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Covitol Nappy Rash Treatment

Covitol Nappy Rash Treatment

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LiswNSW, 2155

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Amazing! Must have for every parent


Magic Cream! Why is it hard to find sometimes!??



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Thick and functional


This cream is very thick. It takes a bit of rubbing in to get it fully absorbed. It has great moisturizing property's ive been using it on my dry cracked feet. The bottle is a good size and the price is decent for how much you get. Overall does what it says


FelicityGriffin, Queensland, Australia.

Waterproof - fantastic, magical, almost instant cure for weeping psoriasis or psoriasis!!!!


This cream is a waterproof, fantastic, magical, almost instant cure for weeping psoriasis or psoriasis!!!! It puts a new, protective skin on top of the attacked skin. It most-likely suffocates any bacteria, and keeps-out any new bacteria which may otherwise thrive there, due to its waterproofing, moisturising ability. We love it!!!!! Felicity & Tessara - pretty big call coming from us!!! You can't really smell it after you put it on, and it has'set'/stuck/dried-out somewhat.

Best cream ever!!!



Amy22NSW, 2155

  • 5 reviews

Amazing product that works wonders.


I found this cream in a independent pharmacy and was hesitant in trying as ive never heard of this product.
It clears nappy rash so quickly. I use it for eczema, mosquito bites, scrapes from falls. I use it on cold sores and the blistering start of a cold sore is gone within 24 hours.
I am using this cream for nearly everything. Can't recommend it enough. The cost is cheap considering its variety of uses.
Should be winning awards.



  • 2 reviews

Magic cream


This cream works!! I tried so many creams and this one is by far the best best best! It smells like fish oil, strong fish oil but I don't mind that because of how well it works. Definitely use this cream I couldn't recommend it enough. You wont be disappointed at all it is magic cream.



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Finally a cream that works!


My son was suffering from a moderate nappy rash that would simply not go away. After 2 months of trying every cream/oil/home remedy/treatment plan around, our paediatrician recommended this. Within 2 changes the redness had subsided, and it was completely gone within a day!!!

It definitely does not smell great, but it is a small price to pay for completely clear skin! In regards to the zinc residue you get on your hands, it wipes off easily with a baby wipe, so it hasn't been an issue.

Tried EVERYTHING on the market, this is by far the BEST!


I have 4 young kids and have experimented with every product I can get my hands on...this is superior to everything, even the mixtures concocted by the pharmacist...It is thick and sticky, which is why it doesn't just soak into the nappy, but it creates a 'second skin' for the baby's bottom...Yes it does stink like fish oil, but this is what heals the redness. A fishy smell is a small price to pay for a happy baby.


melli123Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 19 reviews

Clears up nappy rash quickly but smells fishy


My son gets terrible nappy rash, he has sensitive skin and I think he reacts to lactose which becomes acidic once processed. We've tried a lot of creams and this one works - almost instantly. My son had quite a red bottom which was very sore and I used covitol on it. I changed his nappy within an hour and the redness had almost disappeared within the hour. After 4 hours his skin was back to normal. The cream smells of cod liver oil but that doesn't concern me.
Clears up nappy rash quickly

It sticks n thick what a nappy cream should be


When our new born has nappy rash the midwife told us to find the "thickest nappy cream that sticks". the thicker the better as a barrier and will not come out to the nappy once it's on! this is the thickest cream we could find and I think it's the fish oil that helps soothing the sores. hubby dislikes the smell but agrees the natural ingredients is better than all chemical in other brands. he even recommends it to other new dads!
Thick and sticks well until next change or overnight.
If u don't like the smell of fish oil, you might not like this.

Love love love it!


I love this stuff and too be honest don't mind the smell. My mum recommended to me as it was all she used on myself and other siblings when we were babies. Clears nappy rash quickly. The redness I find goes away over night. Helps with heat rash. Even tried it on a insect bite and the redness and itch went away. Helps take the redness away from sunburn and soothes. I won't use anything else!
Clears rashes quickly.

The best for nappy rash


Yes it smells a little like fish oil and it is thick, but that's why it works. Its a small price to pay to have to wipe your hands afterwards.

This was recommended for our new born that was 9 weeks premature and we have used it ever since.

Clears up nappy rash very quickly, doesn't have any nasty chemicals in it and is very gentle on the skin.

Highly recommended if you need a good, reliable and reasonably priced cream that does exactly what it says on the tube...
It works, its not expensive and its not full of chemicals

The only nappy rash cream I'll ever use!


A lot of people are put off by the fishy smell, but this nappy rash cream really works so I don't care! I had tried so many of the popular brands and never had any success then my Dad (who is a pharmacist) recommended this one and it was brilliant. It's the cod liver oil that does the trick. I even send it to relatives overseas who can't find a nappy rash cream that works.
Always works, excellent barrier cream, soothing,


RieHobart, TAS

  • 18 reviews



This cream stinks.. it is completely gross and too top it off... it doesn't work! So not only does it make bub stink (& my hands stink), it doesn't work & if you accidently get it on clothing - it doesn't come off! Why oh why did I waste my money on this product?
Natural ingredients
It stinks, it doesn't work & it doesn't come off clothing

Questions & Answers


LU LUasked

Can I order it online?

1 answer

I'm not sure. Maybe try google?



Is covitol safe to use for infants 1 week old ?

2 answers

Not sure. I don't recall there being anything in it that rang alarm bells. Something helped my son when he was really little was washing him with warm water and salt, patting him dry and putting a barrier ointment/cream on. Avoid using nappy wipes where possible as they can damage the really sensitive newborn skin.


I know its quite a while since this question was asked but I thought I'd add that our hospital midwives actually recommended this for our bub because he started getting spots after a couple of days and had some fissures around his butt hole. They supplied us with some to take home and then we bought more from a chemist. Our bub seems to have trouble with no 2s even when we change the nappy immediately and he is sensitive to wipes (our midwives told us alot of nappy rash in newborns is a reaction to the chemicals in the wipes). You only need a tiny amount on a newborn but it clears up super quick.

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