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Volkswagen Caddy Life

Volkswagen Caddy Life

2K (2006-2015) and Mk.4 (2015-Present)
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Most expensive Vehicle to service and awarded the most repairs needed in a twelve month period of an

I have had my Caddy for one year now and it has cost thousands of dollars in repairs.
The sevicing and parts are very expensive and i have spoken to mechanics and fellow Caddy owners who all have the same experience.
It has so many problems ( particular to the Caddy) all cars do but this one has too many !!
Its all fixed now and so the next person will hopefully get a super car but i will never buy this brand again.
Fuel economy is good,it is nice to drive around in the city and i dont feel like im in a van at all.
Its never a problem to park.
The air con is not the best,it has needed re gassing twice and i hear the Caddys can have problems with the Air con compressors costing around a grand to fix.
It is very computerised and you sometimes have to fix the indicator fault lite before the problem,because it is some times the light that is no good and sometimes the actually fault so often you are paying twice.
I was very surprised to find one person who had a good experience but it wasnt the Caddy.
Never in a million years buy a Caddy unless you have endless funds.

BadgeTDI250 SE
Date PurchasedJun 2015

Don't buy a vw caddy

While the car is a true 7 seater with a boot, we have had nothing but trouble with the build quality of the vehicle. Only 80,000 km in and we have had to replace the clutch twice, the transmission and now the engine seals are going - first the at the gearbox and now we have oil in the coolant. And VW consider this normal wear and tear? Unless you have an unlimited budget Thor repairs, stay away from VW. Don't make our mistake.

Badge1.9 TDI Maxi

Well built and runs off an oily rag.

I have just hit 80,000kms in 3 years in my Caddy Diesel.. I get between 700-800km per tank and thats city driving. It would easily do 900-1000km on freeway work...

I have had no issues, its services on time and I think it has had 4/5 car recalls that have been all fixed whn i have done my services.

I really cannot fault this car as a work/family vehicle. Next time i may look at the VW van line.
fuel range, accelaration, interior space
Services arnt capped and are expensive

Brilliantly practical family car

Bought our Caddy 5-seat 1.6 litre 7-speed auto, brand new, in January 2013. Driven 4200 km so far, mostly urban including quite a few short trips, averaging 7.4 litres/100km with best result of 6.3l/100k last week.
Used it for a family holiday to Central Coast last month - it easily fitted the large jogger pram, 2 oil heaters, big esky, and all clothes/linen/toys needed by a family with two small kids for a self-cater holiday, with the boot only filled to the start of the glassline! And sailed up even the steepest hills fully laden at 115kmh without missing a beat.

It has a few annoying aspects that show that it's a commercial-based vehicle that hasn't been fully domesticated, but these are minor. The auto windows are hard to fine-tune to have them open just a fraction while you're driving. Seats are also not the most comfortable underneath, but we just use cushions and that makes them fine.
The only accessories we bought were a set of moulded rubber floor mats for front and back, these are very high quality and so easy to slip out and in again when cleaning, definitely recommend these.
We'd never driven a diesel or turbocharged car before, but you soon get used to the difference and just enjoy the incredibly efficient, smooth engine.

With sliding doors on both sides and very high roof, it's so easy to get kids in and out especially in car parks etc, and also so easy and accessible for cleaning.
Exceptional headroom, legroom, cargo space and high seating position - in a vehicle with length and width more compact than most family cars. All the protective black plastic over the front, back and side strips to minimise dings and scratches. Rugged build quality. Superb vision because so much glass.
Awkward levers on auto windows.

BadgeTDI250 Trendline
Update Jan 2015: Have now had our above Caddy Trendline for two years, 29000 km. Have had no issues whatsoever, and fuel economy has been brilliant (less than 7 ltrs/100km round the city, slightly better on freeway, using standard diesel). We expected the annual servicing to be expensive, but it's not if you use a good local mechanical workshop instead of the dealers: just had the 2 year service done for $225 instead of VW's capped price of $475. After two years of zipping around in the tall and cavernous yet compact Caddy, anything else on the market seems either squishy like a sardine can, or very bulky! Very glad we paid for extra tinting, as, since it has so much glass, you need it in hot weather.Update March 2018: We've now had our Caddy for 5 years, just over 80,000 km. Had the software and hardware "fix" last year for the emissions recall, fuel economy unchanged, a little less power only when engine is cold in winter, otherwise still the same great vehicle, reliable, ride handling and cornering as perfect as the day we bought it. Servicing cost is a little more than some vehicles, but that has to be balanced against the superb build quality and the fact that NOTHING (other than tyres) has needed repair or replacement outside of the usual standard annual service schedule. Just used it on another family holiday, it soared up the steepest freeway hills at 115k's effortlessly fully loaded and is so practical for fitting everything in without the need of trailer or roof rack.

Van is fine, but VW Australia stinks!

yeah the van is fine, handles well and my only complaint is that it uses excessive fuel when the air conditioner is on during summer.
BUT, at 75,000kms and just over 3 years old, it developed problems with vibration, no one could diagnose the fault, and it eventually needed all new CV joints and engine mounts, some had cracked and some had worn unevenly. The air conditioner also seized and had to be replaced. I asked VW to help by paying for just the parts, I would carry labour, as I had used a non VW mechanic,( there aren't any VW mechanics anywhere near us). They wouldn't even consider it!!

Not happy... so I tell everyone the story, and a couple of lost sales will more than make up for the $2500 they saved by not helping me!!

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The caddy life 2007 model is a bucket of shit, worst car I've ever had my Gemini shits on it..


this is a company car for me, and do a lot of country and city driving, overall i am more than impressed with it! do not go by the road tests and or statistics on the vehicle, the caddy life is better than what you read! the amount of boot space, when the 3rd row seat is removed is huge! the kids love to ride in the 3rd row, whilst adults have plenty of room in the 2nd row and front seats. the caddy handles very well. it is a tall vehicle, but there is no body roll when going around corners at speed. have had the vehicle for 2 weeks and done approx 2500kms and have found the engine is getting quicker and more responsive. being a diesel it will only get better. the new diesels are as good, if not better than petrols.
i cannot recommend the caddy life highly enough, the VW people know how to make a car.
i really love the versatility of the caddy life, from 5 seats to 7 seats. the build quality is exceptional. the 1.9 tdi engine is very quiet and really gets up and goes! The dsg transmission is fantastic!! the stereo is also very good with 6 speakers. there is a huge amount of room, it is very spacious for a small car, suprisingly so. the overhead and under seats and under floor storage is great. the ride quality is excellent. first service is 15000km, not 1500km. very easy for parking.
the turbo lag, the turbo kiks in at approx. 1500 revs, so there is a small delay when taking off, but this is more of a slight inconvenience rather than a dislike. i must admit, the look of the caddy is very unusual, bordering on ugly. this is one vehicle that not everyone will like the looks of. the 3rd row seat is 50kgs, so is heavy to get in and out.

Makes life easier when caring for a disabled relative

Len Brazier special vehicles modified the Caddy to accept a wheelchair, the ramp works well & the VW vehicle is dream to drive. It is an automatic with a Deisel motor but the performance of the vehicle is anything but truck like to drive
Efficient diesel motor & car like handling
Service costs are a bit expensive

Badge1.9 TDI Maxi


For the price nothing equal to this and it just handle like a car and not a van, put a DVD for the kids and they will love it.
Diesel Engine, Space inside, quality inside ( Caddy Max Life )
Bluetooh not controlled by the steering wheels control, board computer menu does not activate, no air bags for passengers

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