
Third row seating could use a little more leg room

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Hi there, I need to know the running costs apart from regular servicing costs. Thing like parts and labor rates. I have read a review about the front bumper being very fragile and costly to fix. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

Superbly designed family mover

This car impresses with great design, outside and especially inside. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. Interior space is amazing considering the entire car isn't much longer than a hatchback. Three child/booster seats fit in the second row without a problem, which was a major factor in deciding to buy this model. Seats are very comfortable and the driving experience is best described as relaxing. Superb leather steering wheel, and the whole interior feels classy and solid, with no cheap plastics anywhere. There is great adjustability in the driving position, and visibility is outstanding especially with that huge front windscreen and A-pillar glass. Build quality also impresses. The 2 litre diesel is a more than adequate unit, not terribly quick off the line, but with very solid mid-range torque.

On the minus side, the auto gearbox takes some getting used to in order to achieve smooth shifts, but once mastered becomes second nature. (The gearbox is actually not a true auto, but a "robotized manual", meaning there is no "creep" when the brake is released.) Or put it into manual mode and use the paddles to achieve seamless shifts. The other drawback is that with all 7 seats up luggage space becomes very tight, but this is the case with virtually all 7-seaters. The only exceptions are the Tarago (reliable but terribly bland and nearly double the price) and the Kia Grand Carnival (which is B-I-G but an ugly, dated design and feels like driving a tank - a very cheap tank).

Overall, a stylish and brilliantly designed family car that has so far been a pleasure to own.
Great design all round, pleasant to drive
Rainwater not draining properly from driver's door. Fixed under warranty

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Hi there, I need to know the running costs apart from regular servicing costs. Thing like parts and labor rates. I have read a review about the front bumper being very fragile and costly to fix. Any ideas on this? Thank you.


We covered several thousand kms in an Exclusive model in June this year and found it a great tourer for four with luggage. The local model lacks a lot of the equipment we enjoyed so maybe wait for the top-of-the-line to arrive. We saw a lot of the newer five-seat model in France and I think for local use (and provideing you don't need the sixth and seventh seats) this model would be a nicer package - assuming Citroën import it.
Terrific sense of light and space - especially good for passengers in the centre row. Punchy 2 litre diesel and surprisingly good handling.
Not as many under floor / seat storage lockers as the Renault Scénic.

BadgeExclusive HDi
Have only had 7 seater Picasso C4 for about a month but very pleased with it. The seats are a good width with 2 baby seats and a booster seat fitting in middle row and two booster seats in back row. Seat belts are easy to use as all seats separate. Was thinking of getting Kia Carnival but as these are my grandchildren that I don't have every day decided on the citroen and could not be happier. Seats are easily lowered or quick to put back up. Good underfloor storage under back seats and a pleasure to drive. Economical to run.With the booster seats in 3 row, how are they secured ? ie, where is the child restraint point or is it solely lap/sash belt. This is also a grandparent needing to occassionaly transport 5 grandkids under 5Hi there, I need to know the running costs apart from regular servicing costs. Thing like parts and labor rates. I have read a review about the front bumper being very fragile and costly to fix. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

Good car let down by poor service

This is a great car overall, the big front window is a real pleasure and the diesel is surprisingly sprightly esp at highway speeds. We bought this car because it was one of the few 7seaters with a diesel.

But I wouldn't buy another Citroen whilst I still live in Canberra, because the service from Gulsons' is so poor.

We've had a couple of issues which were fixed under warranty, however we've just had a problem with a broken seat slide and when we did eventually get them to give us a quote, we got a figure of $900 plus labour.
Comfortable, good engine
Bad service

Transmission6sp auto
Hi there, I need to know the running costs apart from regular servicing costs. Thing like parts and labor rates. I have read a review about the front bumper being very fragile and costly to fix. Any ideas on this? Thank you.I have a 2007 Picasso that recently had a timing belt changed along with a problem with the depollution light. The total service cost was $2200. Agbro, how many ks did you knock up for the timing belt change? I have a 2007 at about 32k, but manual states 100k


I would recommend a test drive - you will be impressed. Ask for a grey interior. I do not regret this purchase.
I've had the Picasso for almost a year and nothing has gone wrong. It's very easy to fold seats and great to drive. Lots of space. Lots of features.
Fantastic on smooth roads, but does not like rough surfaces. The common interior colour is black - too dark - I had to wait 6 months to get a grey interior, but worth it.

