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Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

4.7 from 69 reviews

Not for light sports cars.

I totally agree with Tassie Lorenzo.

To be honest the factory standard Primacy tyres on the Toyota 86 felt better to drive on.
With the pilot sport 4 cornering seems to run wide. If I turn the wheel more they hang on fine .. but not what I was looking for in a tyre on a light weight sports orientated car.
They may be good on a heavier car for highway driving.

Purchased in September 2018 for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Pressure Used35 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Needs wearing in

It is almost like these tyres need a good scrub in.
Brand new, just fitted tyres gave similar grip levels to the 7 year old just road worthy ones that were on the car. Driving out of the fitment centre I was easily able to loose traction and on a 15 year old Corolla this is not what I would expect on a sport oriented tyre.
Pleasingly after a few weeks the grip level has improved.
I purchased this model as they were supposed to have superior wet weather grip, so far I have only had one wet day , so whilst they were much better than the old tyres I can't conclusively say how much better they are in the wet.
Interesting the fitment centre recommended running a higher pressure for these tyres 34 psi vs 32 psi that I normally run as the sidewalls are thinner

Purchased in February 2019 for $796.00.

Tyre Mileage 200 km

Excellent road tyre!

I bought 4 of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4's as a replacement for my worn out Pilot Sport 3's. I thought that the PS3's were the bees knees, but these PS4's are quieter and grip a whole lot more than the PS3's ever did, and the PS3's were no slouch either! My biggest beef with the PS3's was definitely the noise factor. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla Hatch, with stock 205/55 R16 alloy rims. I have been a devout Michelin fan since the late 90's, so this time around, I was looking for a quieter tyre than the PS3's, which on course bitumen roads, were making normal conversations in the car become a bit tricky due to the high noise emitting from them. The PS4's have solved that problem for sure. I don't know how Michelin do it, but making a road tyre quieter and have more grip at the same time is ... amazing! Wet or dry is no difference. Very high grip in all weather conditions! I highly recommend these tyres to those people who put safety for their families before anything else, and are not necessarily tight with their wallets. To me, safety is paramount whilst carrying our most precious cargo in our vehicles, our loved ones. Cheers!

Purchased in December 2018 at JAX Tyres.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 2,000 km
Car ModelToyota Corolla E150 (2007-2012)
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good but not great

Purchased 225/40/18 tyres.
Good in dry conditions and the wet. Jax inflated tyres to 35 psi. When cornering it felt as though there was too much tyre sidewall roll, as if they weren't inflated enough. Took it up to 38psi, much better.
Tyres are not as quiet as other reviewers have mentioned.
I think the continental MC5 tyres I had previously were better in the handling, especially cornering and were much quieter. Those tyres lasted me 56000 klms.
I don't think these Michelins will last anywhere near as long as the rubber is a softer compound than the Continentals.
I wouldn't purchase these tyres again.
I feel the Continentals were superior in every aspect.

Purchased in October 2018 at JAX Tyres.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Tyre Mileage 3,000 km
Car ModelHyundai i30 GD
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Great all rounder...

Good in wet and dry. I only drove about 15k on the PS4s and they were still in great condition when I sold the BRZ. I also used them on a track day at Wakefield and they were excellent giving plenty of warning prior to letting go which is something I appreciate in a tire. I would highly recommend them with the only issue being the price but I guess you get what you pay for. There are regular offers like buy 3 get one free etc. so if you are not in a hurry this would be worth waiting for. My prior tyres were Bridgestone Potenza RE003 which were also great. The lap on the PS4s was slightly better but they were 10mm wider so it is a hard call as to which was actually faster. I prefer the PS4s in the wet.

CarSubaru BRZ

Great Tyres

Coming from pirelli p-zero’s I’m really happy with these tyres. They’ve got better grip, they’re quieter and from what I have read I expect them to last a fair bit longer than my old set. A little on the expensive side (in my size particularly) but I see them as well worth it if they live up to their longevity reputation while providing the grip that they do.

Car2017 Skoda Octavia RS

Grips like a gecko :)

I've just been driving for around 8years and mainly city driving so my confidence level is not that high. So when my tyres need changing, my husband got me the Michelin Pilot Sport 4. My car has sports mode and he said, Mark Webber recommended it. :)
For me, it cost a bit much - we paid $1300+ for 4 tyres. But they have paid their worth on the first week. My husband was at the top of an apex running around 80km/h and there was an oncoming car that could have caused a collision, he swerved to avoid the car and still stayed on the road (avoiding an accident). These tyres really have good grip and stay on the road. I am more confident in my driving now especially on long distances as well as on wet road. We've used my car on dirt roads recently and they were fine.
I'll definitely recommend this tyre and I will certainly buy this again.

