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Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal

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This toothbrush feels unpleasant on sensitive teeth!
Although it's soft the material doesn't feel good on the teeth, painful.
Also, it is hard to remove all the plaque. It feels like you have half brushed your teeth.
I gave it a good go for a few weeks, but it never improved and I never got used to this buy once toothbrush!
Waste of money

Excellent toothbrush - why black

Yes this is an excellent toothbrush and is much gentler and preferable to the popular Colgate Extra Soft 360 Sensitive Pro-Relief 48% Softer Bristles.

The problem is I do not believe the charcoal marketing nonsense and the black handle is discouraging.

However, the very same Slim Soft 17x Slimmer Tip Bristles is available without the charcoal/black but only as a professional product from dental suppliers with minimum purchase of 12 brushes.

Why are Colgate withholding their best toothbrush product from general retail?

Best thing i have bought in ages

I cant believe I am writing a review on something as simple as a toothbrush but I am so impressed with this I have to share. Simply the best toothbrush I have ever own and my teeth have never felt so clean. you can really feel it getting inbetween the teeth and the back of my teeth that usually builds up tartar is so smooth a keep rubbing my tongue on it as I have never felt that smooth and tartar free before.
Give it a go you will be surprised at what a difference it makes!

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