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Cuisinart Griddler

Cuisinart Griddler

GR-4N and GR-4A
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Works wonderfully but is too low-powered for some dishes.

After two years of using the Quisinart Griddler a few times each week, I'm happy with it for everything except that it can't brown steak without over-cooking the meat. It just can't get hot enough. It can use only 1600W; spread over two rather large surface-area plates that would be better if they used 50% more power (1200W not 800W) each.
The design wastes energy by its two old-style flat metal-tube type elements radiating in a reflective cavity under each of two removable metal plates which then get hot for supplying heat to the food...slowly. To do the jobs properly would be improved by having a total of 2400W (the maximum for a portable cooking thing plugged into a wall socket).
The plates remove easily and fit into the dishwasher easily. The reversible idea is nice, too --- each plate has a flat side and a ribbed face on the other side.
So far I haven't worked out what the use is for the two forms of operation (if all else fails I'll read the instructions book). There's no actual temperature control; it seems to work on a crude duty-cycle method of turning the elements full-on/full-off.
I put cheeze on the flat cold plate, bread on top of that, cooked bacon on top with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers...whatever is around, then another piece of bread onto which I poor a teaspoon or so or cream onto the crusts, add some grated Parmesan cheeze, mustard, tiny bit of cayenne...place the second flat plate onto the overly-high sandwich then turn on the power and, after five minutes, the cheeze can be gathered closer to the bread and the reduced-thickness hot sandwich is finished and crispy with just the right about of moisture escaping. After making a couple of hundred of these, six minutes cooking after a couple minutes preparation, I'm very happy with the gadget and would buy another in order to get two large flat plates facing each other like that.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great for bacon & eggs, fish/chicken fillets, perfect steaks/sausages, sandwiches

You must use both heat & reversible plate options to achieve correct heat settings. Accompanying instructions not very clear, but I've successfully cooked juicy steaks as griddle-set to sear-lid closed. Elevate more to drain fat for bacon/sausages (wooden spoon under legs works fine). Too moist to cook most meat with veges, but perfect with chicken/fish fillets. Washes easily, place plates into warm soapy water or into dishwasher. If bulky it's lightweight to move around.

it's ok for some things

bought this primarily for the waffle making feature, we purchased the waffle plates for it. I've never had another waffle maker so I can't be sure if this is good or bad, but it works well for waffles. i would never consider doing a steak on it, I can't imagine it would get hot enough. I don't see the point of doing bacon and eggs on it, when a frypan will do, but this might be the perfect machine to take on a road trip, or to have in an apartment for singles to use.

+ detachable plates are excellent for cleaning.

- it doesn't clip shut, so it won't store vertically. quite annoying.

Love it!

I bought the Griddler a week ago from Costco. I am in love with it. Cooks everything fantastic and super easy to clean as the plates are detachable. Haven't used frypan since. Can't comment on the longevity of the item as I have only had it for a week or their customer service if anything goes wrong. However, it terms of the item functionality and practicality, it's perfect for me :)


I thought this would be the perfect replacement and was excited by removable plates but I'm asking for a refund. Takes far too long to heat, seems to not get hot enough to even do a sandwich efficiently, bread is so dry by time cheese is melted. Pity as it looked and sounded great.

Good product but could be better

I brought this to replace my similar Breville BGR400, this is a bit smaller and the separate drip pot means at times I might not put it under the outlet and have oil drip on the bench. The coating on the plates also has failed after 12 months of nearly daily use and it's got a bubble high spot in the centre of the flat plate, the lock thing that keep the top in place has also failed so the top flops about, it also means now the ttop plate may end up sitting slightly further back and causing the top plates oil to drip onto the bench behind the grill. The other design issue is I thought when I brought this I could turn the top plate off, but instead it overcomplicates things with a choice of 2 different thermostat controls for both the plates and buggered if I can find much difference using either of the for cooking anything so far. On my model the plates aren't reversible either, I believe looking at the current models they may have an integrated drip tray an maybe reversible plates now. I want to replace it with the Cusinart GR150 but they aren't available in 240v so might go back to Breville and see if they've fixed the top plate falling out issue. as there's nothing else in 240v that has the same features.
Otherwise great for Sandwiches, eggs, meat, fish, bacon etc.
Healthy cooking, removable plates, retro styling
Didn't last as long as Breville, only fits 2 sandwiches, seperate "drip pot", no way to turn off top plate.

I didn't like this machine at all

I purchased this so I would have the versatility of grilling a steak or cooking pikelets. I found it not hot enough to grill steak, and the thermostat control cuts in an out so that one minute my pikelets are almost burning, then they're not cooking at all. I emailed Cuisinart about this problem and they said I could return it to them so that they could see if it was faulty, when I emailed back to ask at whose expense that would be I received no reply. I emailed again about 6 months later and also got no reply. After using it for a year I also found the plates would not click in easily (sometimes I couldn't get them to click in at all). It's redeeming factor was the three year warranty and eventually I returned it to David Jones where I had purchased it and was able to get a refund.

Versatile griller, griddle and sandwich toaster.

It has a substantial and retro look about it, like an appliance from the 1950s. It looks so good I leave it on my kitchen bench and it's ready for use at any time.
Superb. It's very well made and very solid.
What really separates this from similar appliances is that the hotplates are removable for easy cleaning. The top and bottom hotplates come out with the press of a button so you can wash them properly in the sink. We've had quite a few similar appliances because they are so handy for quick toasted sandwiches and keeping them clean was always difficult.
The kids use it for quick toasted sandwiches and my husband makes his trademark Steak Sandwiches. He cooks steak, bacon and egg in the Griddler, timing when he puts each one in. Then he puts it between bread and toasts it for a few seconds, then add tomato and lettuce.
I use it for fish, chicken pieces (not too large), chops, steak just about anything that is not too thick.
You can also fold both hotplates out flat so you use them both as a griddle for pancakes and pikelets.
Overall: A bit expensive compared to other grills and sandwich makers but it really is a lot better quality and the removable hotplates are a real winning feature.
Well built, excellent quality, great looking and the hotplates are removable, very functional.
Expensive but I think value for money.

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Griddler GR-4NGriddler GR-4A
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