CarLancer VRX

Best tyre I ever driven on

Smoother ride than previous tyres fitted, certainly much quieter on a variety of road surfaces. Great traction in wet weather. Price in my size (215/45 17) was comparable with other so called performance tyres. I'de certainly recommend these tyres for any driving style and I'll fit these to my other car well before its tyres wear out. Love them.

CarRenault megane

Transformed the car - now points and steers - great wet weather and quiet

Purchased a Falcon G6E with 30,000 km’s on it - “fitted with Brand new tyres” they were Hi Fly HF 805 Challengers. Feel was poor wet grip low. I bought four new tyres and had them fitted balanced and aligned. Difference was felt driving out of the car park. I haven’t managed to break grip in the wet or dry, and traction from start never breaks - it’s only the 196kw na engine. Braking is as good as I can hope for, they are quiet with good ride quality. Well worth the $780 I paid for the set

Car2016 FG X Falcon G6E

The ultimate tyre for a mid range sports/touring car

Michelin Pilot Sport tyres have been the coach for touring motorcycles and cars for several years. They have, probably, the best wet weather performance of any tyre on the market. What that means is that braking and cornering can be safely managed whether it is wet or dry. The Continental tyres are also good but these are a step above. If you value passenger safety and car performance above price and distance then these are the only option.
They are quiet riding in my Audi so no downside there. The grip is prodigious!
The downside is that they wear quicker than most tyres.

CarAudi A4 Turbo quattro.

Excellent, Quiet, Very Capable Tyre in the dry and wet

For those that care.... I apologize for the long winded review..I love driving, and Tyres are extremely important... As a former CAMS licence holder and a veteran of many a track day, I'd hope that's made me a better driver and someone that's fit to give an honest opinion instead of some dead-crap Camry driver that sits in traffic all day and tells people some cheap butt Chinese crap tyres are awesome ..... sigh.....

Fitted these to my 2001 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 (JDM Galant Wagon AWD 300 BHP) Private Japanese Import. Similar Drive-line to the Lancer Evolution 6 Lancer (which I'm a long term owner of as well.. (17+ years)) 'cept... 2.5lt twin turbo V6.. same AWD system. Though more of a sport luxury car with approx 400kg extra weight. Luuurrrvely car to drive...Love these cars... a lot.... aaaannnnyhhooooo...

After Fitting these... After much debating of either these of the Bridgestone RE-003's I decided on these ones. Don't regret the decision... not even one bit!
Being a very(!!!) long term Bridgestone fan...(the S-01's and S-001's were the absolute best as far as a street tyre goes AFAIC.We're talking the upper part of the range... lower level ...mnnnnaahhhh! no thanks... I don't do cheap crappy tyres.... ever...(Mazda 121 bubble car with Potenza S-001's!!! )..
I went another direction after a friend told me about these.

As a daily "performance" tyre I'm very well impressed.. Very much so in fact...I'll try to explain...I'm here right...

Very Responsive.. without being "stupid".. meaning... sneezing at the wheel doesn't equate to changing lanes...Yeah.. car's dynamics are a big factor... but,....After fitting these... there is nearly zero tram-lining... For real!!!
Before... you'd wrestle quite a bit slowing down at the lights.. but seriously these tyres alone (!!!!!!!!!!) have taken all that crap away... (seriously ... how!!!!!???!!!!) Witchcraft??

"Very" ** quiet... much more than the equivalent bridges...For a luxury sports car... they're perfect... for me anyway...
Grip both in the wet or dry is very impressive...being a Sydney Sider, the recent and at times, heavy rain at have allowed me to give these PS4's a bit of "where are their limits" kinda driving... being safe of course... durrrrr!
I'll say this... they are a much lighter (physically) tyre than the bridgestone RE-003's

They are Quieter... much more so...The S-001's are deafening in comparison, like chalk and cheese difference...
The sidewalls on the PS-4's are softer equating to a much more comfortable, compliant drive... like out of 10... Re-003's being say a 5 for comfort... the PS-4's... easy 8.5 to 9... (as a performance tyre people......!!!)
Wet performance: Epic! Absolutely sure footed.. Don't be stupid though.. drive to the conditions.!!.. As far as aquaplaning, and resistance to slide during inclement weather... these PS4's are on par with the most expensive and prestigious tyres I've ever driven on...Truly..and no crap... !
For a 300+BHP 1500kg AWD Japanese Wagon... these are are a very good fit! I love them!!
Please take note: If you value tyres giving you feedback. (*Different cars give different feedback through the steering wheel.) These aren't as dialed as the Bridgies or other tyres like Semi's from other manufacturers... . but they don't need to be.. Info overload is a real thing, They do tell you a lot, but not at track tyre level... (depends on the car too... ain't gonna get heaps of feeling out of a 2001 Camry hey...!?!!)

