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Absolute expensive rubbish, warranty claim denied

We purchased the ceramic pan duo (Cuisinart Chef iA+ 2pc Set w/ 26cm Frypan & 28cm Grill Pan) and after just a single use with a wooden spatula 26cm pan surface got badly scratched.
We've invested in expensive such pans because we were looking for a PFOA-free pans our growing family, but surely didn't expect them to scratch after the first use.
In reply to our complaint Cuisinart warranty service accused in using metal utensils!
Will never buy again from Cuisinart, bad products and their lifetime warranty is absolute rubbish.
How could you create your customers, who paid for your low quality products with such messages? "Spoken with the Brand Manager regarding your claim he agrees that a wooden spatula would not create these scratches".

Non-stick wears off in less than 12 months

Like the dozens of other pans I've tried over the years the coating doesn't hold up for very long.
I don't mind paying $250 for a fry pan but I would expect at least a few years out of it.
I have purchased other pans costing double this and they were exactly the same.
I only use nylon and silicon utensils and always hand wash but the result is always the same!

Worst Customer Service!

After having issues with a Spice & Nut Grinder that I was given as a present I called the Cuisinart customer service line. What a misleading title that is! I was referred to the brand manager, however they were unavailable and so I was assured by the customer representative they would call back when free. No call back. 2 weeks later I tried again, only to be told the brand manager was on holiday, no one was covering for him and he would call when back in approximately a week. I pointed out I had already been waiting for 2 weeks. Again I received no call back. I have now given up on the faulty product and don't have the time to continue to chase this up. However, I will never buy from this company again due to their shocking customer service.

Scanpan, Circulon, Tefal. Tried 'em all but Cuisinart is better

After having been through a couple of Scanpan frypans. A Circulon, and most recently, a couple of sets of Tefal Jamie Oliver, it occurred to me we were spending an unhealthy amount of money on replacing expensive cookware. (except for the small cuisinart pan we already had that was holding up well)
So I did my research. Turns out, all these brands are coated with a non-stick treatment that eventually wears out - despite how carefully you follow their instructions about low heat, hand washing, etc.
I learnt the other option is a process call 'hard-anodised'. According to everything I could find about it, this option looked like it might last longer.
Cuisinart uses this method, and the little pan we already had was in very good shape.
So we lashed out and bought a set of larger pans. So far............excellent.
All brands say to use low heat. We used to need medium heat to get results from the coated variety, but I have been very surprised by the perfect cooking delivered on the actual LOW heat setting with the Cuisinart.
Whilst it has only been a few months so far, there is not the slightest sign that they are wearing, and the little fella we have had for a couple of years now, is still pristine.
Unless something very unexpected occurs form here, I am a convert and won't be going back.
FAIR WARNING: You may read about how they can overbalance due to having a very heavy handle. This is true. On our gas cooktop, it simply means you must always align the handle at 90 degree angles, to align the handle with a support beam on the cooktop. In my view, this is no price to pay given the performance of the cookware, and the savings I am expecting to enjoy over time. Since they sit flat on the benchtop, I presume there is no balancing problem on an electric stovetop.
If you're not sure, try a small one for a while like we did. Enjoy!

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I am planning to buy vegetable steamer, is it a reliable brand?
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Hello Hufsa. We have been using our two cuisinart frypans for 2-3 years now. They have outlasted our previous scanpan and JamieOliver Tefal models. We’ve been very happy with them.I can't comment on the vegetable steamer in particular but when I had an issue with a fault in another of Cuisinart's products (after only a month of ownership) I couldn't even get anyone to return my call let alone resolve the issue. Personally I would never buy from this brand again.Thanks for responding everyone, your comments/feedback was helpful.

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