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Coleman Esky Ice King

Coleman Esky Ice King

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Rubbish, HSV branded 27l Esky Ice King.

I bought three of these HSV branded, red 27L Esky's - two for gifts. What a massive disappointment! Touted as keeping ice for three days at 32 degrees, couldn't keep ice for a day and a half at sub 25 C! There is a huge design flaw in the base - the insulation is non-existent and the bottom and lower 50-75 mm of the sides is freezing to the touch and causes immediate condensation. There is very obviously a thermal short-circuit built into the base. Friends have paid less money for no-brand Chinese coolers and got better value and performance. VERY disappointed to be taken for a mug, I won't be buying any of your products, ever again.

Expensive Rubbish

Eskies are expensive considering the simplicity of their construction and cheap materials used, this wouldn't be so bad if they were put together well.
I've had this esky for only a few years, and realistically it has been used at Christmas, and the occasional bbq.
The hinges seem to be designed to fail, and them the esky itself split along the seams and the foam began falling out.

Rubbish Quality

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