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Hyundai iMax TQ-W

Hyundai iMax TQ-W

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2010 Market Value

Hi there, wanting feedback on the market value of a 2010 Hyundai iMax 8 seater fuel auto 170,000kms approx. The vehicle is service regularly. Clean and tidy inside. Had a touch up repaint.

Purchased in August 2017 for $18,000.00.

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The petrol engine is perfectly adequate, who are you, Craig Lowndes??!

I own a 2014 petrol automatic. I've just returned from a trip with four blokes in it, luggage and heaps of gear, vehicle was probably pushing three tonnes, the car was faultless.
People go on about the petrol engine being gutless. Yes, there is less torque than the diesel, but it's easily driven around...How you ask??
Just kick it into third via the button on the gear stick! The car was accelerating up hills this way, it's totally adequate. Torque peak is at 4000 rpm, let it spin there when you need to, and you will have no problem. It just requires a bit more from YOU, the driver.
With all that weight and sitting on 110kph+, we were at 10.7 l/100. Completely acceptable.
I like the fact the petrol engine is NOT the direct injection version that has given issues in other Hyundai vehicles, it is the port injection version and is very well proven, based on a Mitsubishi design that has been in many cars. There is no turbo charger, and if you abuse it, it's probably more resistant to abuse than the diesel is as it's lower tech.
Use floor mats and possibly seat covers as the carpet and fabric seems a bit thin, they've prob tried to save some money here.
I'm happy with it, it's kind of like a lumbering St Bernard dog, loyal and a bit goofy : )

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Useful vehicle

We use ours as a big family wagon, minibus and van. Getting the seats out is easy but they are heavy! Also the 14mm bolts holding the 2 rows of seats come out of the factory super tight, so you'll need a heavy duty rattle gun to loosen them for the 1st time. The petrol is underpowered and requires the use of the overdrive button on steep hills. The 2.4l engine is super quiet and might have enough grunt if it had 2 or more gears. That aside it is very quiet out on the road, not just for a van, it is very quiet, the sound system is good and the warranty and service from Hyundai excellent. There is lack of flexibility as the seats don't fold down. However you can carry 8 adults in comfort and still have plenty of luggage space. Being rear wheel drive and sitting over the front wheels it's quite a pleasurable driving experience with an amazingly tight turning circle. The lack of cruise control can be fixed with an aftermarket unit for $750, that's only 1 or 2 speeding fines so definitely worth it. Overall, it's cheap and it's big :)

Update* On the Diesel vs Petrol argument
The diesel is quicker
The petrol is cheaper to buy, maintain, service, the engine is more reliable and the cost ULP makes the fuel costs comparable. The petrol is super quiet round town, the diesel sounds like a commercial vehicle. The diesel engine is known to be fragile and very expensive to fix

Date PurchasedAug 2018

I love my imax

I have the diesel and it's a great drive. I love the torque of the diesel. Pulls like a bloody train and l get nearly 900km to a tank. I tried the petrol but wouldn't recommend. It's a very basic vehicle which suits me. Good mechanics and a great turning circle. Build quality is good and it's very solid. My only gripes would be:
The very rear seat can not be folded down to make extra room- it has to be removed (4 bolts and a two person lift)
There is no grab handle for the passenger but there is one for the driver. This is odd as the van version, the iload, does have a passenger handle. lt's very handy to swing yourself into your seat. Don't know why they wouldn't put that in.lf anyone can tell me, please get in touch.
The aftermarket cruise control is clunky and awkward to use, so not really the imax's fault but these units seem to be fairly common on older imax's.
All in all, a good vehicle and if you are used to car performance, you will be at home in a diesel imax.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great spacious car

Now have a had two of these, updated in June 2017. Current 2016 model is diesel instead of Petrol which has more power and tank lasts twice as long. So spacious for our large family, only wish it had more towing capacity as we will probably have to trade in next year to a more suitable vehicle to tow a camper.
The kids love it with a DVD player now and plenty of space for growing teenagers and the young ones with car seats.
The main issue/complaint is the latest models cruise control is terrible and very delayed at responding, probably not an issue if only traveling around town but we frequently travel long distances. My husband has mentioned this to service department, they stated they have had several complaints but no action offered to rectify. Overall would highly recommend to anyone looking for a large passenger only vehicle.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good engine poor plastic

We bought this car in 2014 and recently we started having issues where the dashboard fascia crashed and started to fall apart, cup holder also broke in the second year or so, power outlet socket came off in the third year.