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Hi there, I need to know the running costs apart from regular servicing costs. Thing like parts and labor rates. I have read a review about the front bumper being very fragile and costly to fix. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

Questions & Answers

Im after any repair costs anyone has done and how much is cost? Also how many kms you've travelled?
2 answers
Hello all. The Citroen Picasso is expensive to maintain. The windscreen in Australia, is priced at 900 dollars. Add to that labour and you pay over 1000 dollars all up. But the worse part, is the particle filters underneath at the exhaust (for the Diesel). The sachet costs 800 dollars and the metal cylinder is around the 6000 dollar mark (that's if you do not drive on a highway, to clear the scum within the filter. Overall, my money was disappearing fast...the radiator cost me 700 dollars....so you see that this vehicle is within the luxury level. I have sold my Citroen Picasso...impractical for me. If you can afford to spend lots and lots of money, good for you. But if you have a budget and can not spend these amounts, sell it quickly and get a Japanese model...They are very popular now, very reliable, and parts costs are very reasonable.Hi Wanderer, ok so as a Car Guy (Car Nut more like it) it makes me cringe so hard when i read stuff like that! You have been completely and utterly ripped off beyond comprehension mate, and for whatever reason you were unable to shop around or perhaps you trusted the wrong dealer or mechanic im sure theres a good reason but for everyone else out there reading this, if you dont have money to burn, and the quote seems ridiculously high then please please PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and shop around shop around SHOP till ya drop! Trust me, you just need to spend a little time online and you will be amazed at what you'll find and what you'll pay for your repairs and parts. Its really sad that in this day and age with so much effective and easily accessed investigatory power at our fingertips (Our Phones) we still feel compelled for whatever reason to trust our family mechanic unconditionally and without question? Dont do it, shop around! AND need i really say anything about the Dealers? I mean Come on guys, unless your car is BRAND NEW and under warranty and honestly even then a model specific specialist is far better option, steer clear of DEALERS unless you have cash to throw away, burn, flush.... Oh and for that privilege of taking you for a ride, your trusted local dealer, and yes guys they ARE ALL THE SAME, will deliver at absolute best Poor to Average Service and that's only if your one of the lucky few the majority of us can expect nothing but gruff attitude, condescension, rudeness and arrogance also seem to be common, and if your anything other than a Stereotypical Man's Man, ie: Our Girls, Mums, ect prepare to be treated like a imbecile that cant even tie her own shoelace. OMG Girls stay away from the dealers! You have SO MUCH more to choose from, trust me :)

Hi Is there a time line on when to change the tyres on Picasso C4 or does it depend on Wear? Thanks
2 answers
Hello Huxter...As with any vehicle, I would say that it depends on wear. I don't know of any set rule to change tyres..I have noticed that Citroen Picasso does not like bends and roundabouts. I find myself slowing down considerably going round bends.Therefore, I would say, choose good brand tyres when buying, as this car was not built for bends and winding roads. Hope this helps.Thanks. Very helpful.

Hello Would anyone know of the tow capacity of the Citroën c4 picasso 2010 1.6ltr diesel by any chance? I found the tow capacity for the 2ltr diesel. ..not so sure on the 1.6ltr diesel. Thanks
1 answer
sorry my car is the 2.0 litre diesel although what I can tell you is it has plenty of power to tow excellent brakes but yes there is a but the weight of the c4 Picasso is not much more than the standard little c4 this is achieved by lots of weight saving measures such as using light high strength alloys and plastics in its construction therefore it would not feel all that stable towing a heavy load I imagine

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