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Fertility2Family Ovulation Tests

Latest review: These were fine for the price and arrived as ordered but did take a couple of weeks to arrive which I didn’t expect. Would purchase again without any major c

Fertility2Family Pregnancy Tests

Latest review: I've used their pregnancy tests for all pregnancies and they're extremely accurate. All a few days before a due period. I would highly (and usually do) recommend these products to anyone. Fast

Crystal Clear Midstream

Latest review: My wife and I got this product from Chemist Warehouse. Two of the three purchased units are faulty ! We were heartbroken when the first one gave us a negative reading. We are still working out if

Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test

Latest review: I kicked my baby making efforts off early due to getting a ‘high fertility’ flashy face very early in my cycle, which usually doesn’t happen. 9 whole days of flashy face when other symptoms were indic

First Response Early Result Instream

Latest review: Used many times; between children, scares & losses. Proper results every time until two years ago when they stopped working... Instructions are easy to follow, but Don't waste your money, use

First Response Pregnancy Planning Kit

Latest review: I tried other brands of ovulation test strips as well as these which i tried to list by name (for you guys) in my review but whoever reviewed my review for publishing didn't allow me to list the

IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit

Latest review: I tried it twice for the same pregnancy and it said the same gender both times I tested and it was right. Would differently recommend this product. Very happy

Fertility2Family Basal Ovulation Thermometer

Latest review: The Basal thermometer I have found to be very precise and super accurate because it has the 2 decimal places. The packaging was discreet and the postage was very

Lullaby Conceptions Ovulation Test Kit

Latest review: these test strips were the best of all the ones i tried. i am 46 and fell pregnant the first time i used these test strips. all the other brands i tested would have made me miss ovulation ... that

Clearblue Digital PregnancyTest with Weeks Indicator

Latest review: The results from my test were accurate given that the minimal hCG level it picks up to give a positive result is 25 mIU/hCG. I tested positive on this test at 4w + 3d, which unfortunately ended in an

Ovuplan Pregnancy Planning Kit

Latest review: I’ve been using First Response and Clear Blue for months now with no issues. This month I went to the chemist and they only had Ovuplan kits available. I purchased one and will never buy this product

Forelife! Extra One-Step

Latest review: Used the new forelife early pregnancy test purchased from Coles and got a very strong false positive. The test line was pink and pretty dark. Followed up by testing next 2 days which were both

First Response Dip & Read

Latest review: I used these 2 years ago when pregnant with my daughter and they were accurate. I used them over the past few days and I’ve gotten very faint positives but negatives on other brands/first response e

Forelife! Ultra-Sensitive Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

Latest review: I have used this product for a few months and not once have I seen a positive result that I was ovulating. I decided to purchase this product because it was cheaper but I regret my purchase. I wish I

First Response Digital Pregnancy Test

Latest review: I bought one of these digital first response pregnancy tests and was a complete waste of money. It was faulty and didn't even work. Only bought this as a gift for hubby so he could read it easier

Clearblue Rapid Detection