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Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

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Actually makes a difference!!

From buying this product two years ago, I have used it every day and loved it every time. You can visibly see a difference from before and after. My acne has cleared up immensely and it also provides a perfect base for doing makeup! I have also bought this for my sister, and she has loved it as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone with oily skin.

Best ever!!!!

I use the Clinique Toner 2 and I am amazed by the result I have oily skin and it really balance my PH. I use it every day in the morning and I'm the night for two weeks now and my face look so clean and oily free finally :) and don't forget to scrub 2time a week (Clinique Scrub). Good investment and it last for soooo long!!!

Best toner i have come across so far.

I came across this toner after buying the 3 step system clinique offers. It was the middle of winter therefore I bought the system 2 for dry combination skin. By far, the toner is the best item out of the whole set although It does have a strong alcohol smell to it which may take a bit of getting used to. The larger size bottle is quite a reasonable price for the length of time it lasts for... i just finished my first bottle which i purchased at the end of june. If i get lazy while washing my face and there are small amounts of makeup left on my face, this toner gets rid of it completely.
Good price, works well


I use this in my daily face care and have for the past 7 years. I have been very happy with it but have 1 major tip. When using it, put a cotton ball on the top completely covering the hole and instead of tipping the bottle upside down, just shake it upwards so the clarifying lotion splashes the cotton ball. This wets it just the right amount and seriously makes it last soooo much longer. I was given this tip after using it for about 5 years and it has made a massive difference and saved me lots of money.
Really helps to remove excess oil, is a great preparation for moisturizer, seems to get out heaps of dirt you just can't see.
Can be used up very quickly if you don't know how to use it properly.


This lasts for quite a while with me because I don't use it every single day - I just use it when I have a hormonal breakout and I found it really truly helps to stop things getting worse. It seems to control and clear up the breakout in conjuntion with the matching cleanser and moisturiser. I love treating a breakout I have with this just before bedtime because I always wakeup looking much better! It controls the bacteria and also the sebum production in my skin. Highly recommended.
Really does help control a hormonal breakout and keeps the area from getting worse.
It's really, really expensive!


I have used the Clinique clarifying lotion as part of my nightly beauty routine for many years now and I only have pretty good things to say about this product. While it is a lot more expensive than many other products it comes in quite a large bottle and it will last for many months. I tend to use it at night time only and it does leave your skin feeling fresh and revived most of the time. Great for sensitive or oily skin as well.
Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clear, a great product.
Expensive but the big bottles will last a while.


I have used the Clinique Clarifing Lotion for years and found it to be a fabulous toner, you might say the price is high but so are the bottles it comes in. It left my skin feeling Fresh and Tingly, no residues left from any other products on my face after using this lotion. The performance of the lotion was fabulous and I still use it on occasions now. This is one that you should at least try, your skin will thank you for it.
I used the Clinique Clarifing Lotion for many years and i think it is Great. I weighed price up against loreal but still bought the Clinique.


I have used this product for many years now, the Mild clarifiying lotion being my preferred. I wish they would let you select which one you could buy in the giftpacks as they onyl ever have number 2.
I use the Mild clarifying lotion - which has no alcohol - this one is much gentler on the skin. leaves your skin clean without irritation.
I used to use the normal clarifying lotion (number 2) but found it made my skin tingle/burn. I prefer to use no alcohol also but since switching to the Mild - its been great. The mild one is sometimes harder to find and you can never get it in the packs.


i have just started on Clinique skincare again after years of trying so many products!! Very gentle on my skin yet i can see and feel the difference. I have noticed the deep down blocked pores are disappearing after one weeks use.
gives my skin a deep down clean, leaves it slightly tingly which means its gently efoliating my skin. The tingle disappears once the moisturiser is applied. Comes in large 400ml bottles which will last months. Easy to apply on a small cotton pad/
bit pricey and the bottles should have a pump to limit the amount you use.


you can't buy better than this ... works every time <3 best product on the market, soooo good , makes me skin instantaneously better


I was given this as part of a gift. I probably would not buy this myself as it is really expensive. I do not think I have sensitive skin, and I find it almost stings my skin- it must be the alcohol in it. However it does clean my skin really well and helps to remove any leftover makeup/dirt.
Good at cleaning skin
Stings skin, expensive


This is a good cleanser cream that you can dip into with your cotton wool and then wipe your face clean. It is very gentle on my face, and I have sensitive skin which tends to get itchy and red if I use something it doesnt like. Overall, a fine cleaning product that really cleans and refreshes my face.
This is really a nice and non greasy lotion to use to clean away the day's dirt. It is non scented and is very gentle on my skin.
It is expensive, and most Clinique products are costly, but you are paying for the technology they have put into their research and the end product they have developed.


loved the product and still do but can find a clarifying lotion just as good for under half of the price, you may have to try alot of them before you find the right one for your skin though
tried the clarifying lotion for years and loved it, they tailor it for your skin type, and have alot of choice. and with all clinique products you can try before you buy so you know your buying exactly what you need for your skin type
like most clinique your paying for the brand name, there product is good but not the price

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Clarifying Lotion
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