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Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial

Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial

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This is the only dish detergent I have found that keeps cleaning greasy dishes!

I have used several different dish detergents and always go back to Palmolive Ultra, (Antibacterial) as it's the only detergent that I feel I can get a decent load of dishes clean with. I like a detergent that works in hot water that gets greasy dishes clean and doesn't leave them grimy or dull.It's also great if you can get through the entire load of dirty dishes without adding more detergent, not always possible with most other detergents but works great with Palmolive Ultra. I'll keep using it, simply because it works.


I have used Palmolive for a while now and cannot fault it. It works well in cleaning dishes and removes grease easily. It smells beautiful and is gentle on skin (does not cause a problem as I have sensitive skin). The packaging is quite nice and the bottle of dishwashing liquid lasts quite a while.
This works very well leaving dishes very clean, has a lovely fresh scent and apparently kills bacteria.

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Please, antibacterial means nothing. It does not clean any better nor keep your cloths/sponges disinfected.

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