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Coles Smart Buy Laundry Powder & Liquid

Coles Smart Buy Laundry Powder & Liquid

4.2 from 17 reviews

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Unbelievable just $1.50$

Really cant believe that this liquid is only 1.50$!!!!!!its amazing at removing dirts and stains and smells so so good ,also the cloths came out smelling and looking fresh!!and the price is only 1.50$ for 2L .such a good value!definitely will buy again and highly reccomanded!

Purchased in September 2019 for $1.50.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Equal to the best!

After trying out loads of washing detergents l found the Coles branded $1.50 per litre one is as good as the best l've tried. Great cleaning agent and very pleasant lemon fragrance.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $1.50.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

The best new discovery!

Unbelievable washing ability for stains and freshness.
Its unbelievable to think that it coast only $1.50.
I bought it on holiday to wash some clothes and WHAT a surprise!

Value for Money

Can't complain with this product on top of that value for money, no allergies experienced,
washes my clothes well ans in combination with Coles Fabric Softener good outcome.
Happy with it.

Smells good

Good laundry liquid for it's price it cleans good smells nice I wash clothes bed and bath linen all fresh and clean. Light scent once dried which is good as heavy scented laundry liquid powder's give me headaches.

Purchased at Coles Online for $1.50.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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The powder is good too I tried all the name brands and this works best for me it's in between fab and cold power but at a reasonable price I like it no sickly over powering scent washes good

Very good value for $1.50

10 people in my house, clothes don't get very dirty, more sweat than anything but have 3 young boys and baby, so it cleans the clothes well on warm wash, plus I use Coles wash booster in each load as well, no sensitivity issues


My husband is a dairy farmer and this product is amazing. Removes all stains and there are A LOT, DAILY! I also have young children so stains galore. This product really surprised me and I am super impressed. Only $6 you can't go wrong. I also add the coles brand of nappy san. The cheapest version one. Can't remember the name but those together work a treat! Thanks Coles


The product amazed me for its price and cleaning power! I use a dash in each load, everything comes out smelling and looking devine. Highly recommend.

From the person that would never use no name brand washing liquid before now.

Well done Coles!

I am on a very tight budget and Coles Washing Powder 3.5kilo ($3.70) does the job for me and with approx. 40 washes at 9cents wash, it can't be beaten in hot or cold water. I always rinse with a rinse aid which gives my wash a clean fresh smelling wash. I live alone and on an age pension. Very well done, Coles and top marks from me - since using Coles Washing Powder I have never been disappointed. Every so often I put whites into Napisan for the white gleam only to all whites - and I have had to do this with expensive washing detergent brands too. Go Coles! :)

Not bad at all

I bought this coles smartbuy from coles supermarkets after reading these reviews.
At first I thought the price will severely compromise quality however, after pouring this blue soft clothes washing liquid into the washing machine following the manufacturer directions I was surprised it easily got rid of the sweat and soft dirt on the clothes. I would recommend this clothes washing liquid to anyone especially those who are on a budget .
This product would also be excellent for washing towels

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I re opened the lid and smelled the liquid and thought the liquid might be too powerful to wash towels though, haven't tried it on towels but, likely won't as towels don't usually get too dirty and wimpy liquid washes should do the trick

I love it

It’s cheap but does the great job.
I used to use big famous brand one but do the same job even this one is better just storing fregrance, but it’s tolerable.

A more feasible product with less unbarable side affects! Well done

100% improvement on Ultra
Price is fantastic on a very tight budget
It washes fantastically, its fragrance is tolerable
A feasible products with less unbearable side affects

I love it

I always use this laundry powder. It is cheap but it is great. Before I did use some brand name but I believe this powder works better than them and clean my clothes much better. I use it with washing machine and when I want to wash small clothes with hand.

Cheap; good for people on a tight budget.

This is a pretty basic laundry powder that does the job. It's cheap and in my experience is always available at Coles. I don't have terrible body odor so I find it cleans clothes & removes smells pretty well. For a uni student like me on a tight budget, it's affordable and works fine.


i use the 3kg bulk laundry powder and find it does the job just as well as other budget friendly laundry powders. it doesnt remove strong smells so i add one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil and that gets rid of the odours, and is much cheaper alternative to buying a more expensive brand. for tough stains, i add a squirt of shampoo. the two products combined get rid of all types of stains. so i guess, the product is good a good base product, but needs additional help to remove hard stains and odours.
does the job
doesnt remove smells very well, needs a bit of help to remove tough stains


If you are on a tight budget then there is nothing wrong with this homebrand laundry powder. It does the job adequately enough and while it might not get rid of the toughest stains a little bit of soaking will help anyway. It does have a strong smell about it but for what you pay, I think that it is an alright product and will do the job well enough. It is always available at Coles stores when I have gone looking for it in the past.
Cheap and does the job reasonably well. Good for those on tight budgets.
The strong smell.


Someone else purchased this detergent in my household as they were on a very tight budget. I used it a few times and found it to clean clothes on a satisfactory level however it was nothing special. I got the impression that the detergent was very cheap and possibly had some harsh chemicals in it from the smell (although there was also a lot of fragrance to cover it up).

I would not purchase this detergent myself as I prefer to spend a little extra money and get something that is less toxic.
A cheap laundry detergent that will do the job on a very tight budget.
I perceive this detergent could contain some harsh chemicals.

Questions & Answers

Can the powder be used in frontloaders as well
No answers

Can you use Coles lemon fresh laundry liquid for soaking for clothes
1 answer
Yes I soak mine in the machine overnight I find most Coles brand Laundry powders and liquid good. Do what I do soak overnight medium to hot do a short cycle next day hope that helps

What do coles ultra liquid capsules smell like and are they any good?
1 answer
Used them more gimmicky but good

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