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Clearview Cam

Clearview Cam

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What a disappointment!

I was given this dash cam just over a year and a half ago and was not impressed with the picture quality. Unfortunately, my socket in my car stopped working so I was not able to use it. Since then, I have bought a newer car and on plugging the dash cam in, all I get is a white screen. I even checked the memory card to see what was recorded, on my computer, and nothing. I also realized I had not been given a battery. I must have only used it for no more than a week. Please do not waste your money over this piece of junk. NOT happy! One star rating is way too many. I would give it minus 5 stars!

Purchased in November 2017.

Screen stopped working 2 minutes after unpacking

I can't say much about the recording quality or any features because literally 2 minutes after I first started the unit, the screen first turned a green shade, then completely white. Absolutely unusable, and a terrible product. Tried everything to get it working again, it looks like the graphics chip is faulty. I brought this from an AusPost shop for $56 and will be returning it tomorrow for a refund. Terribly disappointing, I will spend some more money to get a camera that actually works from a reputable company. I will not buy any products from ClearView again.


I emailed the company over two months ago, and as at the time and date of this correspondence, I have not received a reply. This product will not hold a charge for more than five minutes, thus having to leave the charging cables in place while in use, this is both a hazard and nuisance, also one has lost the screen picture and is permanently white. This product is still within the twelve month warranty, so I will be returning them to the place of purchase ( Australia Post Store) for a refund.

clearview dash cam how to change settings

If you can't find your manual its tricky. When you click the menu button and get to the spot you want to
change , you'll have to click the top right button next to the start button to change it, then the up or down button
then the top right button again.

Waste of money

I bought the Clearview dash cam from global shop direct and it's a waste of money

The camera is not clear the suction cup kept failing the camera kept swivilling on its own and the recording is a joke

It doesn't keep its charge I asked for a refund and they short changed me $30

Honestly just don't buy this product

Very good idea to catch the road users not driving correctly

Very good idea to catch the road users not driving correctly. I would advise it very strongly to all vehicle n truck drivers it is very convenient and clear . U can even turn it around to keep an eye on kids in cars . A very good safety product

Buy something else

Contrary to what it says on the TV commercials, this product is not a good dashcam. Sure, it's very easy to install, but that's the only good thing about it. After that, you'll be dealing with the camera constantly falling because the suction cup isn't working properly and the whole thing rotating randomly. Also, the video quality is very poor especially at night. I doubt if this gadget will be helpful if you get into an accident.

Don't waste your time.

I purchased this camera for $20.00, but have seen the same thing branded differently in many other stores for up to $50.00. I didn't expect too much for $20.00 and I was right. It is impossible to read number plates on playback through a computer as the picture is just not clear enough, so what is the point of making a camera like this. The original battery was a dud. I replaced it but the time and date continually changes so if you have an accident, the camera is no use to you. Battery cover warped in the sun, so I had to tape it back on. Set to record sound, all you hear is something like a mob of Daleks.
Don't have a crash with this camera! It will be no use to you at all. I don't know how it was even allowed to be sold in Australia. It just doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Strictly novelty value, but when the novelty wears off, you will realise you've wasted your money. Put your dollars towards a better quality camera. Pull this one to bits and try and sell the parts. You may get your money back. Just going on the number of complaints and questions on this website, isn't it time that these dashcams were pulled from the market?

Get what you pay for

Suction cap loses suction, swivels around a lot, casing separated in sun and must run on car power at all times. Failed to take pictures when hit in car park. night time recording not real good. Has sd card only recording. video quality is okay during day time use. Constant recording while car is on which overwrites sd card.

A perfect view and pictures

This is a great Camera to take pictures if any one hits your vehicle and stays on memory so you can report this person with their registration. Even if you are parked in a car park or on the side of the road. Thanks r this product it can't lose.

Poor quality and misleading information on the pack.

My unit just got stuck and I looked everywhere for the reset button it claims to have. I don't think it has one. It does not appear on the diagram that comes with the unit. And the diagram does show an HDMI slot which is definitely not there. Also, on the box it claims to be Full HD, which should be 1080 x 1920 but the highest quality in the manual is 1280 x 960. Just bought it from Australia Post and will be returning it tomorrow. Bit disappointed.

Secure driving aid

Instillation was easy but found the screen details hard to read as a 73yo. The unit fell off the windscreen once & the fitting became loose enough for the camera to swivel off center. After some playing around with the menu I was happy to see the camera working continually when driving. Have not yet reviewed the recordings and probably won't unless needed due to an accident or event. Would like to have seen a larger screen incorporated, but for the cost the unit is worthwhile.

Is adequate for the money

In essence it works.
- great value.
- Image quality isn't that great. I recently tried to extract a Number plate of a vehicle and couldn't, it just isn't clear enough to be able to.
- I find the suction mechanism falls off the windscreen from time to time, and the swivel comes loose requiring adjustment.
- At the prince you could afford to have one for the rear too, something I am considering.
- night recordings aren't crisp enough to be of any use.
- wish it had wireless charging so that i don't have to have a cable hanging down, not that any of the CrashCam manufacturers have it
- Like the SD card recording, and the fact that it breaks the recorded material into manageable chunks of 15 or so mins.

Overall as a device to cover your derrier and substantiate an accident isn't your fault it will do the job, but if you need that number plate, you'd best consider another

Best Thing ever

I am so pleased that i purchased the Clearview Cam. Its easy to install,easy to use. When i replay the recordings everything is clear to see Number Plates and Colour and make of Cars and Motor Bikes. Also very handy for those nasty Pushbike riders. I would highly recommend the Clear View camera.

Waste of money

TV commercial misleading as it infers you can see offending vehicles number plate, clarity not good enough to do that. Video itself is very unclear even in daylight and clear conditions. Could not locate small hole to reset unit as stated in the documentation. Installation guide difficult to understand, grammar terrible. Please don't waste your money on this item.


Picture is extremely unclear, very bad re-focus from shade to sunlight, waste of time. The instructions are very vague and do not cover what operating options are available. I would not recommend buying this product to anyone as it is a complete waste of time and money it would be better to spend your money elsewhere.

clearview cam is absolute rip off! Do not buy.

I bought it last year, and every 2 days it says full so I had to delete and reset it. Absolute rip off as I bought 32 g sd card and it's not 32 g. When it replays, it's noisy and unclear image. I had to buy another sd card from officeworks 16 g and last many many weeks.
Please don't buy.

Takes pictures and that's all.

I have had two of these and the first one just gave up and Replaced under warranty. The second one won't retain time and date after repeated setting, useless in the case of an incident.
I obtained a Kogan for my second car. Useless and got my money back. It failed to record at various times and you didn't realise until you tried to find an incident.
Now I have an expensive Garmin. It does all it claims to do and I have had no problems.

It's ok

It works ok but to small for me as cannot read the screen so it's a waste of money for me. Have a nice day but if you wear reading glasses it's no good for you. You can buy this clear view dash cam a lot more cheaper on Wish. That's all I have to say because you must use more words.

Clearview Cam review

For its price, it is not a bad dash cam, but does have some flaws. Works well, but video is average at best. Number plates are not legible until you are about 3 feet away. Instruction sheet is terrible. Fortunately, it is not hard to figure out how to use the camera. Have been using it for about 1 month and have not had any issues. Overall, it serves the purpose it was bought for, so I would consider it as a reasonable cheap dash cam.

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