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Coles Smart Buy Lemon

Coles Smart Buy Lemon

1.8 from 6 reviews

If you are on a budget, look no further!

I recently bought coles smart buy Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon), it's just for 1 AUD for a 1L bottle in Coles store.
I know it's not that good, but yea it gets your work done. It's not too thick and is a bit more liquid like syrup. Sometimes you have to use it more to properly clean the utensils. But at the price it is worth a try.

Not A Smart Buy...Really...

I tried this when they put the price down to 99cents. I thought I will give it a try. I found this dish washing liquid very poor in quality. It is not reliable at all in washing out oil and grease on the kitchen wares. It is very thin and very runny. I would prefer to buy a concentrated dish washing liquid that is of good quality and a bit expensive. The bottle that I bought ended up in the shower. I used it to wash the bathtub and rubber mat in the shower. I also did not like the smell of it.

poor quality, very thin, unreliable

A reasonable liquid for basic washing up

Not as good as the Home Brand detergent. It is way too runny and thin, it often does not clean pots pans and plates properly, even in soft water. It tends to leave a residue on Teflon surfaces, including frying pans. It is mostly water. I would not recommend this product at all, unless you want to waste more of this than you actually use (as the nozzle on the bottle is too wide) per wash. The Home Brand also has a slightly wide nozzle, but the consistency of the contents is a bit thicker than this, so it won't come out as quickly with even a gentle squeeze.
Kind to hands, but that's it. No other pros. I wouldn't buy this again.
Far too weak and watery. Does not clean dishes properly. Leaves residue.

poor quality washing liquid.

I have to say I'm not at all a fan of this dish washing liquid. The smell of it smells really chemically and harsh. I don't like the consistency of the liquid either its really watery and runny and although its cheap at about a dollar a bottle you do have to use a lot each time. It can only be bought from Cole's which is a down side for me as i often shop each week at different supermarkets. But actually its not really a downside as i wont be buying this product again as i think its a waste of money and doesn't really clean that well.

poor quality


This is an okay dishwashing liquid although it is a bit runny so it pours out of the bottle really quickly and some of it can be wasted in the sink. But, this has been the problem for me for most of the cheaper liquids, including the Aldi one. You basically have to pour it a bit carefully and it should be fine. Overall, this is an effective dishwashing liquid which is really low priced and hasnt caused any irritation on my skin. Its not too harsh and not too strong smelling either.
I have tried this dishwashing liquid a couple of times because its really low priced and works fairly well.
The bottle is very plain, so if you want something that has a bit of pizazz and excitement, this isnt it. I dont buy this one anymore because I am using the Aldi one which is only 99cents!

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