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Crystal Clear Midstream

Crystal Clear Midstream

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Unreliable product !


My wife and I got this product from Chemist Warehouse.
Two of the three purchased units are faulty !
We were heartbroken when the first one gave us a negative reading. We are still working out if she's pregnant or not.
The second one didn't even gave us a reading !!!




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I bought a 3pack of crystal clear from our local chemist. 2 of the tests didnt even work. Most upset!
First and last one didnt work. But the one in the middle did. I used exactly as the instructions said.
Anoth $20 down the drain, wont be using that brand again

False positive


Had previously 2 miscarriages, thought I was pregnant again after getting a blue positive, but was false. Heart broken. Not fair. Should be removed from the shelves. Do not buy crystal clear because you will be heartbroken. Get a better pregnancy test instead. Depressing and angry a way to mess with a women.

disappointed and angry


I bought this pregnancy test last night and tested this morning. My result was a thin BLUE line. My partner and I have been trying for three years so you can imagine my excitement when I thought I was pregnant. I took another brand and it was negative. I am not pregnant. I have been fooled by evap lines before, this test did not look like evaporation. It had a second blue line. I will NEVER be buying this test again and I will warn everyone about them. Sort the quality out.

false positive


took a test on my birthday and said i was pregnant.
im not pregnant so thanks for wrecking my birthday and hopes.
this brand needs to be band and removed off Australian selfs so heartbroken from this, got so excited about being pregnant again unfair of the company to take advantage of people

4 false positives :(


Long story short.. Had 4 tests return faint positives :( I have 4 children and never experienced a false positive... Way to kill a woman's hopes crystal clear :(

false positive


Got a faint positive had blood test came back negative. This product should be taken off the market. Heart broken.

Adele Irving


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Repeated False Positives


Test after test after test showed a false positive result. Very excited, went online, saw some other devastated women complaining about the issue, rushed to the store to get two other brands (First Response and Clear Blue Digital) - all negative. This product should be removed from the shelves.

3 lines!!


I used this test today after my period was 1 week late and I immediately got a strong positive. At least I THINK it was a strong positive because I am not 100% sure on which line is the control line! I came back to look at it again about 5 minutes later and there were THREE lines!!!!!!! So ridiculous!! I've never heard of an evaporation line on a positive test before?

I took a different brand test and got another strong positive which was much clearer!
evaporation lines! no idea which is the test line and which is the control line?



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Terrible test


results are not clear.. lines not clear , don't waste your money buying this product. the test is not straight forward and clear to see. its terrible. the lines are not clear to see.. some are very faint and not clear.. this test is rubbish, don't buy it..chemist warehouse sells them




Useless test


I just recently tried the crystal clear pregnancy test, but have used many tests over the last few years. This is the first time I have not had the control line come up, showing that the test was therefore defunct. These tests are a waste of money and time, I will not be buying them again or recommending them to anyone.
Inexpensive, easy to use
Doesn't work

Crystal Clear thin blue line appears hours after....


I like the clear window, the way you can hold it up to the light. I stared at my negative results for ages, even coming back to it hours later to find a second line. Very thin blue second line. Is this an evaporative line? is it a False positive? Is it an actual positive? It seems that 'Crystal Clear' is in fact Not so clear at all....
the clear screen, can hold up to light and see through it
false positive

Ish Tam

Ish TamAU

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Never buy these


I got a very clear, blue positive with this test. I was so excited. I then followed up with other tests, expecting positives on them too, to find that were completely negative. I wasn't pregnant. Save yourself the heartache and never ever buy this test. They are not worth the hassle.
cheap and that's the only pro
give false positives. Cheap looking.



This product should be removed from shelves. I got a very strong positive, yet subsequent tests from other brands 1 and 2 days later all negative. This kind of false reading can be very damaging to a person. Very upsetting, I dont recommend anyone purchase these, and suggest they be discontinued asap


LadyOfThreeQLD, 4570

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Cute little tests


I loved these pregnancy tests. I loved that i could hold it up to the light and try to squint to see the lines because there was no back on the display strip area. They are easy to use, and if you have restraint, you could even leave the lid over the display window until the test time was up. The only problem is because it does use blue die, the chance of evap lines is increased and i did have a very convincing evap line right on 10 minutes.
The see through display window
Blue dye

Very disappointed


I took two tests with crystal clear and both of them didn't show up any results, not even a faded line. I followed the instructions and had used the product before so I am well aware of how it works. Very disappointed in this product and will not be buying it again. I guess it's cheap for a reason


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Very disappointed about this product




melli123Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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I did the test first thing in the morning for 3 mornings over 6 days. I got negatives each time. I went to the doctor the same day as the last test and had a blood test. My HCG was 98, apparently these tests should pick up 20+. What a waste of money and cause of stress .
It didn't register my pregnancy

Perfect results everytime


With Both Of my pregnancies I used crystal clear to test for being pregnant since i had missed my period, and accurate positive results each time. Simple to use and accurate, I would recommend it to anyone. I have also tested at other times when late for period and it was negative, which was correct.
Reliable, affordable, simple to use



False positive


This product gives false positives, had three independant friends also look at it and all confirm there was a line, not my imagination, took another brand test, it came back negative and the next day I started mestrating as normal and on time so it was not an early MC. I dont recommend you use this product.

False positives

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Hi i got a test last week that one cane up negative.. i couldnt afford to get another test so i reused the negative one there is now a very very faint line there Would this be correct or not?

1 answer
Adele Irving
Adele Irving

No, definitely not correct. The test is only accurate when you use it the first time - it may develop a line hours later but this is just the test degrading. I fell victim to this several times when I was trying to conceive and I always ended up not being pregnant. When you're pregnant the positive line will come up within a few minutes. You can absolutely not reuse a test.

Tk street

Tk streetasked

Hi there i took a test abwt an hour ago now & my test said positive. I came back to check it again & its neg now wat does that ? Not pregnant?

2 answers

Hello.. my partner bought a crystal clear test from chemist warehouse [$5.98 ] and she used it , and she ended up with 1 clear strong line and one very faint line both going the same direction.. to be sure we bought another test from chemist warehouse }$10.99 ] and the results were much more clear and easy to read.. the crystal clear test is cheap and I would not rely on it.. buy a better test , and then u can be sure whats going on.. last resort.. go to the doctor , he/she can tell you 100 percent on whats happening.

Tk street
Tk street

Thankyou, i brought more tests from different brands. They were way more clear then clear blue.. Thankx..



I have a minus line in obey window & in the smaller window in i have a vertical single line what does this mean??

1 answer

That's negative. When positive there would be a plus sign [+] in one box and a [I] in the other box. Negative is [-] in one box and [I] in the other....

If you have a feint line (doesn't matter how feint, even if you need to squint) in the first box (closes to the absorbent pee stick area WITHIN 10 minutes. That is positive. The lines do not need to be the same colour.

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