I've also been extremely disappointed with the service centre where I take the car to get maintenance done but that's a different story.

The pros of this car is the space and and engine reliability.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Big family car

We bought our family 8 seater car in Feb 2017. We love this car cos it's a very spacious car. We just back from camping and we put even tower fan, 2 bicycles, 5 camp strechers , tents, blankets and all camp equipment into the car. Perfect size except the petrol is so so.
We understand the big car probably petrol is one of the concern. Other than that, the bluetooth is good too.
I love the air conditioning in the 2nd and 3rd rolls so my kids can adjust during the hot or cold day by themself.

One of dislike is the slide door is too heavy. I need to close harder.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Can't beat it for a big family

We've had this car for five years and we're in love. Not only does it cart us around (five kids two adults and a dog) to everywhere, we could pretty much live in it because it has so much room! The seats are normal size so even with 8 adults it is comfortable - the only negative is I wish it had cruise control and that the windows could open more at the back. Air conditionings pretty good!

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Excellent People Mover if you dont fancy all the Bells and Whistles

This is in particular the 2016 Hyundai iMax TQ3-W Series II (Aug) -Petrol
We drove one of these as a hire car for 5 days. What a vehicle it was.
We use to own a tarago so i am comparing my though to a Tarago. (Base Model vs Base Model) - I'm not sure if the IMAX even comes in different trim levels.

* More spacious than Tarago
* More comfortable than Tarago (much roomier / ride quality)
* Very responsive to throttle response (6 adults and constant Air conditioning)
* It is a Very big vehicle but if your a car person you wont feel it that big as its quiet boxy so you know where all the corners and edges are.
* Relatively good fuel consumption for the amount of people we carried.
* Had all the necessary tech to get the job done (rev camera, sensors, Bluetooth, front and rear climate controls)

All in all i prefer the looks of the Tarago, but the functionality/practicality/engine refinement of the iMAX.

Only downside i can point out in the iMAX is that its not as good as Tarago on Highways/Hills/Rapid acceleration.
No tiptronic so if you wanted to down a gear you'd have to use the overdrive button. It struggles to climb hills (Petrol Version)- flooring it doesnt necessarily down a gear automatically- it takes some time.
However if your plotting around town moving people (what this is made for) at speeds about 80kph or so this thing is awesome.

When we returned from our trip we hired a MAXI TAXI (Tarago) to get us all home, immediately i felt the difference, not as much room. Sure it looked better on the outside and bit more updated on the inside but you really do feel that difference extra room.

My conclusion is if you just need to transport people short distances you can go with any people mover. But if you want to do it in comfort (lots of comfort)- cant go wrong with the iMAX

Date PurchasedAug 2016

The diesel iMax is a great thing. Highly recommended

This is a review of the MY16 TQ3-W Series II

What a revelation! After the petrol-powered iMax, this diesel version (in automatic form) is just so much better it’s hard to describe. No more overtaking with gritted teeth, this iMax has solid go and is an all-round pleasure to drive.
Around town it’s easy to drive, is easy to see out of and you soon forget you’re driving a fairly large van. It’s comfortable and well appointed for the price. Out on the open road and it’s more good news. Good power, quiet by anyone’s standard, and a nice ride. Actually, I would rate it as ‘yes please’. The older petrol model I would score 2 stars, this diesel is a 4.5 out of 5. As a used buy they still seem pretty expensive, but they’re well worth it over the petrol.
My only minor criticism would be the cruise control tends to be slow to come up to speed (say after pressing ‘resume’). That’s about all I could find. In fact, for the purpose it’s built for, it’s a 5 star result

