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Great Customer Service

Recently the blade stopped spinning in my Optimum 9400 blender. I contacted Froothie to see what the best thing was to do and to my surprise it was still under guarantee. The person I was dealing with was extremely helpful and a new blade was winging it's way to NZ in days. Once it arrived I set about replacing the blade as per the instructions to find that the jug had a split underneath which had obviously been there since the jug was manufactured. Without hesitation a new jug was ordered, has been delivered and my blender is back in action, oh how I missed my Optimum 9400. Froothie is to be commended for such great customer service and I would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to purchase from them.

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Optimum Froothie Blender - As Powerful as a Vitamix and Australian

I've had this blender for a while and I'm really happy with it. It easily grinds nuts, raw vegetables and even crushes ice. Recently it stopped working and I thought it had blown up but it was just the safety switch that had turned the machine off. The GM of Froothie was fantastic and worked with me to find out what the problem was quickly. I am very happy with the service that I received.

Product Quality
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Defective product. I want my money back!

I bought an Optimum vac 2 blender last January (2019) and after about a week the screen wasn’t working well. I tried to call and write them an email about it but it took about three weeks for them to get back to me. After about two weeks of using the blender, it just stopped working. They had a money-back policy after 14 days and I think, they purposely delayed getting back to me so I won’t be eligible to get my money back. As of today (2nd of March), I’m still waiting for a solution. I’m terribly disappointed with the product and customer service.

Product Quality
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Hey Laila! So sorry about your faulty Optimum VAC, it was definitely not our intention to delay getting back to you. Our ticketing system is having issues with some email accounts and we are in the process of moving to Zendesk so this issue no longer persist In the meantime please feel free to email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au or call the office on 1300 309 900 (or DM us on Facebook) and ask for me, I will ensure this is resolved ASAP! Thank you so much Laila and again sorry the technical issue we are facing has caused you this delay :-( Respectfully Francois


Exactly the same as Jib below. I have had mine on order since middle of December. I was told 2 weeks after purchasing the item is out of stock and to expect early Jan. To which I followed up with and was told to expect end of Jan. They also offered me another product at a reduced rate straight away at a reduced price to which I accepted.

February now and I have paid and not received anything. Recently I was sent an email from Froothie CEO telling me the delay is not due to stock but;
“we have decided to make a change to the product for a better juicing experience”
Then proceed to offer me some gimmick abb blaster to make up for the delay. I have since emailed froothie requesting full refund, been 5 days no response. I have just opened a ticket with PayPal to recover funds.

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Hey Skyfury, not much to say, we messed up with this recent shipment as demand for the 600M has been significantly higher than any other juicer we have sold in the last 5 years in Australia (and even Europe is selling out fast). This is followed by an upgrade to the juicer with the additional accessory as per our email. I am really sorry you had such delays… this is completely against our ethos of CUSTOMERS FIRST. Even though the product is well worth the wait, you should not have to wait this long! Please email me your order number to francois@froothie.com.au and I will attend to the refund ASAP :-) Francois I can email you as soon as the shipment lands if you are still interested, again really sorry for the delay, feels like Xmas is not over for us, been a crazy 2 months which is about to finally come to an end as the shipment lands :-)

Juicer not received - company advised 3 month delay.

Ordered the Optimum 600 Cold Pressed Juicer on the 1 January. The website advised shipping on 3-5 days. It had not arrived after 2 weeks so I rang the company to be told that they hadn't even received the juicers yet and they wouldnt be in stock until the end of January. They were not planning on telling us this if we hadn't called. We emailed after another week asking if they had any of the colours in stock and we received a reply that they are improving the product and it won't be delivered until March!! Again we were only told this after we contacted Froothie.
As compensation they have offered us some dodgy ab flexing machine which also doesn't arrive until our juicer does. We are really unhappy with the level of service and communication from Froothie.

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Hey Jib, as per my reply to Skyfury above there isn’t much to say regarding the delay, we messed up in being able to fulfil existing demand (and this will end as soon as the new shipment lands). On a more important note though, we kept all customers informed of this issue via email, did you not receive any of our email updates? Our CEO even made a video explaining this delay and flew out of our European offices to come to Head Office here in Melbourne to help us deal with this matter. Kindly do not hesitate to email me at francois@froothie.com.au if the matter has not been resolved since or if further assistance is required :) Warm regards

Quick response and speedy delivery

I ordered an air fryer just 7 days before Christmas as a present as delivery to my area was said to be 2-3 days. When I hadn’t received dispatch notification I contacted customer service who responded immediately telling me it was on the way. Needn’t have I worried as sure enough it arrived in time for me to gift on Christmas Day. Thank you! I would definitely recommend!

