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Contigo AutoSeal West Loop Travel Mug

Contigo AutoSeal West Loop Travel Mug

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Good products and friendly costumer service

my Dad bought a contigo travel mug and i bought 2 travel mug as well one of my one had a problem ( rubber in lid) but when i called to them they said sorry and fixed up problem for me . one of my best experience

thanks Contigo

Leaked after a few months

Purchased two contigo thermos mugs. Got approximately 3 months of good use out of them, but then lids started to leak badly ... no longer useable as a result. Followed instructions for use, cleaning etc. Don’t waste the $ on these, they are expensive overrated junk. There are other less expensive brands that last longer.

Trendy gadget overpriced and not great to use

I had high hopes for these, based on the marketing and hype and bought 2, one for hot drink and one for cold to be used in the car as travel mugs. These are not cheap, when you consider $4 will get you a normal insulated travel mug you can drink from.

I found these really hard/impossible to drink out of! As a push button thermos yes but not to drink from. So that means you have to stop the car, pour in into another cup you CAN drink from in the car (so what was the point?) oh and you will also need a separate container for milk. The lid is a great design for the push button but has too many crevices for putting milk in it because it's harder to clean.

So pretty much I paid for 2 SMALL THERMOSES that I then need to pour into a cup like 40 years ago, carry milk separately, and I paid 7 times as much as a cup thermos I can drink straight out of and clean easily.

Might be ok for iced water in a handbag on a train, when you have 2 hands to try to drink straight from it, and it will lay down in the handbag, but for the car and coffee? No.

Purchased in November 2018 at eBay.

Loved it until the lid came away from the bottle after about a month now useless

Unfortunately I paid cash and threw away my receipt thinking what could possibly go wrong?!
Big waste of money... Something from Kmart I'm sure would last longer
The other not so great thing about these is the buildup that forms on the inside of the lid and they are very difficult to clean thoroughly after each use

Not very impressed

The mug doesn't fit in the car holders for starters. Seal on the lid leaked after a few days to the extent of being pretty much totally open. Definitely won't be getting another one & would suggest a re-design.

The lid started to leak, warranty was worthless.

Initially I was impressed with this travel mug, however, after about 6 months of daily use for my morning coffee the lid began to leak.
The lid is a very complicated design with multiple moving parts, seals, springs etc. Unfortunately the part that failed is a join between two dissimilar plastics so the lid would need replacing.
I did contact Contigo warranty and eventually got a reply from them asking some questions and for me to send some photos. After sending this information I never heard from them again.
I have now replaced this mug with another brand that has the same insulated style cup but a simplified lid.

Hard to clean

Goes mouldy. Hard to clean.

Color on outside comes off.

Plastic not as sturdy as polycarbonate options.

I now have a yeti cup rambler.size, it is expensive. But preferable if I'd bought it first.

Great thermos

I have several of the Contigo thermoses. They keep liquids warm for several hours. I always have one with me, whether at work, shopping, at the footy or on holidays. I never need to worry about spilling hot coffee or tea at home when I am using one of these thermoses, and my drinks don't go cold before I finish them.
They are sturdy and last for a long time.

expensive and complet rubish

simply it doesn't stay hot, I've tried pre heating with boiling water before making my drink, wont stay hot for more than an hour or so, would be fine for drinking on the go, but that's not what I purchased it for, clearly states 5 hours, makes my $8 dollar ALDI one the bargain of a life time. don't waste your time or money.

Absolutely the best travel mug

These are a must buy if you love having warm drinks and you are time poor. I have both the easy clean and the standard model, I love that you can put them in your bag and not worry about spills. They keep drink hot for about an 1-2 hours and then the temperature lowers after that but not too much (coffee is still drinkable). I adore them for this reason alone, as I have purchased many other travel mugs and thrown out countless dregs of cold coffee because they were useless. However, I wish contigo would make a coffee press version like the bodum travel mugs. I'm also considering purchasing their tea infuser as well for making chai. These mugs are BRILLIANT!

Keeps coffee hot and doesn't leak

This travel mug is great. It fits in my car drink holder and it is also good to put in my back bag. It has not leaked, but you must remember to lock it. It keeps coffee hot for hours. My local cafe will even put my latte in it and it stays hot for hours. It hold 473mls.

Best travel mug ever!

These are fantastic! You can throw them in your handbag without worrying about them spilling and they remain hot for hours. Great for new mums who don't seem to get a chance to have a hot cuppa, and because they don't spill, no risk of spilling a hot beverage on your baby. After buying one for myself and my husband, these are now a favourite gift for friends and family. I take mine everywhere.
No leakage; remain hot or cold for hours; saved me a fortune buying coffee when I'm out; great choice of colours and designs.
Painted ones tend to scratch and can be a little tricky to clean if you leave them before you wash them.

Questions & Answers

Re the West Loop travel mug: Has anyone ever had trouble with water not flowing when trying to drink, even though you're pressing the "open" button and it's unlocked? This has been happening to me 70% of the time, then if I tip it up too far the water comes out of the lock mechanism instead. Two possible reasons I can think of are (1) a suction problem or (2) the open/close mechanism is not moving properly. It's not clogged up as I only ever put hot water in it. Just occasionally, the water flows quite well.
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I've had two Contigo Autoseal West travel Mugs for a couple of years and I've never experienced this problem. Maybe try removing the lid, flipping the lever that says "push to clean" and look to see if the small navy/black rubber seal is gummed up with build up. Wash it thoroughly with bi carb and warm water and click lever back into place.Thanks very much for your suggestion, Linda -- much appreciated. I tried it but it hasn't worked -- everything inside was really clean to begin with. But I did learn a lot more about my mug! I think my mug's problem is to do with the mechanics. I've discovered that if I press the "push to clean" lever, not inwards (to flip) but the opposite way, downwards towards the mouthpiece, and hold it there continuously, and then press the seal button, the drinking hole opens properly. But of course I can't do this when the lid is on and I want to drink!