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Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser

Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser

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Estée Lauder - Perfectly Clean Cleanser

I was very disappointed when Estée Lauder discontinued Tender Cream Cleanser.
Perfectly Clean is a very similar product. I can give my face a good massage and it has a moisture mask that you can leave on for 3 minutes and tissue off.

Brilliant, I'm happy, love it

Great Product

I have used Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser for many years, I cannot understand why it has been discontinued.it is just the best facial product for my skin, please bring it back


I wouldnt say that this cream was for dry skin as it didnt leave my skin oily. It left my skin soft and supple afterwards, it foamed up nicely not having to use to much of the product and I will say that it is a good price when you add up the size of the tube and the fact that you dont need to use heaps of the products. It was lovely. I toned afterwards and there was no residue left behind either so that was nice to see.
I loved the fact that my skin was clean and nicely soft after i had usedthis product.


will continue use - been using it for at least ten years now and no problems so far. The tube last a very long time. I think its almost $40 now so exp but lasts me well over 6 months.
This product is soft and gentle and really cleans your skin, all foundation makeup gone in a wipe - it really cuts through your foundation/powder and all the rest you might have on .you do need to wash off also. but very good product - have been using it for years.
If you accidently get it in your eye - it stings very badly ! have done this twice !

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Comforting Cream Cleanser
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Release dateJun 2008

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