Excellent service team

My review is actually in regard to Froothie customer service. My Optimum blender which is almost out of warranty stopped working, so i got in touch to see if we could resolve the issue. The reply was prompt and the issue was sorted out quickly with a new part on the way at no cost. I am very impressed with this company as i was kept up to date with information at all times even over the public holidays. I look forward to getting my blender back to working order soon as it is used every day in my household.

Much better

Initially had some trouble with my order over the christmas period but the customer service was good when I let them know I would be returning the machine I bought. I was offered an upgrade and then a free loan machine during the wait in production which arrived the next day.
So whilst I was originally not super happy, the customer service really turned my experience around.

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Hi Bec, I am glad we turned things around for you, we always try our best even if things do not go according to plan :) Warm regards Francois N.

Appalling customer service

UPDATE - I finally received my Air Fryer. It works well and is easy to use. I have not used an air fryer before so can't make a comparison with any others. However according to my research the Froothie Air Fryer is very good value and is a good size compared to its competitors, particularly for the price. Seems to be another quality Froothie appliance.

Only giving one star as there isn't the option to provide none. So, so disappointed with Froothie/Optimum. Actually disappointed is very much an understatement.

I ordered an Air Fryer back in July for an August/September delivery. Was notified that sales had exceeded expectations and asked whether I'd like to wait for the new beaut model coming in. As compensation for the wait the new model was being offered at a professed 'exceptional price. It's interesting that it's now only being offered at $1 more 'on 'sale' - I wonder what the ACCC would say about this after fining them last year for similar tactics. As the promised wait was only an additional few weeks and the offer seemed reasonable I thought 'why not'. Five months later and the product has still not been received. In all this time there has only been one email explaining that the promised delivery had been held up. This email was received long after the initial promised delivery date had expired. but a new promised delivery was detailed. This also expired with no further explanation. Every month I have called for an update on delivery and every month I was promised it would be the following month. I've written emails and had no response, tried to message through social media also with no response. I was given a definite promise that the product would be arriving in the warehouse on 11 Dec and would start shipping out immediately. I rang on 11 Dec and was told 'yep it was definitely expected that day and shipments would start straight away. A week later there has still been no confirmation or email notification from the company. So I rang again today and was told the exact same story. They put you on hold to pretend to speak to management and then I was informed that the shipment would be arriving as we speak and shipment would start tomorrow. Every month I've been given empty promises. I've bought Froothie products before and have recommended them to many friends and the customer service and product has always been excellent. It would seem Froothie no longer care about their customer. They had my money for 5 months and made no attempt to initiate any contact with up-to-date information on the status of the situation. After being lied to again I've given up and have asked for a refund....it remains to be seen whether this will eventuate. Hopefully it won't take at least 5 months to process!!

This has been a woeful experience Froothie and I'm extremely frustrated. Buyer beware if the item claims a delayed shipment receipt.

Product Quality
Hey VB01, thank you for such a great detailed review. I am glad you received your air fryer and are happy with the purchase however this does not, in any way, excuse our incompetence in promptly delivering your product. Since your review in January, I am began revamping our logistical software to ensure such issues do not occur again. I will be meeting with our General Manager and my colleague Francois to better understand how we failed you in terms of prompt delivery to ensure this does not happen in the future when we have a product on pre-order or sold out. I again sincerely thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Please email me directly at roy@froothie.com.au or call the office at 1300 309 900 if there is ANYTHING I can help you with :-) You can also DM us on Facebook and ask for me, or Instagram :-) RoyHi Roy, the issue was not so much the promptness of delivery but the complete lack of communication keeping paid customers updated. I should not have had to keep calling to find out where the product was and the estimated date of arrival. Delivery dates kept changing and the only way I knew was because I rang for updates. I provided feedback along the way and sent feedback via a direct message to Facebook which went unanswered until I posted my complaint! All my requests went completely unanswered. I have spoken to Francois about my situation, he is well informed on these issues. Thanks for your response.

