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Coles Smart Buy Canned Cat Food

Coles Smart Buy Canned Cat Food

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Not even an alternative when on a budget

My cats have had to suffer with this brand for a week. They have not touched it. They are fed a pouch each daily.. Sniff it and walk off. Then cry for the rest of the day :(
It smells awful and does not even look edible. Is is even cat food?
Never buying this brand again.. Hope they drop it off the shelves.. For so many cats to hate it... They must be missing the main ingredient

Do not feed your cats this

Ran out of whiskas the other day, thought i'd try another brand for a change, couldn't be that bad right? Wrong.
Cats did not touch the product (i have 3 cats) they are not fussy eaters. They eat everything i give them. Their diet ranges from raw, dry and canned food products. Please do not feed your cats this product. Even the insects would not go near it! Now that is saying something!!
The only other time i have ever seen this happen was when i put a mcdonald's patty on the ground (back when they did not use actual meat) and the insects went nowhere near it.
Cats will get sick eating this. Pet lovers beware. Do not buy this product. Coles you are a disgrace. Raise up your pet food health regulations, before you think of disgarding 'meat' scraps from your deli section into these cans. These are live animals eating your products, not vermin.
Inexpensive, but not worth low cost at all.
Will make your pet sick!

Lots of whole fish in there

My past cats I owned always loved the fish range over the years, the other flavours looked a bit dodgy, but good amount of fish in these without any other meat except a bit of jelly. Would be interested in knowing about any added salt or sugar content as diabetes and kidney problems are common among older cats and hopefully they liked it for the fish and not any additives.
Lots of whole fish

Not good for cats

Has by products (NO cat food should contain by products or grains) which are harmful to cats, its not good quality and is even worse than whiskas which is saying something. I would not recommend this at all. Google cat foods before you buy you could be harming your cat!


My cat is a fussy eater but I decided to buy this brand of cat food just to see what it was like and whether he would eat any of it. He ate it the first time I gave it to him, second time he was not too impressed with it, but now he eats it without too much hesitation when I buy it. While it is a brand of cat food that I do buy when my funds are low, it is a decent alternative for the more expensive brands of cat food.
Very cheap price, large can that will last for a while.
The smell and the look of the food.


This tinned home brand cat food from Coles is very cheap and for a budget cat food it will do the job. It comes in a couple of varieties so your cat won't get bored but I would not want to be buying this all the time as I doubt that the quality is good enough to be feeding to a feline all the time.
Cheap and will help with budgeting. My cat will eat it, but I would not serve it up that often.
Very affordable, especially if you are on a tight budget. Has a very strong smell though which can be off putting for cats.


We buy this sometimes when finances are a little tight and it's a good supplement for the more expensive foods. Only one of my two cats will eat it, but he does so happily and to be fair, the one that doesn't is a very picky eater. I can get three feeds out of one can.
Really cheap price, budget cat food, always avalible and in stock at my local coles, there are a couple of flavours so the cat has varity
Smells pretty bad and only one of my cats will eat it, though the one that enjoys it will eat it happily.

Questions & Answers

My cat loved the Sardines in Jelly, then they deleted it. Now the Seafood Platter is deleted as well. What's going on? Not happy
1 answer
I feel your pain. My boys love the casserole. I have posted to FB, so will see what they say. It won't be pretty when I start running low. I noticed bare space for two fish varieties yesterday when shopping, but no casserole replacement.

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