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Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test

Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test

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Waste of time and money

waste of money. I have gone through 3 packs of these-not one smiley has come up & I know im ovulating due to signs, basal temp and my tracker.Waste of $100

Purchased for $50.00.

Ease of Use
Regular PeriodsYes

Don’t know if it’s me or the product

I’ve been using these for about 6 months. I’ve had one smiley face the whole time even though I’ve been charting/tracking. I did not fall pregnant that time. Recently the tests from one pack have kept failing and rather than take responsibility for their product, clearblue have blamed me for not using it properly. It’s idiot proof and the tests worked all the previous months so seems kind of odd that 3 tests from the same pack have all failed so far. I will no longer keep wasting money on this product.

Worked for me

Worked perfectly for me. I found it really easy to use. I would recommend this product although it is on the pricey side, I found them more reliable then the cheap ones you get on eBay. If your trying to conceive then give them a go for sure :) :)

Waste of money

I’ve done 4 test now following instructions and after waiting ages on each one it just comes up with the error symbol. I’ve tried ejecting and quickly reinserting but Again the error symbol appears. Perhaps the sick is faulty, either way Total waste of money. Will be emailing the company direct to get a refund. Disappointing considering how much they charge for the pack.

Terrible !

I bought 2 packs of the test,just to make sure I am not going to miss the ovulation.I did it every single day,just few days after my last period finished...I didn't have not even one smiley face for 1 month! I thought I need to go to doctor,because something wrong with me,my ovulation,felt so down :( Anyway we were making love that month like normal and I couldn't believe when I saw the 2 stripes on the pregnancy test! And the ovulation test were showing me I have no ovulation all month ( I did it exactly the same like the instructions )
Now I am pregnant in 7 weeks.
The ovulation test was waste of money plus made me fell so worried about my health !
Need to recall ! ! !

Left me none the wiser

I bought the dual hormone test because seen as it was the more expensive I thought it would be the better choice. I got a highly fertile reading on the second day. This lasted for 8 days in total. My last test didn’t work so I still don’t know if or when I ovulated. I think it missed my LH surge as my body showed signs of ovulation. I wanted a bit of reassurance from this test as my cycles have been more irregular since the birth of my first baby. All in all I found it a waste of money and wouldn’t buy it again.

Helped me conceive quickly

I have pcos so my cycle is stuffed to say the least, but after trying for over a year I conceived in a month using these and charting results in the flo app. Their use is a little bit non intuitive and I can see why people find it confusing, but once I got the hang of them it was extremely easy.

I suffer from pcos. It worked but it took patience and understanding

1.make sure the test is attached to the digital tool prior to putting it in urine.2.keep it submerged for 25 seconds.3.test in morning. 4.i would monitor your cycles a few time before using the tests. U do need to know how long ur cycles are. I'm using ovia app. I thought i had a 30 day cycle. A report on my app said on average from the past 5 cycles i was actually 35 days on average so i changed my app settings. And i did peak/ovulate two days after the app told me i was fertile. Due to not fully understanding when i ovulate i had 12 days of flashy smiley faces before i got the peak.it matched up with my body signed as well once i understood how my cycles worked. Soooo frustrating. It works but u got to know when u are ovulating.or it wont work and trust me its frustrating and easier to blame the test then yourself. Like i was. Haha. Best advise - don't get the tests until u have monitored ur cycles for atleast 2-3 cycles so u know the average of how long your cycles go for. Or u will get 9 or more flashy smiley faces and u will go crazy haha. Good luck xx hoping for a positive pregnancy test now. Fingers crossed.

waste of money

The results were inaccurate, according to my Gynea and blood tests I had done. And the test broke after only using it twice. In my opinion it was a lot of wasted money for absolutely nothing. I wish I could ask for a refund. Stick to blood results rather, it is cheaper and 100% accurate.

Waste of money

The product was very easy to use in terms of how you put it together. But after following instructions carefully, my tests would either error or come back as negative even when my body was showing all signs of ovulation, and my saliva ovulation microscope was showing that I was fertile. This was not a one time occurrence - but over several months.

Not sure what the go is - but I think there has to be cheaper and more effective methods.

Works perfectly - pregnant first month trying

Accurate ( I tested first urine of the day)
Super easy to use, just make sure you read the instructions before use. Couldn’t recommend more, the tests identified my fertile days and I fell pregnant the first month using these


The first came up with low fertility then the next day the symbol with read instructions. On the third day came up with low fertility then on the fourth day again read instructions. I did the test the same time and correctly. I was very disappointed. I read reviews and thought this would be a great product. I have used cheaper brands and they seem to have worked!

