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Cold Power Liquid

Cold Power Liquid

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Insoluble white crap doesn't even rinse.

The laundromat in Katanning has turned off the hot water so I decided to use Cold Power. There's something that doesn't dissolve in it and it doesn't rinse out. This leaves interesting white streaks in the clothes.
I have just dissolved some in hot water but the powder persists.
I won't buy Cold Power again.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money

Bring back the old formula

I’ve been using cold power sensitive for years and noticed that it now has a new formula. The main reason I liked the old version was the smell and now there’s no reason to keep buying it. Disappointed!

Cold power odour eliminator

Cold power is my favorite laundry liquid this review is for the new odour eliminator I bought to try it washes good and the smell is fresh clean and not over powering it's affordable not over priced all round good product.

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Back to using regular cold power for some reason this one started giving me rash

Love it!

This is great. I have only every used powers, before switching over to this. I was finding that laundry powders were leaving white residue on my husbands black work pants. I decided to try this one out because it was half price in Coles - I loved it so much. No risk of power spillage, no flimsy box to deal with, nothing! You just pour the liquid into the cap and into the machine. Brilliantly easy and NO POWDER RESIDUE on your clothes!

Toxic smelling liquid cold power

Cold power liquid has a terrible smell and gives me bad head aches with the slightest of a smell . it smells toxic and difficult to get rid of the smell

Strong unpleasant odour

I concur with the other reviews here. Cold power left my laundry with a strong unpleasant smell that will not come out even after multiple washes with another product. I used cold power in the past and did not have this problem, so I assume their formula must have changed.

Bad smell

I noticed my towels and tea towels developed a rather unpleasant smell. I no longer use Cold Power and have had to re wash everything. Stinks! Shame because I have used Cold Power for many years and always had good results. No longer! Bring back the old formula.

The new cold power formula sucks

I've been using cold power for 20 years or so and now that the new cold power formula change im very disappointed as it simply doesn't clean anymore and if someone looks into the washing machine won't see the foaming action cold power once had
Conclusion : the new formula cold power should be taken off the shelves and the old cold power formula should come back with new designed containers

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Dynamo laundry detergent and cold power were sitting in a excellent tree but, now the branches have snapped and it's an Ill tree

Cold Power- Cleans Best

I'm surprised at the negative reviews. Coldpower has top marks from me. My clothes appear cleaner, smell great and the price is reasonable. I switched to Cold Power a few months ago by necessity (moved house and my washing machine is coldwash). I'm glad I did.

can't Stand The Fragrance

The Fragrance in The " New & improved cold power liquid" is over bearing! We havent stopped sneezing & can't wait to rewash our clothes
The whole House smells like a toilet Spray.' Never again Cold Power!!!!

smell not bad with lemon flavor but not strong in decontamination

I have just used the new formula F&T with lemon fresh recently. I think it smells good coz the lemon flavor. But it is difficult to get rid of stains.

Smells like stale wet bathroom towels that have been screwed up on the floor for a month

The new formula stinks . Clothes are unwearable & need to be washed multiple times with a different brand to try and get rid of the stench & even then some clothes have to be thrown away , switching to another brand immediately

Don't buy it!!

I agree with the other posts, we have been on the new formula now for only a few weeks and our adult daughter who has very sensitive skin has broken out in lumps and and rash type like swelling o her skin. The only thing that has changed in her routine/eating/activities is the change to this "NEW" formula of Cold Power Liquid. When I checked the ingredients list on the website there have been a lot of extra ingredients in the formula that weren't in there before. I have No idea why they change the formula of products when I have never seen any negative feedback with the old product. I will be returning ours for a full refund. So many of the other liquid detergents currently all look to have the same "NEW" extra ingredients in them. I will be searching alternatives now unless the owners of Cold Power go back to their old formula!!!!!! Us consumers maybe should start a petition!! Bring back the old formula!!

New front & toploader formula!

I have used the old Cold Power for years & have been extremely happy with it. After using the new front & top loader formula for only a week, I am very unhappy with it. Our clothes do not come as clean as they used to, & in my top loader it doesn't dissolve as well & does not get sudsy at all. More like "soupy". Also our clothes have a very strange smell, almost like baby vomit, not the nice fresh smell of the old formula. I will not be buying this product again.

Only buy this if you want to smell like vomit.

We had used the Cold Power Advance Lemon Liquid for top loaders for as long as I can remember. After two washes with this new formula my children refused to wear their clothes because of the putrid smell which was very much like stale vomit. We poured most of the very expensive bottle down the drain. (Tip - if you loved the old lemon scent of Cold Power try Hurricane liquid. You don't need to use much, the liquid is really thick. The smell is lovely and our clothes are really clean and fresh. Best of all it is half the price of Cold Power and other leading brands. I wish I had found it years ago).

Don't waste your money on this "NEW FORMULA" product

Our family used old formula Cold Power "Advanced" for years with very satisfactory results... Since they changed the formula (same bottle but with writing "NEW FORMULA -F&T FRONT & TOP LOADER" and replaced "Advanced" branding with "Outstanding Cold Water Results"), the product does a very poor job! In fact it brings out some yellow stains/patches in white washes. Also, the water doesn't feel soapy as it used to in the old product. Will be returning this product back to the shop...

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