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BethGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Works really fast!


I’ve tried a few different nappy creams and try to keep it quite natural, nappy goo works the fastest for my bub!
His bum will go from being red with a few bumps to later that day looking way more calm and the bumps lessening! Definitely recommend, it also goes really far because of the consistency.
It contains tea tree oil which I love, makes bub smell really clean :)

Purchased in March 2019 for $11.00.


AnitaGoulburn Valley, VIC

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Thank you Nappy Goo!


Purchased in March 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.



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No nappy rash yet at 2 months - Touch wood


I've been using this since birth 2 months ago, and no nappy rash in sight (touch wood). I apply it with every nappy change, but recently I've been cutting back to alternate changes. This stuff is amazing. I even used it on bubs face when everything else failed. His baby acne was so bad, it was red, inflamed and I'm guessing itchy as he kept trying to claw at his face. One day of applying this and everything cleared up. I've been buying extra to stock up in case it's out of stock.



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Excellent on nappy rash and eczema


Bought this for my son’s eczema but now use it on his nappy rash too. It has a very strong tea tree smell so he does not like it on his face, but it clears it up so well so if needed I put it on. Works well on nappy rash (what it is designed for) too, clears it up quickly.


PalagiSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Amazing cream


Love this cream, only use it when needed, when my son gets a nappy rash I use this and it's gone by the next nappy change, highly recommend nappy goo. Won't use anything else now.

Purchased in January 2017 at Chemist Warehouse for $10.00.

Helpful Jones

Helpful Jones

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  • 12 reviews

Never had nappy rash


I was given a tube from a friend as part of my baby shower basket as my friend found it very good with her little one. A year on and my little girl is yet to have nappy rash. I love the fact it has tea tree oil & was delevoped im conjunction with Royal Children's hospital.



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Love it


I bought this product from chemist warehouse to try for my sons nappy rash and thanx god I found the right cream as I bought so many to try don't waste your money on any other products the only thing my husband doesn't like the smell but I don't mind it

W O N D E R C R E A M ! More people need to know about this stuff!


Amazing stuff!
All 3 of my kids at some point have had nappy rash. Two of them quite badly. I've tried everything including prescription creams. This would usually eventually work. With my youngest though NOTHING was working :(
He was in so much pain. Nappy changes every 30mins, only used warm water and a cloth etc, prescription cream, barrier cream then nappy rash powder was only slightly keeping it at bay.
Then the doctor suggested this magic cream.
From the first use it seemed to take the pain away, he didn't scream once the cream was applied. Within a few days the rash was easily 50% gone. I could not believe it. A week later it has nearly disappeared. Its the best stuff ever! More people need to know about this cream.

Elaine M

Elaine MMelbourne

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A very satisfied mum of three




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Best nappy cream


Nappy goo is fantastic for inflamed and sore bottoms. It's brilliant at soothing even the sorest bottoms. My little one had terrible nappy rash with peeling skin and using nappy goo cleared it very quickly and then using a little at each change prevented the nappy rash from returning. It even smells great :)



Won't use anything else!


I got a bajillion samples of nappy creams while I was pregnant & then when I had my son, and gave them all a fair shot. But once I started using Nappy Goo there was no way I was going back! This stuff is amazing. It has worked better than any other brand I've tried, cleared up every nappy rash he got even one very yucky bout at 4 months, and bonus: it smells awesome too.

Best barrier cream


My 4 mth old developed nappy rash for the first time and I used 3 other creams which didn't work. We changed his nappy frequently,bathed him and gave him free nappy time etc none of which worked until I opened the Nappy Goo which was given to me by a work colleague as a gift. The redness disappeared after the first application and healed after the second. A Must have for any mum. I had never heard of this product before being given it.

This stuff is fantastic!


Immediately that we used Nappy Goo on our baby right from the newborn age through til toddler age now, we found that any redness or broken skin would clear up by the next nappy change. Nappy Goo is brilliant stuff and it also smells nice! I can't vouch for the ingredients but it also seems non-toxic in its contents. It is developed by the Royal Childrens Hospital so I am happy to trust them that the contents are safe and healthy for my baby (more than i would a pharmacological company!). I used a few other nappy products briefly and found this one way more effective.
It clears up nappy rash after one nappy change.

Kym Cross

Kym Cross

  • 2 reviews

Nothing better on the market


For my son's first 2 years, he put up with irritating nappy rash brought about by a thrush inflammation - doctor reckons brought on by having potent urine! It's finally gone and he has a normal, happy bottom again - thanks to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne's own product NAPPY GOO. It contains ti tree oil and this appears to have stopped the thrush rash. I just wanted to share this with other mum's who might be experiencing the same problem. Most pharmacies stock it or an order it for you!
It works, never had problems with nappy rash since.


NancyMelbourne, Victoria

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Best stuff ever!!!


My 18 month old got nappy rash from teething and I tried a number of different products and then tried Nappy Goo. after a couple days was significantly better and 100% about a week after using it. I use it about once a day now and never had nappy rash since. My 7 month old is teething now so using it as a preventer and no nappy rash. Can't rate this product high enough to mums or even if you have a bit of eczema
Inexpensive, great smell, works wonders!!!!
Cant buy it everywhere but if you go to site you can see who stocks product

Can't live without it


I absolutely love this product, my bub was constantly getting nappy rash, and none of the leading brands were working,I was recommended by the chemist to try nappy goo, since changing to nappy goo she has not had a rash. I love the consistency , Easy to apply and so easy to wash off at bath time.
Easy to apply, smell fresh, works a treat
Can only buy in a few pharmacies



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Sorry, I meant 2 tubes (not 3 tubes) lasted me 4 months.



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Nappy Goo is amazing


i had a sample of nappy goo and went back straight away to buy a tube. i has such good healing power i was amazed at how fast the rash disapeared. i highly recommend this product...i buy it for everyone...i have tried over 4 other brands and nothing comes close...best ever
smell and rapid healing time
not sold at many pharmacies...


KDubVic, 3146

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I'd swear by this barrier cream!


This was recommended by a pharmacist when I needed a barrier cream to prevent future nappy rash. It has been fantastic - we put a little on with each nappy change (you're supposed to put quite a bit on but you don't need it if you're just preventing nappy rash.) Bub has only got nappy rash once since (other circumstances) and nappy goo cleared it up straight away. It's thick and it works so much better than all other i've used.
Everything is great
It's a little expensive (but worth it!)

Questions & Answers



Can you use this as a preventative barrier cream? As in to apply after each nappy change instead of treating nappy rash?

1 answer

Yes absolutely.



Which chemist can I buy this from on the Gold Coast queensland? All my local chemist haven't heard if it.

2 answers
Kym Cross
Kym Cross

I don't know this specific product, but I'm using Nappyp-Goo Cream. It's made by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and you can order it online directly from them. I think it's the best nappy rash prevention cream I've ever used.
My Amcal chemist can order it in, otherwise I'm sure some of the other big online chemists could supply it if your local chemist can't.
Hope this helps!


There is also a list of stockists here: http://www.rch.org.au/pharmacy/business_development/Where_to_buy_NappyGoo/
But it might be easier to buy it online if none of these pharmacies are local to you. Or yes some chemists can order it in for you. Good luck :-)

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