I'm doing this review as an "All round every day tyre"... that is very capable of being spiritedly driven
If you want a tyre that is grippy in the wet or dry, Gives decent feedback (in the right car that is) is well wearing...
And I'll mention... when tyre shined with Amour-all tyre foam looks good...this is the tyre for you!
it's not an all out performance tyre, ..but as a safe, predictable, comfortable and reputable brand that people know... you'd be hard pressed finding a tyre that is cost effective with this level of safety and predictability...
I'm sold..completely.... no surprises, Solid, Grippy ...when you thought they'd let go they won't...!!, quieter than most,
Seriously... just do it... if you do heaps of track days (which seriously can't hurt) let everyone know...I've become quite a fan of these tyres (hating the French whenever I can.. lol) but damn.. a good performance street tyre... awesome...
Apologise as I'm OCD.. I give as much info as I can to help my fellow humans.. :)
Please understand these PS-4's are reviewed as a performance tyre... as such I'm not going to compare these to common garden variety Camry spec rubber... Got any q's shoot me a message.

** when I say "Very Quiet" I'm talking as far as a Performance tyre goes.. very sure there are tyres, for luxury cars that are much quieter... (and there are by the truckload... but this review is about the PS4's)

Car2001 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 Type S
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Well.... after 15,000km... still love these tyres... recommend them to everyone I talk to when tyres come up... safe, quiet and epic grip in the wet and dry.... again sorry for the long winded review above... and the Camry hate.....lol

Quality Control Issues and Terrible Customer Service.

These 235/45R18 Pilot Sport 4 tyres are the fourth set of Michelin tyres I have had on my 2009 Accord Euro. In the past I got between 60,000 and 70,000 km from each of three sets of the Michelin Primacy tyres I used.
But with the Pilot Sport 4 there were alarming wear issues on the rear left tyre at the 15,000km mark.
Approached tyre dealer [Valley Tyres Maitland] and Michelin rep said the issue was probably incorrect inflation or driving conditions.
Facts are.
Last three sets all lasted over 60,000km
Driving conditions have not changed.
Tyre pressures have been checked and maintained between 33psi to 35psi on all four sets of tyres this car has had since new.

The wear is totally unacceptable as is the misogynistic treatment of my partner by Michelin and Valley Tyres Maitland.

The only positives are the tyres have good grip in wet and dry conditions as well as being very quiet.
But given they will be lucky to last a third as long as the tyres they replaced I would not recommend them.

Car2009 Accord Euro

Michelin tyres

They don’t feel any different in weather or road surfaces they are very quiet on all surfaces and especially on wet roads the performance on my bmw convertible is great I tried another tyre before purchasing the sport tyres they were terrible on same road. I wish to thank Michelin for making such a great tyre sourced from bob Jane tyres. Gordon


Premium Tyres

Bought these as the shop didn't have the ones I wanted available and they gave me a good discount, still cost me $680 for 4 tyres mind you!! Excellent performance in both dry and wet, they're one step down from proper racing tyres. They're very highly rated, but as for durability I'll have to get back to you on this as I've only done about 5k kms on them.

Car2007 Ford Mondeo Tdci


Amazing, best tyre for the best price. The feedback off the road is amazing. The grip in all conditions is amazing. The road noise is minimal. The price is not exuberant for what you are getting. It really is quality at a cost that isnt going to break the bank. I have had conti's and they wore down after 25,000km. These are still strong at 40,000km.

CarMercedes C250 and Renault RS265

Amazing acceleration and braking-but lost roadfeedback compared to the Super Sport

I had 3 pairs of Michelin Pilot Super sports which were amazing, road feedback and steering is so precise you feel in control 100% of the time.

Switch to the Pilot Sport 4's and instantly felt the difference, but the tyres have worn in nicely over the first week and now provide a zippy, quiet and comfortable driving experience.

The acceleration has improved and braking too, the front wheels now feel super lighy compared to before. They're the fastest tyres I've ever had, your car will feel like a rocket.

I originally wrote a bad review, but after having the tyres for a week, and going on a long 3 hour drive with winding roads I am giving the tyres 5 stars.

They wear in nicely and give a very comfortable drive, handling in wet and dry is great, and the car feels very light and zippy.

Some feedback has been lost compared to the Pilot Super Sports, but it makes up for it in other areas such as noise, comfort and acceleration and braking.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Great all round tyre, gives a wonderful ride with nice control, speed and braking are great and easy of steering is a breeze.

Tyres look and sound fantastic. Loss of roadfeedback compares to Super Sports is only drawback, but these tyres provide their own unique driving experience that can't be duplicated.

We will see how the wear goes, but so far so good.


CarMazda 3 MPS 2008

Excellent tyre for bmw sports

I have a very expensive bmw sports i class and had to replace the wheels a few months back and went on this brand because they matched what I had on the car and have always loved this brand and make of tyre. They handle well on wet roads and look great which is what I was after


Amazing !

