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Coles Water Natural Spring

Coles Water Natural Spring

1.8 from 126 reviews

So refreshing and affordable!

I get the 1.5ltr bottle & love how refreshing this is! The bottle feels a bit sturdier than the Woolworths equivalent. I'm writing as I'm confounded with others' incredibly negative reviews.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $0.80.

Misinformation in some reviews

The container is made from Polyethylene Terrephalate (PET) not BPA as some have said. The water is perfectly safe even if stored for 12 months. Some reviews complain there is no ingredients listed, for heavens sake it’s pure water the only ingredient.

Great product I buy in twenty four 600ml packs at a great price.

Purchased in August 2018 at Coles Supermarkets.

Extremely artificial

Bought during January and February. Sweet tasting like plastic bottle had leached into the water. No ingredients posted. Worried about health impact. Returned over taste and met by argument. No thanks.

Purchased in January 2019.

Extremely unhappy with not being able to obtain ingredients listed on spring or mineral water

Can't get any answers as to how much sodium is in their spring water. They say they get it from 4 different suppliers that's fine however each supplier should know how much sodium is in their water.. They should be able to list the ingredients from each supplier unless they are using tap water.. Aldi are the only ones who list the ingredients on their mineral water so I only buy it from them it's also very low in sodium which I am very happy with

Purchased in February 2019 for $0.85.

Bad taste

we buy 2 x 10 ltr bottles of Coles spring water each week. The latest container is undrinkable, disgusting. I wonder what has happened to the water. I believe it needs to be tested by someone to see what has been put into it. Definitely not right and I will not buy again.

Bad taste in your mouth

The most recent bottle we bought had a hint nail polish taste to it. Something not right. We have changed brands.

Coles Spring Water - after taste is abhorrent

After drinking two cups of this stuff I took it back to Coles for a refund, the after taste is like some sort of chemical, truly disgusting.

terrible so called water. below 0 rating for above

i purchased 2 10 litre waters from coles ashfield in sydney NSW.Took ist sip and straight away tasted like plastic,terribe and disgusting.I would like to know what is in this so called COLES AUSTRALIAN NATURAL SPRING WATER .???

Hydrating for the bottled water

Honestly I loved the coles natural spring water, it is not meant to have any taste. I loved it. Everyone should buy it, trust yourself


Nice and refreshing cannot go without water especially on a very hot day :) when frozen it's even better :)

Seems to be the cause of migraines

I once read that the coles water was causing migraines for some people which I thought was absolute bullocks. I bought a slab of 24 bottles and was drinking 2 or 3 a day and there I was with migraines until 4 or 5 hours after consuming the last bottle.

Do not touch.

Been buying this product for a while now and had sore throat (as in razor blades sore throat). Went to UK for 3 months no sore throat. Came back to Australia drank x 2 bottles and woke up with you guessed it. Razor blade in my throat. Never drinking it again.


Evil stuff. Feeling much better since I ditched this product and switched to a brand without BPA in the bottles. I googled the reviews to see if anyone else got sick from drinking it and I see I'm not alone. Avoid.

Perfect Water

This water is fresh and tasty and healthy to drink, the only thing I dont like is the bottle when your around half way into your drink the noise it makes is terrible. It goes out of shape too easy.

Refreshing Water

I have had no problem with the Coles Water Natural Spring, it is refreshing and without the chlorine taste. The bottles are a suitable size for carrying with you and the soft plastic makes it easy to crush and place in the recycle bins.


I’ve never had an issue with Coles spring water. Been buying it for years. Good value for money. Tastes much better then tap water.


has black floaties and taste like plastic which is disgusting , too expensive, makes people get constipation and then they have to get a tube shoved up their butt to get it out

Contaminants found in Water Batch 3212 best before 15 Apr 20

I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to coles advising them the batch 3212 - has little black objects in the water. I opened a bottle and started to drink when I noticed little floaties of black in the water. I looked at the rest of the unopened bottles and they have the same micro floaties in them as well. Coles recalls spring water due to algae.

Coles natural spring water 1.5l bottle is great

I buy this water in the 8pks of 1.5l every week and have been for years. Love the crisp cool clean taste of this water. Myself and my whole family dont suffer headaches or tummy upsets from it , and i personally drink approx 2 bottles a day . I prefer this water to Adelaide tap water.
Cant believe there are negative comments about it and people say the water is getting them sick . I hope those people can get professionally diagnosed for their symptoms to find out the definite cause of their ailment if they havent already .
Id be i interested in the findings to see if this water was the cause or not .

Recall needed.

They should not be selling this water, I only consumed a small amount of this water and had a severe migraine for almost 10 hours. How is this still on the shelves? Coles need to do a recall of this product immediately.

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Questions & Answers

Do coles add chemicals to their spring water?
2 answers
I'm not too sure. Best to email coles Coles customer care number Call 1800061562

What is the pH level of Coles natural spring water?
No answers

Can someone please tell me why the 24 pkt of 600ml coles spring water has gone up in just one week by $2.40 from $6.00 to $8.40? That's just such a hugh jump in price.
4 answers
Maybe they changed the water quality now so you have to pay more to not get a headachewe believe its because they now have the 10c refund system .i have a condition that i can choke on food very easily, so i take Coles spring water with me every where. i also have become very sick after drinking this waterBecause they put new water in it that get rid of cancer. Dah dumbass!

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