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Cuisinart DF-250A

Cuisinart DF-250A

4.7 from 3 reviews

Worth the money

This has to be one of the best fryers, can't really fault it.. oil heats up quickly, although it does have a shallow wide basket which i was first skeptical about but when i first used it just seems to work perfectly and cooks the food evenly....and the most important thing i love the most is that its so easy to clean.
Everything is detachable making cleaning a dream! Even cleaning after each cooking session which I've been doing. Perfect!

Date PurchasedOct 2016


Excellent deep fryer, easy to use, excellent to clean up - everything goes in the dishwasher. ONLY problem is it uses 4lt of oil to only 1kg of food. Other deep fryers I've noticed have a larger food capacity for 4lt of oil. I think that maybe the food cooks better and more evenly, with the wider shallower basket than the 'normal' run-of-the-mill deep fryer which have a box shape baskets.

Nice machine

I am very happy with this deep fryer. Have had this for a couple of years now. The basket is wider and shallower than my last deep fryer which I find cooks chips and crumbed foods better.My only issue with it is I think the bar that holds the basket up needs to be wider for stability, I have tipped it a few times. The timer on it is useful. It is a nice looking unit and cleans up nice and easy. All stainless steel and can put basket and basin through dishwasher.
Works well and looks good.
Support bar for basket needs to be abit wider for stabilty

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Price (RRP) $189
Release dateSep 2011

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