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Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower

Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower

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This is the future. The latest technology of indoor rowing machines.

Dynamic rowing machines are the future of indoor rowing machines. They have a double action movement as opposed to the single action movement that the vast majority of indoor rowers such as the C2 model D & E ergs have. Hence your feet are not locked into a stationary position on the central bar but rather move freely back and forth as your body feels like it's floating above the erg. In other words, dynamic rowing machines mimic the feeling of a boat moving under you and are the best rowing machine boat simulators available on the market.

After rowing on a dynamic rowing machine you will never want to go back to any other type of indoor rowing machine. The movement is so much more enjoyable to do than that of the single action indoor rowers. I find rowing on the single action C2 Model D & E ergs becomes very boring,, even after only 10 minutes. Not so on the dynamic rower.

The Dynamic rower also places less strain on your lower back and joints. I've found that after a hard and intense workout on a C2 model D, immediately after getting off the erg, I walk away awkwardly and hunched over for a while. However after doing the same intesity workout on the dynamic erg I can walk away naturally. Surely that must mean it's far healthier and kinder to your lower back and joints.

The rowing position on the dynamic erg is very comfortable. The ergonomics of this machine makes you want to sit more upright and push with the legs like a leg press. I found the movement and rowing technique very simple to do, but I've had over 25 years of experience on rowing machines and boats. I watched a friend of mine, with far less experience, have an awkward time trying to get the movement right, on his first row on this erg. So I guess the dynamic movement, for newcomers, needs to be learn't first before you can get the most out of this erg. But that's not a bad thing, it adds to the challenge in using it.

The monitor on the dynamic erg is exactly the same as the very familiar C2 model Ds. It's excellent, reliable, comprehensive and stores lots of data from past workouts.

The flywheel fan cage is located near under the seat and some say could collect some of your sweat but I haven't noticed this to be a problem. The only issue I have with this erg is the cord between the handle and the links back to the flywheel fan cage tends to fray after a lot of use. Despite the frayed cord it still remained smooth and solid in use and would think easier to maintain and replace than a chain on a C2 model D erg.

This erg really is a step towards the future of indoor rowing. The standard stationary C2 model D erg now becomes a dead man walking. The dynamic erg to me is a much better erg. Having said that though, there are three other types of dynamic rowing machines available on the market offering stiff competition. The Australian made Rowperfect "indoor sculler" is the best rowing machine in the world but is considerably more expensive. But the Oartec Slider erg is similiar in price to the C2 dynamic and deserves a serious look before making a purchase decision.
The movement. It kills all the other standard single action stationary rowing machines out there.
Not much. Perhaps some may find the movement more difficult to learn than other ergs.

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