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Trix Double Action

Trix Double Action

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Live in Clare SA can't buy this product

I've used Trix detergent to wash BBQ plates and grill and does fantastic job compared to speciality BBQ cleaners but neither Woolworths or Foodland in Clare SA stock Trix!

Never mind the dishes!

I've used Trix as a heavy duty hand cleaner for 30 years. It's simply the best thing I've ever found to cut through everything from nasty old car grease and oil, to stove black graphite polish which I use as a finish when making leadlight windows. A few minutes with some Trix and an old toothbrush works every time. Works for dishes too!


I have used this product a number of times and have not had any problem with it. It is not heavily scented or tough on my hands and basically does what its supposed to do and doesnt cost too much. Its pretty good value for money and is useful for everyday home use. I think its good value for money.
This is one of the cheaper dishwashing liquids that works fairly well and isnt too strongly scented. It is often on sale at the supermarkets and thats a good time to stock up.
Nothing negative to say about this cost efficient and good working diswashing liquid.


I always end up with a few of these in the cupboard mainly because the product is regularly on special at the supermarket. While it does a good job of cleaning the dishes, my main issue with it is that it does not tend to last long. I go through the product a lot quicker than other more concentrated dishwashing products, which in the end makes it not as cost effective even if it is one of the more cheaper brands. It is economical, but it does not always last that long.
Does a good cleaning job, very inexpensive and often on special.
It does not last that long.

Excellent detergent which cleans pots pans and is kind to hands.

I usually buy a bottle of this, and it lasts me up to a month or less, depending on how often it is required and how many dishes need washing. It comes in more than one scent, lemon, and mint fresh (I don't particularly like the mint one, as it is a thinner consistency than the lemon and Coles only put the mint one on special, not the lemon, which was right next to it on the shelf). Nevertheless, in the future, whenever I need a fresh bottle of washing up liquid, I will be considering either Trix (regardless of price/scent) or the generic brands. It costs a bit more than generic, but worth it as it lasts a lot longer and you need to use a lot less per wash. I prefer the lemon to mint as the lemon smells nicer.
Not too expensive. Gets most dishes and pans clean. Smells OK too.
A bit greasy, and occasionally can leave residue on pots and pans, but no real issue otherwise (this is really noticeable in hard water).

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