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Sudocrem Healing Cream

Sudocrem Healing Cream

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Perfect cream for babies to grown men!

This cream is the perfect cream for the whole family! I purchase the largest tub from my local woolies and I use it for a range of purposes from; nappy rash to chafeing. It clears up everything in less than 24 hours for us! It has a pleasant smell and is not too thick. Just right.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $11.00.

Good stuff for baby

It healed skin well for my children. It really works well compared to other stuff. Now I got second, bought more and has to continue to use it. A bit hard to wash away but anyway baby has shower everyday.

Purchased in March 2018 at Costco for $21.00.

Perfect for babies.

Thank God for this cream. It has saved my babies bottoms when they get nappy rash. Just one application, makes their nappy rash goes away quickly. During the next nappy change, visibly can notice difference in nappy rash.

Purchased in December 2015.

Great cream

This priduct is absolutely fabulous i use it for lots of reasons
It is great for nappy rash and skin infections and even cuts i would recomend this to any one

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $11.00.

Most important cream that you need for your baby

Have been using this for 3-4 years now gone through only a few of jars of it but it is the best thing for baby bum very gently and caring only need little bit for it to do its magic

Purchased in May 2016 at Chemist Warehouse.

Great for eczema

Only thing outside of strong topical steroids that's cleared my daughter's eczema rashes in a few days. Her feet were especially bad and we have in the past had to use ice packs coupled with the steroids for relief. The sudacrem with some socks on has worked better.

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $8.00.

This is an excellent thing and a must have for baby

It just soothes my baby's skin quickly. i have tried so many of other brands but by far this works the best. i fall back on it all the time when my baby has a rash or even precautionary.

Purchased in January 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $26.00.

Pro’s and Con’s

There is Pro’s and con’s to this product .
Firstly this has been a life saver for babies that I look after. Clears up within 24 hour.
The con for this I wish it came with a applicator or wipes . This would be handy for my sister who has bad dermatitis.
I don’t know how many times I have to wash my hands with a scrubbing brush.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $14.99.


Have used so many different nappy rash creams until I used this one on my babys bum. Its really good for the babys skin and has such a good protective layer.

Purchased in February 2018 at Chemist Warehouse.

Can't live without

This is amazing !!! Cannot live without this sudocrem it's the only one that works for my daughter and I can tell it straight away made the rash go away and my daughter doesn't have any pain

Purchased in September 2018 for $16.00.

Excellent for nappy rash

I love it used for my son when he got bad nappy rash post gastroenteritis, even when he was admitted hospital use the same brand, it contains zinc which helps with healing, easy to find in all pharmacies & stores,you can also use it for minor skin breakdown, very good, recommend for all bables

No eczema anymore

It is the cheapest cream I have ever bought, and arguably the most effective one! My skin is now fully free of eczema. I had a eczema like scare in one of my fingers for about two months. This cream cured it in a 7-9 days.
My only complain is that it smells too strong; I prefer if it was scentless.
However I recommend it. I didn't expect this fast result from any medicine, specially those with this low price tag.

Used for everything!!

This cream is dead set the only one that works on anything from nappy rash, eczema to scratches, burns cracked feet topped with socks, although yes everyone is different so what may work for me may not work for everyone but for $8.00 to $12.00 picked up in most chemists or supermarket not only great price but you use hardly any and from newborn to up it’s the only thing I carry around. One thing is left all the time it car can cause it to melt and hard to get off carpet so don’t leave it laying out for young children

Clears up nappy rash within hours

Was recommended this cream by many mum friends and definitely a good choice. I use it on baby whenever I notice any skin reddening and I find that it clears it up within hours. It applies on think but isn't sticky and doesn't have any smells. Get a big tub and you won't need to buy another nappy rash cream ever again!

Amazing product for baby’s delicate skin

My bub have been enduring so many skin conditions like eczema, abrasion on her face, nappy rash, heat rash and many more. I hate using steroid every time her eczema gets worse. Last week when she rubs her face so much it ended up abraded. Sudocrem helps a lot with its gentle engredients I was comfortable in applying every now and then. After few days it’s now healed.. I’m also applying it in her eczema patches and help a lot.

Heals everything

I bought sudocream to use on my little ones nappy rash, it healed very quickly. I now use it for every cut graze or burn on me, baby and the animals. Its also good for dry cracked skin. I also think its great value for money because a tiny bit goes a long way.


I had this discoloured raised spot on my face around the size of a 20c coin and I was worried it was a melanoma or something so I worked up the courage eventually and went to the doctor and she didn't think it was a melanoma or anything nasty and so she prescribed me a cream and said come back if it doesn't go away and of course it didn't go away so I started freaking out that it was some kind of Sun cancer again and they might have to hack away at my face haha. That was a few months ago as I was too scared to go back to the doctor to follow it up...Anyway yesterday I decided I would buy a cream myself but I really didn't expect it to work as if a prescription one didn't work then a cream from Coles won't, right? Wrong! I've applied it 3 times and it is so much better already, it's amazing and such a relief!!!

Actually works!

Over the years I have tried various creams to relieve skin various ailments, some of which have/are very expensive and most, except one, have been able to give me the relief I get from Sudocrem which is very reasonably priced and readily available. I find it very soothing and apply to all manner of things including rashes (psoriasis), cysts etc - the redness, burning and pain almost always goes away - would readily recommend to anyone and something to ALWAYS be kept in your medicine cabinet

All-purpose Sudocream

Similar experience. I used several anti-fungal creams for an itchy rash that I was sure was jock itch, yet it persisted for months. But since I started using sudocream, the itching has stopped and the rash has completely cleared. I also use sudocream for soothing prickly heat rashes and atopic eczema.

Amazing for shaving rash

I used to get really painful bikini shaving rash but sudocream saved my life. I put it on after the shower and there was no red skin, no bumps and no painful itch in the morning. Highly recommend - little life hack for you guys. Hope you found this helpful because I don't have a baby and I found it amazing.

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Questions & Answers

How long does sudocrem takes to healing eczema on face?
No answers

sudocrem verses zinc cream ?
1 answer
Sudocream already has zinc in there, I found it works for my children but of course if you unsure talk to your doctor

Can i ask? because sudocrem i aply my baby rush in his face... it is a secured to applying baby skin??
1 answer
Please do not apply this cream to an infants face. Sudocream is only 4 a nappy rash area . The safest product I would put on a face rash just a tiny touch would be Vaseline Petrolium Jelly 4 kids


Sudocrem Healing Cream
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