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Continental ContiSportContact 2

Continental ContiSportContact 2

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Best Tyres I have ever had.


My VW polo came with 17" Conti 2 tyres.
I have done 80,000 kms before down to wear indicators.These tyres have never lost grip in a corner, wet or dry.
Admittedly the car is light, but I have never had tyres that last this long,with the bonus of excellent performance.
So glad they came with the car,The only ones I will buy in future.

Car2015 VW polo


shopperjillTownsville, Qld

  • 8 reviews

Great tyre for my VW Jetta

CarJetta TDI
not happy rheem

not happy rheemsydney

  • 9 reviews

Only brand I buy.


Vw Jetta TDI , came standard , a bit disappoint with noise when I first got it but have just replaced original
after 140,000km , yep 140,000km , 95% freeway driving and always kept pressure at 40psi
Replaced with conti premium contact , looks the same pattern but a higher profile , no more scraping stuff.

Tempe Tyres sydney import their own so much cheaper here $110 each fitted , sports contact were another $15 each but thought the higher profile would be better and no complaints after 10000km.

Its all about how you treat them , another friend bought same brand for his Lexus and only got 35,000 km around town, much heavier vehicle.

CarVW jetta TDI

JulianLSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Like a new car


I drive a E91 BMW 323i "Touring" that came with Bridgestone RE50 run flats. The RE50's were horribly noisy and got worse with age. The CSC 2's (run flats) are like driving a new car again. Much quieter than the bridgstones and give the car more feeling through fast corners.

Car2008 BMW 323i E91 Touring



  • 4 reviews

Great performance tyre


I have these on my Fiat 500 sport. Tyres have incredible grip in wet or dry and great handling characteristics. Cant fault these on performance. Downside is they are relatively soft and wear quickly. Struggling to get 35,000 kM, but then again they have been driven quite hard and performance has been excellent.
Handling and grip is excellent, cant fault performance.
Realtively short life

About to replace the front tyres on a GTI golf


I only recently started to notice a loss in performance on the CSC2 225/40/r18 that came standard on my new golf GTI. 26,000 km later, my front tread is gone. The back wheels are still perfect. As I said performance has been great up until very recently. I only found the issue when taking my care in to rotate the tyres.
Good handling until very recently, and I'm at the wear indicator. Great performance tyre.
26,000kms front types need replacing. Quite expensive.



  • 4 reviews

Dangerous Low Profile Tyres- Fashion 1st - Safety last


Tyre was inspected by Conti and report written on 6th Aug. Report was not sent by Conti until 22nd Aug??? The report says no warranty.
Merc dealer says they have discarded the tyre, so the evidence has been lost???


Got rid of the rubbish Conti tyres & now use GY Eagle F1, all problems gone.



I have had CSC2's on my Golf GTI since new. Now done about 33,000kms and beginning to look at replacing them. They are starting to get a bit slippery in both wet and dry, not quite the grip they used to have. But overall a very good tyre. Drove the Snowy Highway last summer with them. Rock solid at speed. Was going to replace them with Bridgestone Adrenalin's until I read the review of those on this website! Now may stick to Conti's or Bridgestone RE050's.
Very secure tyre with great grip especially when new.
None really but starting to lose grip as tyres approach 35,000kms. Still great when cornering but under acceleration in wet or dry not quite as good as they used to be.



9 out of 10, highly recommend it!
A friend of mine has these on his Cayman, and said there's great balance of wear and performance!
$300/tyre from Jax Brookvale is a small price to pay for such tyres (almost identical to the ContiSportContact 3, which costs $50/tyre)!!!
Great handling in dry, but more so in the wet.
I was nailing it the very day I got them fitted onto my Audi A4 B6 (Front Wheel Drive), and did the windy Spits at about 70-80km/h (until i got to the camera, and no slide at all!!!
Also, they look nice and chunky on the car.
Slightly noisy, but not enough to weigh over the handling, grip and control of the vehicle.



Great to drive on and they love long winding roads. But I have to say they are expensive.Unless you can get a discount. I saved about 22% by not taking the first price given.
Amazing handling I have done 45,000Km and they have plenty of K's left. Good handling in dry and wet conditions for a non directional tyre.
Expensive and can be noisy



  • 3 reviews



This tyres give you a very good ride and they are engineered and made in Germany which I suposse it's a plus in this "global" market. They are not cheap!
Car: Jetta turbo 2006 (fitted with these brand) - Tyres have done so far 52.000 and still may have another 5/8 thousand kms. before change...not bad.
No cons...so far

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Grant M
Grant M

Questions & Answers



I just noticed my car has sport contact 2 on it in the age marking box (4002) there are no cracks and look like new can they be this old and are they still safe?

1 answer
not happy rheem
not happy rheem

I think the older they get the harder they are to ware out. my experience anyway when I changed mine at 140,000km.

If thats 2002 then they are well due for a replacement , might be still ok for around town but not sure I would want them on the freeway or bad weather conditions.
Presume the compound will harden which will make them last longer but would effect grip .

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