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Latest review: Total waste of money. You can’t hold the cup properly as the glass becomes too hot to handle and the cork band is too small and doesn’t offer the protection required to prevent burning your hands. I

Cheeki Coffee Mugs

Latest review: I bought this cup with the understanding it kept liquid hot up to 12 hrs I made coffee at 7.30am for a 10.30am break and it was barely warm so I tried it again the next day with just boiling water

Contigo AutoSeal West Loop Travel Mug

Latest review: my Dad bought a contigo travel mug and i bought 2 travel mug as well one of my one had a problem ( rubber in lid) but when i called to them they said sorry and fixed up problem for me . one of my

Frank Green Reusable Cup

Latest review: Rating it a 2 because after 5 months of use, the cup is starting to show wear and tear. You cannot put this in the dishwasher. I love the design and the colors but this product is not durable. I

Sistema Twist n Sip Tea Travel Cup

Latest review: I have had my travel cup for two months now. Despite disassembling and washing in the dishwasher after each use, it retains the coffee smell. I find the lid quite tricky to assemble and disassemble

Avanti Go Cup Double Wall Insulated

Latest review: I have tried many so-called "keep-hot" coffee cups and this is the best of the best, in my opinion! My home-made coffee kept quite hot for nearly an hour whilst I was drinking it, so I'm sure it

Joco Reusable Coffee Cups

Latest review: I received Joco's piccolo sized coffee cup from Life in Style event and can't get over it! I've been using this every day and it fits so nicely inside my bag due to its small size (I'm a Piccolo

Onya Reusable Coffee Cup

Latest review: I purchased two of these reusable coffee mugs recently and they're fantastic. I wanted something that I can throw in my bag or car and not worry about breaking them and they are perfect. They do not

Nespresso CitiZ Travel Mug

Latest review: I have purchased many travel mugs over the years and this is hands down ...the best I have ever bought. No drips, no mess and easy to drink from. my coffee stays hot longer due to the double wall and

Oasis Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug

Latest review: Good design , keeps drinks cool/hot for long , bad part is the lid wont screw on and hold. Very annoying when you are driving. Only noticed it a few days after purchase and lost the

Tea Envy

Latest review: I purchased two Tea Envy flasks at Melb Good Food and wine show. When i got home I realised one of the tea strainers was warped and didnt fit in the bottle properly. After sending two emails (with

Sttoke Ceramic Reusable Cup

Latest review: I bought a Sttoke about six months ago, I love the coffee taste that i can get out of my cup. There is not taste compromise like other cups because the coffee sit in a ceramic finish hence you get

Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask

Latest review: in less than three years, it doesn't retain the heat anymore at all. it suppose to retain the heat. and where is my lifetime warranty? tried contacting the manufacturer for swap but has been 5 days

Contigo AutoSeal Aria Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Latest review: Since I had a baby I have used this drink bottle every day. I tried so many "leak proof" bottles up to this point and they all failed. It was important for me to find one that was really leak proof

Bodum Travel Press

Latest review: I received this travel press (picture press) as a gift (so have no receipt). It came with a huge crack in it. Customer service (?) at bodum would not replace the piece of plastic or help me out,

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless King Beverage Bottle

Latest review: Bought one as I needed the larger capacity, it lasted a month and was returned by the store for a replacement after waiting 8 weeks to hear from customer service, faulty unit. Second one arrives and

Thermos Work Series

Latest review: 2011 purchased a Thermos Work 2520. After less than 2 years it stopped working. They replaced it. I paid the postage there. Just approximately 3 years later, that Thermos stopped functioning. I

Smash Barista Buddy

Latest review: Bought this coffee mug from Officeworks. I thought it would be better then Kmart coffee mug but on contrary, it was the worst. Purchases in $8 approx. The main problem of this mug is it stinks

Thermos 2520GM

Latest review: Despite being over $60 for a drink flask, I was initially over the moon with this product and delivering on its claims, Thermos claimed it would keep hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours. It kept tea

Smash Glass Travel Mug