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Great car for tranpoorting people in confort

I drove an iMax for several years and found it to be very reliable and easy to drive in all weather. I would often drive the iMax with 7 adult passengers and found there was plenty of space and that it drove well. The only thing I would like to see improved is the very back seats do not fold down to make more room for large items needed to be transported.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

blown injectors therefore blown engine

anyone have a similar problem? imax less than 70,000km blown injectors and had to have the engine rebuilt. Always serviced with Hyundai around 15,000-17,000km traveled per year. It was less than a year out of warranty and their "Customers, we dont Care" department said bad luck out of warranty, When issue was escalated (which took around 2 months to talk to a so called manager) they then said bad luck because I authorised the repair!! Never have I had such an ordinary experience with a manufacturer and vow that there will be no Hyundais in my shed ever again. So to let everyone know about this issue and caveat emptor

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Good van for transporting a lot of people and still have boot space

Great car if you want to move a large number of people and still have boot space, adjustable middle row of seats allows for good adult leg room in the back row. Has enough room to take my family (6 people) and luggage/ or camping equipment for a 2 weeks driving holiday or a weekend away. The Imax handles like a car which was surprising, and is the easiest car to back into a parking spot I've ever had.
I've found the petrol model (2.4) a little underpowered, especially when loaded up and trying to get up a steep hill and after originally test driving the diesel there is a difference.
The only issues I've had so far are that the engine will occasionally cut out during the warm up period before it gets up to full temperature - an issue that Hyundai hasn't been able to identify as it won't repeat at the dealer service centre, the other was the engine light was coming on every 2 weeks with a variable cam timing issue. Was told I may have to have the whole cam/phaser system replaced at a cost of around $3000, but came down to a few extra engine flushes and oil changes between scheduled services, the engine seems to be a bit sensitive to not having the optional 7500km flush/oil change between 15000km services, so would definitely recommend the optional service to keep build up of gunk in the engine to a minimum. That said, these issues are probably isolated to mine.
If you want a good people mover with functional luggage space, this is probably the van for you.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Unexplained engine problem

Bought a 2014 IMAX which went fine for around 18 months. Inexplicably the fuel consumption has completely fallen off a cliff. We're now getting around 450kms per 70 litre tank. That's 15.5 litres per 100km. Nothing like the manufacturers specs. That's also using 98 octane fuel. The service centre is telling us all the diagnostics are all clear. They are helpful but this feels like a time bomb ticking on a dud vehicle.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Another blown turbo and ceased engine victim!

2011 Diesel Imax, such a stunning car to drive, serviced every 7-10k km by the same mechanic, going down a hill after dropping my 4 little children off at preschool, I had an almighty big bang from under the bonnet, then lost steering and brakes, eventually came to a stop, not sure how, but anyway, got towed to local nrma place only to be told my engine had ceased. Hyundai didn't want to know a thing about it, 5 months out of warranty which I understand to a point, but their super "helpful customer service centre" told me there were NO known problems with their cars at all, had never heard of the turbos going and engines ceasing.......the turbo went, the conrod went through the engine block (not sure if all of this is spelt right), it pretty much shattered the engine, well that's what I was told by the guy who took it all out and replaced with a reconditioned engine. We were told by a Hyundai dealership that a new engine would cost $23k with a 1yr warranty (as if I'd accept that poor offer) or $15k for a reconditioned engine with a 1yr warranty (umm no thanks), they suggested to cut my losses and buy another car (great customer service as they were totally honest with me but how sad they don't have faith in the cars they sell). Traded it in and reluctantly got a Toyota Aerus, nice car but I miss the comfort of my Imax, but the reviews on the petrol ones aren't much better!! Can anyone shed some light on the petrol Imax's for me?

