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Sudocrem Healing Cream

Latest review: Have used so many different nappy rash creams until I used this one on my babys bum. Its really good for the babys skin and has such a good protective

Bepanthen Ointment

Latest review: We were first introducing to Bepanthen Ointment when our little one was only 2 months old. It was recommended by a paediatrician due to nappy rash. We were pleasantly surprised by the product, no

Little Bodies

Latest review: So it seems I have found a product that has helped with Jasper's eczema. @littlebodies_skincare is the only product that has worked. Certainly not 100% natural as I would normally like. I tried

Aromababy Barrier Balm

Latest review: I used this product for my lips and dry skin anywhere on the body. It is simply divine! Great texture and lovely scent. My skin feels supple, protected and moisturised - no nasty chemicals too! A

GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash

Latest review: I bought this when my baby was born and it was really good. There were no chemicals in it that’s why I bought this product. Most of the mothers in the mothers group also was using this product and t

Daktozin Ointment

Latest review: This cream is an absolute lifesaver. My boys get horrible nappy rash when they are sick or teething and this clears it up right away. A little bit goes a long way so the tubes last ages. It's quite

Amolin Baby Cream

Latest review: This cream was recommended to me, by an 80 year old lady, with the most beautiful skin. I have now used this cream as a face moisturiser, plus around my eyes for 4 years & find it amazing. You only

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo

Latest review: I was given this product from my best friend in a baby hamper she made up. From her own experience, she said it was the best product for her daughter when she was a baby. Unfortunately not the case


Latest review: I’ve tried a few different nappy creams and try to keep it quite natural, nappy goo works the fastest for my bub! His bum will go from being red with a few bumps to later that day looking way more c

Johnson's Baby Oil

Latest review: the oil is awesome, it makes my baby's skin supple and smooth just more lovely for mommy and baby snuggle time! it's scent is not overpowerin and everytime I massage this to the bub, i can feel that

Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder

Latest review: Curash are being purposefully deceptive by stating "with cornstarch and zinc" on the packaging but on the website the full ingredients are listed - there is more talc than cornstarch! Talc is a

GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil

Latest review: infant or child with gentle coconut derived cleansing agents, certified organic sweet orange pure essential oil and skin softening organic oils to keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and

Johnson's Bedtime Bath

Latest review: Was great on me when I was growing up however I used it on my son tonight and it peeled his soft baby skin, wich looks very sore. I had high hopes of this product, now I am too scared to use it ever

Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe Bath

Latest review: My son got an infected eczema at 4 weeks old and we were using only 2 weeks. It took a week diagnose and 2 hospital and midwife visits. His skin was really bad. Never use it again, I wish I listened

Johnson's Baby Powder

Latest review: Cured my rash and can be used in a rubber swimming cap so it prevents the cap from sticking and pulling hair when you wear it. Of course, you can use it for babies too. This is cheaper and better

GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser

Latest review: I bought the lavender scent for my baby to think it'll help with bedtime. After a bath, I used this product and my baby cried hysterically within seconds of applying this cream. Will never use it

Covitol Nappy Rash Treatment

Latest review: I had never heard of this brand before and was referred to it my a family member. After a week of terrible nappy rash on my 7 month old baby from her being sick and trying several different nappy

Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

Latest review: Bought this last night. Applied on bub’s skin and he woke up crying and in pain. When i reapply the cream bub was in agony and gasping to catch his breath as he was so in pain and the rash got worse.

GAIA Natural Baby Powder

Latest review: Have been using this on my baby since newborn and it’s been amazing. No harsh chemicals or strong scent. Easy to apply and it cleared up little redness in my baby’s creases in the nappy area. Worth th

Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream

Latest review: Do yourself a favour, stop buying dozens of other creams for baby and just buy from the Weleda range. This cream does it all - protects and heals baby’s bottom in a matter of hours! I’m never without

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