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Coles Ultra Super Strength

Coles Ultra Super Strength

3.3 from 3 reviews

Mediocre, doesn't get the grease off

Even used copiously with water from the kettle, this doesn't get all the fat off frying pans.
I have to follow it up with a squirt of IGA dishwashing liquid.


This is a great dishwashing liquid which is very good for the wallet as well. It is just a bit gel like in consistency, so it doesnt run out all liquidy when you pour it. So, a little bit goes a long way. The fragrance is a nice lemony one too.
I bought this one because they had it on special at Coles and its pretty good. It is quite inexpensive and has a nice lemony fragrance. I just dont buy it regularly because I find the Aldi one is cheaper, otherwise I cannot fault this one.
Nothing I dislike about this one.


This brand is quite cheap, but for the price works better than what I expected. It smells fresh and leaves dishes sparkling and clean. Is gentle on skin and tough on grease. I would recommend giving this brand a try, it is quite good and very economical to use.
Works really well. I cannot fault this product. Has a nice lemon fragrance and does its job well.

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