Date PurchasedJun 2011

Fantastic people mover

Feels like a car to drive. I've fitted aftermarket cruise control, sunroofs, leather seats and is like nothing available in the market today. Excellent space for 8 people and all imaginable luggage. Fantastic car. Hyundai should offer it in Australia with the Starex Royale finishing also... With the second row captain chairs swivel seats also...

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Great Van

Drives well - long van but turning circle is excellent in tight spaces - very comfortable and powerful turbo diesel motor perfectly matched to the auto gearbox. Apart from regular service haven't had any problems or cost. Very cheap to run this van. Basic bells and I fitted cruise control after market ($800).
Its my mobile office and it's great to sit up high in Sydney traffic.
Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2011

Best option

Can't fault the space! Just amazing space. Six kids aged from two to sixteen. Great and wonderful size.

Pick up is okay, towed a trailer from Perth to Melbourne, no problem.
Battery had a fault but the Hyundai dealer in Adelaide sorted it and we were on our way again.

The only thing I would fault is the drivers seat is awfully uncomfortable, like even on small trips to the shops, I am constantly annoyed at how jolly uncomfortable the seat is!!!
I wouldn't say it is a fault but if I had the money I would put an automatic boot closer button on the key. It is a very heavy boot to close.

No bells and whilstles on this model but we had a cruise control added , tints and a tow bar added.


Very happy

Our iMax is now just running out of warranty after 5 years of great service. We are extremely happy with the 130 thousand clicks of work this diesel has done for our large family. I'm still amazed at the power and economy this motor produces. Only problem we have had was at 4 years and 10 months old the a/c blew a compressor. No questions asked, problem was fixed under warranty. I wish there was a new model on the market as I would seriously consider going again with another but the slightly dated look and the lack of mod cons will probably mean we will go with something else.


So many good features but terrible problems

Bought imax at 57,000km and it's been fantastic. Run it on 98 fuel. All of a sudden the power just cuts out when I've been making a turn. Scary. Starts again and away it goes. 84,000km all.of a sudden the check engine light came on. Used all the oil and has low power. Mechanic is baffled. Computer said crankshaft sensor and some other sensor. Both replaced. Still coming up with same computer messages and still has no get up and go. Help!

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Lucky we have a great mechanic who dealt with an equally matched engineer. New timing chain $1600 later problem fixed. Happy days bus is all good again.

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Questions & Answers

How do I remove the second and third row seats fro an imax?
2 answers
Ooooh an easy one for me, I do it all the time :) Firstly remove the bolt covers from the feet of the seats (grey plastic) with a smallish flathead screwdriver and a hammer Secondly undo the 14mm bolts with a heavy duty socket set with an arm extension, they come out the factory very tight!), if you don't have this ask a friendly local mechanic just to loosen them for you with a rattle gun) Thirdly, use healthy adults to lift the seats out, they're heavy That's it - there are no wires cable seat belt tensioners or anything else to do, you can take the 2nd row runners out with an Allen Key, but I don't bother I just put a bit of carpet over them. I've driven at as a 2 seater van (with aircon for the load, we're inn the wine trade so this good) 3 seater and combination thereofThank you. I noticed the plastic covers you mentioned. Once again, thanks

We will be renting a peoplemover and may end up with an imax and we intend to sleep in it (possible years are 2011 to 2014). Can the seats in the second and third row fold forward flat such that we could lay a piece of plywood down and sleep on top? This would be our back up option in case we dont get the carnival.
1 answer

What year model was turbo issue rectified? Looking at a 2010 model but have been reading some bad reviews regarding turbo failure.
1 answer
I understand it was 2012 onwards. But it seems to be a common thread that servicing is the issue. Hyundai recommend oil change every 15,000 km but most experts think this is too long. It makes sense as dirty, diluted or contaminated oil may prevent the turbo from being lubricated properly.


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