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Cool Ridge Australian Spring

Cool Ridge Australian Spring

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#Taget store charges 300% more for a bottle of Cool Ridge wate

At Taget store a bottle of 600 ml room temperature cost $3. But the same water at Amcal Chemist cost 99 cents.

This is amazing !!!

i love the lid! so easy to drink from and you don't realise how much water you are actually drinking :)
love it! will be buying these bottles from now on!

never change it ! its perfect

Perfect water: refreshing as heck

I have never laid my lips on a better water bottle, clean, crisp, not that weird chemically water bottle taste, absolutely beautiful and pure water.

Best water ever!!!


I love the fact that it’s Australian. I support our economy, and I also love the fresh taste of bottled water – especially with this brand. It’s available in most supermarkets and is reasonably priced as compared to other competitors, so it’s a no-brainer really. I’d choose this again and again for my trips and requirements any day!

•It’s Australian!
•Available in many supermarkets

•The bottle could be constructed of a sturdier material. It’s not such a big deal for me though.

Great bottled water!


This is great drinking bottled water which is clean and crisp to drink. It says its Australian Spring Water, which means that the bottled water didnt have to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers on an airplane and therefore cause great environmental damage. Since it is Aussie, I feel better for drinking it. Overall, I am happy to buy this brand, but dont always find it in the supermarkets. I like the handy 600ml which has convenient grooves in the middle of the bottle which makes gripping it much easier. However, as mentioned above, the bottle itself is very thin and flimsy and I have had other much stiffer bottles. Overall, a great tasting bottled water!
This is refreshing bottled Australian spring water that is easily found in most supermarkets and shops. The taste is fresh and refreshing and easy to drink.
The water tastes fine to drink, but the bottle itself is very flimsy, and it can easily be squished if kept in a bag or satchel.

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