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Bepanthen Ointment

Bepanthen Ointment

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Wonderful healing properties.

We were first introducing to Bepanthen Ointment when our little one was only 2 months old. It was recommended by a paediatrician due to nappy rash. We were pleasantly surprised by the product, no fragrance and easy to spread. It helped immediately relieve our little ones discomfort and the rash was 90% gone the following morning. We now use it regularly.

Amazing stuff for bubby.

Bought this for my newborn - used it on his delicate skin to prevent nappy rash. It’s so gentle and easy to apply, not sticky like other creams. At the first sign of any redness at change time I dab a little on and by the next nappy change the redness is gone. A tube of this stuff lasts forever as you only need a little dab. Highly recommend having this stuff on hand for your new arrival.

This is great

I love the Bepathen Ointment as my baby can heal red skin overnight. This is good to treat for burns on the skin as well as cuts (after being desinfected). I have used it for dry skin too (similar to eczema) or to moisturise my dry hands after washing the dishes.

I steal it from my Baby for my own Chaffing

Bepathen in our household is more commonly used for my husbands tattoo's or my chaffing. Rarely used for our son. Great product very versatile. We've also used it on minor cuts and grazes ect. I can see bepathen being apart of our groceries order for many years to home. Bit of a household staple really.

Used it for tattoo and sunburn

I was told to buy Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream 100g (different blue and pink packaging from this photo) for my tattoo and apply EXTREMELY SPARINGLY to the tattoo, a small dab for half my leg. It has worked like a charm, my tattoo healed fantastically and I decided to rub some on my forehead when I got sunburned recently.
After the sunburn, wrinkles would appear on my forehead so I lathered some Bepanthen on it, left it on during work and on the second day, it felt as if I never had a sunburn on the previous day before. GREAT product, I have already recommended it to my friends.

Life saver! Staple parenting product

I've been using Bepanthem since my first child was born 7 years ago. Never used anything that heals nappy rash as quick. Creating a thick barrier to stop bodily fluids get on the rash and healing it in no time. It is super affordable and lasts forever. We've only bought 4 tubes over that 7 years but have consistently used daily. Well worth the money

Was a gift from mommy friend works well for bubs

I do use it for heaps of purpose from rashes to itch even little ones are tooldler and school aged it's something for them soothing and not stingy. As its has a very mild ingredient to it's packet list. So kindly read labels properly especially little newborn. So far very useful oitment.

Perfect! Absolute staple in our family!

I absolutely love Bepanthen. I use it at every nappy change with my son and it is the only thing that prevents nappy rash and never causes it (unlike sudocrem, curash or vaseline). I love that it doesn't feel heavy or greasy like other nappy creams! It is also compatible with cloth nappies (and washes out very easily!) I often buy in bulk so I never run out and I often have 6+ 100g tubes in the nursery; my only wish is that I would love if they made an even bigger tube of it!

Didnt work for us

Caused rashes on my baby. When she used sudocream, or Kenkai (which is the best cream) she had nothing, whenever i used bepanthen, i tried about 3 times and it caused rashes, she would only pee and the rash would appear. So would not buy it again. Terrible, really sadden by what it did to my bub's skin

Useful for so much

The first time I tried this was about ten years ago. I got a silly little tattoo when I was drunk and it quickly became infected. The doctor told me to put Bepanthan on it. I did as instructed and it cleared up considerably in only a day. It looked completely clear by day 3 and this was after a week of getting redder and grosser by the day BEFORE I decided to see a doctor.

Fast forward a decade and I'm using it on my baby boys behind! At the first sign of redness I'll use this cream and it'll be cured by the bedtime nappy change. One time after being out all day without a nappy change he had quite a bit of welty redness to fix so I did the usual application and then another later at night, I made the overnight treatment quite thick and by morning the redness was almost completely gone and he seemed much more comfortable.

Every now and then my husband asks to borrow it after a jog... I don't know why and at this point I'm afraid to ask. But I think he likes it too.

I only wish it was cheaper, but on the other hand, if I'm being honest they could double the price and I’d still buy it, thats how much I love it, one tube costs about AUD$10 but it lasts a long time since I usually only need a tiny bit to fix whatever problem we’re facing at the time.

Not good for Tattoos

Last week I got a new Tattoo and was told to buy this stuff,I think it was too thick and sticky when I put it on and some of the colour dropped out. I wouldn't recommend to use this stuff on your new Tattoo. It also ruined my clothes and sheets.

Perfect product for getting rid of rashes

Initially was using sudocream and bubs quickly got a minor nappy rash. I was recommended to use Bepanthen which worked a treat and quickly got rid of the nappy rash. It is oil based and so quickly dissolves into baby's skin... Sudocream is cream based.
Since using Bepanthen, bubs has not got any nappy rashes so far! Would highly recommend over sudocream.

Not too bad

I snatched my stomache due to the belt making me itch so I went to the chemist and bought some benthanthim and found it pretty good at settling down the itch so I bought some more after development of a heat rash and found bentanthum quite soothing at a rapid rate

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Not as good as the original bantham cream though

great for tattoos!

i used this cream for a tattoo and i didn't have any problems with scabbing. maybe it was how you applied it, or other factors, like the placement on the body of the tattoo, that made your skin more sensitive to scabbing.


It is great to see this product is still on the market after 27 years.
I used Bepanthen on my babies bottoms and it cleared it up in a couple of days.
I also used it in my nipples when they were chaffed and raw from the baby sucking, it really helped.

this is perfect

This is best cream ever . I have been using this for 3 years now and this has been awesome. Gets rid of the redness quick. No dramas. Awesome product n I just bought it again.

Nappy rash gone

Cleared my baby's sore nappy rash in 2 days. Great cream and can be used for other rashes and skin problems. I got this tube as a free sample and happy to pay to buy the product.

I use this for little scratches, dry skin and all rashes

I can't live without this cream! My LO has dry skin and this worked! It's also great for the scratches they get. Awesome product


I have been using this since I was little for various skin problems over the years. Most recent is I tried a new facial cleanser - benzac and it was way to strong it burnt my face! My face was all dry and itchy so I tried moisturizer and it done nothing, mum suggested the bepanthen I put it on before bed and woke up and my skin was back to normal. I'm in love!!
worked so fast

Great for nappy rash!

I'm a FTM! I tried this product after revving a few recommendations. It had cleared up my babies ugly nappy rash within one day and since iv been using it everyday!!! It's amazing and you can't go wrong with trying it out! Sudocream is good however this works wonders for bad nappy rash,
Inexpensive, works well, reliable
Not available most places

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Questions & Answers

can i use bepanthen for my daughters pimples?
No answers

Does anyone know if bepanthen does anything to ingrown warts?
1 answer
I highly doubt it but I’ve heard tea tree oil is good. Google some natural remedies :) goodluck

I have been given Bepanthen Nappy Rash ointment for very dry and sun damaged skin on the forehead and face, is it able to be used for this problem?
5 answers
I can't see why not, just don't go out in the sun with it on as it may help sunburn you because of the oil content. If you really want something for dry skin buy Coles Aloe Vera Gel with Green tea and for an excellent skin repair buy 'JERGENS Ultra Healing Moisturiser' from Woolworths, they are both brilliant products.Thanks Lyn for your reply. I will give the cream a try and the other two that you mentioned sound really good also.Jergens l came across by accident, something different sitting on the shelf of the chemist. I was booked into the doctor to have a growth removed by my doctor which he had previously tried to burn off twice before, l thought it can't hurt tp try this new cream on it so l put a little dob


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