Digital reader malfunctions

This product turned out to be a waste of money twice. It's better to get regular test strips like PREGMATE 50 Ovulation LH Test Strips that don't require a digital reader. This reader fails/freezes on "see manual" icon and it doesn't reset. The strips are useless without a working reader.

Clear Blue OPK works!

I recently bought cb opk on May 1st 2018.. on day 6 i got a smiley face! I didn't think they worked at first! I'm so happy to finally see a smiley face! we have been trying to conceive for 2 months! I wasn't sure what day i ovulate, but using clear blue opk has really pin pointed the correct time and day for me!

Confusing as hell

I have bought the test before and followed as directed, but the company cant seem to make up its mind when you should start testing. I referred to the pdf instructions online, and then, read the leaflet provided in the box, and they give DIFFERENT DAYS TO START TESTING. For example, my cycle is 26 days, should I should testing (according to the online pdf leaflet) on day 9. HOWEVER in the box leaflet it says day 7. Which is it?

Rubbish!! Don't waste your money

Overpriced & not accurate.
I used two different ovulation kits one being this brand & the other being another kit, just to make certain, as been trying to fall pregnant for over 3 years, this product never ever once gave me a positive test, you know it's rubbish if the one kit gives you a positive on the exact same day , like 5 minutes apart this brand gave negative results.

Over priced and doesn’t work

8 out of 10 sticks error. My body signals were telling me otherwise. Waste of money. Had been using other OPK test for over a year, wanted to see if more specific for ovulation, last 2 sticks worked ( I hope, could be faulty). You can find cheaper OPK’s online at a better price.

Expensive, poor customer service

I have occasionally found test sticks are defective. I reported this recently. Clearblue website made me submit details online in two separate transactions including barcodes and a detailed problem description. I received an auto-email telling me to call. Clearblue is happy to charge premium for these test sticks - but less willing to provide assistance.

Very disappointing, waste of money

Very disappointed, after using cheaper tests some good some not, my husband just told me to buy the best and most expensive test i could find. So after finding clear blue advance digital i thought (at least this will be reliable.) Was wrong on so many levels. Was getting a negative on days i had physical signs of ovulation, few weeks later coming up to period, i had positive flashy and solid faces on theses tests, i was so confused and didn't know if the tests were incorrect or if my body was playing tricks on me. So i got my husband to pee in a cup (haha) confirmed! My husband was ovulating. Rhought maybe that batch was faulty, so i stupidly went and spent more money on another box. Same thing. I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially for couples like us who have been trying for over a year and want a reliable product.

Did the job

Once you read and follow the instructions carefully and get the hang of it, it makes sense. I had errors the first few I used them when trying to use ‘in stream’ but found it much easier to pee in a cup and dip the sticks in. I have PCOS and irregular cycles (30-41 days) and first cycle testing had 4 high fertility days, then second time had 8 days which I was worried about but then the ‘peak’ fertility came. I only ever took one test a day using first morning urine, pretty much same time each day. I was seeing a fertility doctor who took an ultrasound on both the cycles and confirmed that I was close to ovulating which was reassuring. I found it extremely helpful to time and I am now pregnant after 2 cycles.

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My digital clear test is showing the flashing smiley face for 5 days, is that right or am I doing something wrong. Will I see the flat smiley face?
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Hi I’ve taken 2 clear blue ovulation digital tests both had come up with 2 blue lines on them as that’s all I had at the time But with them 1 came up with no digital face but the stick that I took out came up with 2 blue lines The other one I took shown a circle ⭕️ on it but when I took the stick out it came up with 2 blue lines I have taken 2 normal pregnancy tests but they came up negative. Please advise? So I’m confused on weather I am possibly pregnant or I’m not pregnant
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Hi! This happened to me yesterday and today, did someone explain you about this? I’m confused also

So many mixed reviews... It's it worth it ??? I Don't wanna have my hopes up
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I have been trying now for 6 months and it is hard. It is worth it if ur unsure when u ovulate. I found out i was trying for 3 months at the wrong time. So im soooo happy i got this. But like i said in my review. U need to understand how long ur cycles go for. Each test is $2 really. So they arent cheap. Having an understanding of roughly when to start will help. But me, i have 12 flashy smiley faces until i got a frozen smiley face. But still didnt fall pregnant yet. Mother nature is crewl. U obly have 25% chance each month to fall pregnant. So just do what im doing and try ur best and hope for a positive test. But if not just take a deep breathe and try again. Good luck xxx


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