Great Reliable Products.

This is a great reliable products that get used every day in our household. This purchase was over 2 years ago, a sensational product which has never missed a beat and outlasted other well known fitness boards. The Vibrofit pro is easy as pressing a button and standing tall, fitness has never been so easy, along with health benefits and feeling great.

Great Product and Customer Servicr

Love my Thermcook saves me time and money. Does so many things it is the only appliance I need now. Also great customer support as it took awhile for delivery but I was kept up to date.

These are awesome products

I have had my Optimum Juicer 600 for coming on 3 years now and it hasn't had one hiccough since new with daily use - highly recommend.

Good customer service

I have bought more than one item from froothie as their follow up customer service was so impressive. I have contacted them for replacement parts and repair under warranty with no problems.

Fantastic product

I bought the Optimum 9400 blender 5 years ago and use it almost daily. It's a true workhorse, fantastic smoothies, blended soups and sauces.it is my most used appliance. Goods arrived very fast after ordering and were extremely well packed.

Best Blender ever purchased

purchased blender Optimum 9400 over 12 months ago, could not do without it used every morning. I make healthy smoothies in seconds, easy to clean and operate. Fantastic for making dips and spreads.Definitely recommend this blender, a household must.

Optimum is perfect! Can’t live with out it.

I bought Blender 8200 two years ago and l really love it , since that time I am using it 3-4 times a weak and it still works amazing. I always suggest it to my friends and really happy with Optimum for the quality and the power of its products.
Thank you Optimum:)

Reliable Company & Products.

I’m impressed with Froothie as a company & I have the blender and juicer.

To date both products purchased have been used daily and they still perform as great as the first time that I began using them.

I trust this brand and company 100% and definitely have recommended to many people who are wanting quality appliances for the kitchen.

I’ve had both of my Froothie products since the 30/4/2015 and couldn’t be happier!

I will continue to buy products from Froothie & highly recommend.

Quality products with great prices

I bought the OPTIMUM 9400 two years ago and it is still going strong as ever.
We blend and put it to the test daily and never fails us. Wife bought an additional part (extra jug) with ease three weeks ago just so that she can diversify all her blending, cooking and smoothie needs.
Awesome product, smooth delivery and great prices.

life changer

Both my Froothie blender and pressure cooker are by far the best kitchen appliances I have ever bought. I am 82 years old and use my blender every day and the pressure cooker several times per week. Froothie has changed my life.

A Very good blender

I just bought this blender a few days back and very happy with it. It's quality is rock solid and nowhere you can feel that it is a cheaply made product. I use it everyday to make breakfast smoothies.

The blender that I bought is Silver in colour. The finish is excellent and quality very good.

Customer service provided by Froothie team is also top notch.

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Questions & Answers

My Optimum 700 juicer juice stopper has a crack at hinge and the juice bowl got separated from its round base. Customer Service confirmed they can replace the juice bowl , however did not mention anything about the juice stopper. In addition, they asks me to pay $15 postage. Is this consistent with others' experience?
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Hello Matthews, thank you for your message. Please contact our customer service team directly at support@froothie.com.au and they will be able to review the case for you and come back to you directly. Please mention the technical support ticket number in your email. We hope this helps :)

I have the Vibrofit - and love it. My question is - how do you turn that voice off (when you power on) ... and its soooo loud - "Welcome to Vibrofit, Bluetooth is ready to pair .. Blue tooth is now ready" .... is there a way to either turn that down or off? ty
2 answers
Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to see that you are enjoying your VibroFit plate. Please contact our support team at support@froothie.com.au regarding your enquiry. You can of course also call them on +61 3 8609 2210.I totally agree with you Angela, I'm sick of it already after only a couple of hours. I rang support and it can't be changed, its either put up with it or send it back.

My Optimum blender has stopped functioning. When I press the button nothing happens. As if no power is going through. I have used it perhaps 20 times, so didn't expect this to happen. Please let me know what I'm suppose to do?
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You have to create a support "ticket" on their website. They say you should receive a response in a reasonable amount of time. When I contacted them they were experiencing a high volume of open tickets. I was not answered within the timeframe the site stated, so I called customer service. Good luck!Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear of the issue you are having with your blender. Please contact me directly at francois@froothie.com.au so that I can make sure your issue has been resolved. Thank you :)

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