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Toyota Tarago
Latest review: An ex fleet vehicle with low odometer reading for its age. Has very light steering for a people mover and moves well through the gears in city driving. Don't know much about the technical aspects of

Honda Odyssey
Latest review: We purchased our car 2nd hand but with a full service history. The car is. 11 years old with nearly 400,000km (yes that's a lot). Let me tell you everything that has ever gone wrong. One engine mount

Hyundai iMax TQ-W (2008-Present)
Latest review: I own a 2014 petrol automatic. I've just returned from a trip with four blokes in it, luggage and heaps of gear, vehicle was probably pushing three tonnes, the car was faultless. People go on about

Citroën C4 Picasso
Latest review: I needed an economical cheap family car. Came across this. People advised not to buy European cars, as its hard to find the parts. Now I have been driving this for almost one year and I am happy

Latest review: Our LDV G10 has only just clocked over 65,000kms, averaging around 20,000 easy kms per year, and has had to have ALL 4 Disc rotors replaced!. LDV claim its not under the 3 year 100,000km warranty and

Kia Rondo 7
Latest review: I oversee a community transport operation & we took possession of 11 diesel Kia Rondos in mid 2015.These vehicles have been fantastic in terms of reliability, comfort, performance + value for money.

Kia Carnival
Latest review: Car engine exploded, leaving the family dangerously stranded on the side of the road, after the warranty period, a defect which, according to wikipedia, was known by Kia when they chose to distribute

Mercedes-Benz Vito
Latest review: I have had my Vito for approx 1 year now after owning numerous Vans. I love my Vito, It is a pleasure to drive, The driving position is very comfortable. The interior is nice. There is plenty of

Peugeot 5008
Latest review: OK I've only had it for a week but first impressions count. Just retired, had Benz's for years which were company cars so this car was for the wife and I with consideration for the grandkids, thus

Volkswagen Caddy Life
Latest review: I have had my Caddy for one year now and it has cost thousands of dollars in repairs. The sevicing and parts are very expensive and i have spoken to mechanics and fellow Caddy owners who all have

Volkswagen Caravelle
Latest review: I recently bought my 2008 Caravelle Auto LWB and am absolutely loving it. It had 170,000 on the clock when I got it and paid $18.000 This is my first Caravelle and the most expensive car I have