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Fertility2Family Ovulation Tests
Latest review: I purchased a pack of 10 pregnancy tests and used most of them. They were simple and easy to use and it was so nice to be able to test as many times as I wanted without having to think about how much

Crystal Clear Midstream
Latest review: My wife and I got this product from Chemist Warehouse. Two of the three purchased units are faulty ! We were heartbroken when the first one gave us a negative reading. We are still working out if

Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test
Latest review: I’ve been using these for about 6 months. I’ve had one smiley face the whole time even though I’ve been charting/tracking. I did not fall pregnant that time. Recently the tests from one pack have kept

First Response Early Result Instream
Latest review: I have no idea why it is getting so many negative comments. This is the best pregnancy test which can be done at home as early as 4 weeks. When all other pregnancy tests showed negative because it

First Response Pregnancy Planning Kit
Latest review: I tried other brands of ovulation test strips as well as these which i tried to list by name (for you guys) in my review but whoever reviewed my review for publishing didn't allow me to list the

IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit
Latest review: We did the test at 12 weeks and it went green for boy. I got ahead of myself and even went out and bought some boy baby clothes but it was wrong, turns out we are having a girl! Don’t waste your m

Lullaby Conceptions Ovulation Test Kit
Latest review: these test strips were the best of all the ones i tried. i am 46 and fell pregnant the first time i used these test strips. all the other brands i tested would have made me miss ovulation ... that

Clearblue Digital PregnancyTest with Weeks Indicator
Latest review: The results from my test were accurate given that the minimal hCG level it picks up to give a positive result is 25 mIU/hCG. I tested positive on this test at 4w + 3d, which unfortunately ended in an

Ovuplan Pregnancy Planning Kit
Latest review: I am trying to conceive 3rd child so am very experienced with using ovulation strips. I purchased Ovuplan as limited options in pharmacy I went to and these strips did not work 2 months in a row.

Forelife! Extra One-Step
Latest review: Used the new forelife early pregnancy test purchased from Coles and got a very strong false positive. The test line was pink and pretty dark. Followed up by testing next 2 days which were both

First Response Dip & Read
Latest review: Test very inaccurate and gave me the shock of my life when a bold positive turned up then faded but was still there as a PINK faint positive!! Rang them and asked them if that was a positive they

Forelife! Ultra-Sensitive Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit
Latest review: I have used this product for a few months and not once have I seen a positive result that I was ovulating. I decided to purchase this product because it was cheaper but I regret my purchase. I wish I

First Response Digital Pregnancy Test
Latest review: I bought one of these digital first response pregnancy tests and was a complete waste of money. It was faulty and didn't even work. Only bought this as a gift for hubby so he could read it easier

Clearblue Rapid Detection