I’ve had these tyres for three months.
The first thing I noticed was a big reduction in road noise once they were fitted.
The most significant thing is the grip in wet weather. It’s amazing and better than any tyre I’ve ever owned.
I can’t comment re how long they'll last as it’s still early days, but even they don’t last quite as long as other tyres, the wet weather grip and improvement in safety would make them worthwhile.

CarMercedes Benz C180 Classic.

Amazing performance for a reasonable price

The first thing I noticed with these tyres is how quiet they are- almost silent. More importantly, although they’re only a little bit better in every way compared to PS3s, those are such good tyres themselves that even small improvements are still appreciable.
Most impressive with the PS4 is wet weather grip- there have been a few times when I thought I’d braked a bit too late or was slightly too quick going into corners, yet these tyres simply held on with no dramas. Dry grip is very good as well. Highly recommend them!

Car1998 Nissan Skyline

Vague and floaty tyres that offer no confidence

I would say to not waste your money if you are after a performance tyre and care about handling and car dynamics -- the rival Bridgestone Re003 is a fantastic tyre that offers exceptional steering feedback and confidence-inspiring handling which is tight and buttoned down. However if you are after a touring tyre for highway cruising exclusively which happens to have good grip in case of emergency braking events, the Pilot Sport 4 fits the bill.

Despite having exceptional lateral grip and braking grip levels on standardised tests, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres feel incredibly vague and floaty (even though they were set to 38 PSI) and offer no confidence in cornering whatsoever. Even a mild curve in a country road becomes hugely disconcerting as these so-called "sport" tyres cause your vehicle to seemingly flop about all over the road. Converting to these tyres is like switching out the firm well-damped shock absorbers in your sporty car to worn out shocks! Converting to RE003, put the handling back to normal instantly. It seems pointless to have the grip afforded by the PS4, if the tyre's seemingly very, very soft sidewall construction means you have no confidence whatsoever to use said grip.

I don't know if this issue is specific to ST (South East Asia) market versions of the tyre, however many users in Europe have had similar complaints. The PS4 are a surefire way to spoil the handling of any kind of sporty car, and are particularly unmatched to lightweight sport compact cars. They seem to be a better match for heavier (1.6 tonne plus) luxury orientated cars (e.g., Mercedes C300).

These tyres would be a fantastic match to luxury type vehicles (e.g., Audi A4, Lexus) and offer a very smooth and comfortable ride. In all honestly, these *must* be a touring tyre as they are certainly not a sports tyre --- the sports version, must be the not-for-Australia Pilot Sport 4*S* with the S being crucial!

Car2009 Honda Civic Type R

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Questions & Answers

I"m currently on Michelin Primacy 3 size 215/55/17. I intend to get Michelin Ps 4 but with different sizing to 225/50/17... Should i just change the Ps 4 tyre with the same size or change a bit low profile 225/50/17 with Michelin Ps 4 tyre??? Any opinion and how much it will affect my FC????
2 answers
Lower profile will give a firmer ride if that's what you want. My advice use same size.Yeah, keep the same size. There would be no real performance or handling improvement by going lower. There's more to consider than just this though, there are other implications - -if you have an accident and the insurance company discovers that the tyres are not right, they can void your policy - your speedo will be out - the ride will be a bit harsher Better to be safe than sorry

Sizes and pricing?
1 answer
The size I purchased from Costco was 225 40 ZR18 and the price was $760 for 4 fitted, balanced and nitrogen filled with free rotation every 10k. They are Michelin stockists and prices are unbeatable.

I need to know these performance tyres or just the pilot sport 4 tyres as many try rip of customers thx some are 98y and 103y. Any ideas?
3 answers
It depends on the size of tyre you are looking at. The Pilot Sport 4 range vary from 88W to 100Y, depending on size . Similarly, the Pilot Sport 4S range goes from 88Y to 106Y. Check the company's website and select the "Michelin Pilot Family of Tyres"page option for more information.The numbers represent load and speed . The higher the load rating the stiffer the sidewall. Take the advice of your tyre retailer. He will ensure you are safely set up taking into consideration the type of vehicle, the loads you will be carrying and Max speed of the vehicle.The Pilot Sport 4 are certainly performance orientated, however not as sporty as the Pilot Sport 4S (nor as expensive). I would have preferred the 4S, however my wheels are 245/40 18, and unfortunately, the 4S does not come in this size. Using 'just' as an adverb for the Pilot Sport 4 is insulting to just how good they are (for the price). It's like saying that they are not as good as the Pirelli P Zero's, which is accurate, however when you take into account the difference in price, you would expect that to be the case. If your wheels can fit the Pilot Sport 4S (and your budget will allow), go for them. If you can't fit or can't afford the 4S, then you might have to take a step back to the Pilot Sport 4. Even then, I doubt you would be disappointed with 'just' Pilot Sport 4.

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