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Sunbeam Compact Cafe Grill GR8210

Latest review: While my kitchen was being done I had no working cooking appliances so went to Target to get a jaffle maker - then saw this on the shelf. As it's a Sunbeam I thought it would be good quality and on

Breville Toast & Melt

Latest review: Just needed a small but good sandwich maker - this is a small one but more than big enough for me. Heats quickly and cooks evenly. Has two non-stick flat plates that are easy to clean. Very

Breville Big One BTS100

Latest review: In Breville's effort to make toasties that hold more filling, the edges where the two pieces of bread compress and seal the toastie have been moved further from the centre, reducing the toasties'

Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450 / GR8450B

Latest review: As the name suggests it is a toastie press as well as a grill. The floating hinge allows well filled toastie sandwiches to be cooked without being squashed during cooking. The adjustable height

Tefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61

Latest review: Simple. Read above. I loved this machine. Until it caught on fire. Liquid dripped to heating element underneath. That was the end of machine I kept the plates but I want the machine again. Just one

Breville Original '74 BSG1974

Latest review: Bought this a year back, still works great. Calibrates output to not burn the bread but evenly toasts it. Saw some reviews about sandwich slice sizes being an issue for some people but no problems

Sunbeam Contact Grill and Sandwich Press GC7800 / GC7850B

Latest review: I use my sandwich press nearly everyday for my lunch, it grills chicken very well too. One of the trusted brands, it never let's you down. The added feature like thermostat to control temperature

Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie GR6250

Latest review: Terrible product , should have read reviews here first but I trusted the sunbeam brand. Does not toast sandwiches they end up soggy no matter how long I let it preheat

Breville Original BTS200 / BTS400

Latest review: Perfect results everytime for all your family's,quick & easy toasted sandwich treats , just use plastic, silicone or wooden utensils to remove cooked sandwich, never use metal utensils because they

Target 4 Slice Sandwich Press TARSP32

Latest review: I was very impressed with this Sandwich Press i previously had an expensive heavy press, and it worked well, but i like the outside of my sandwiches to come out nice and brown. That is exactly what

Contempo LW-8552

Latest review: I bought this more than a year ago on (low) price as a (temporary) replacement for a 4-slice model that had failed - just until I could get around to research and buy a “proper” one. It has act

Breville Adjusta Grill & Press BGR250

Latest review: Love the features which are adjustable height allowing for different thicknesses of sandwiches, also the top plate can be high enough to grill cheese without touching the cheese, you can cook bacon &

Sunbeam Compact Café Press GR8220 / GR8250B

Latest review: After getting one of these for my mum I was so impressed with it I had to get one. Purchased it on sale. Cooks toasties quickly and easily with different amounts of fillings etc. have had it for at

Breville The Perfect Press BSG600BSS

Latest review: I bought the press hoping it is a great choice. But unfortunately it’s not the best. Takes almost twice times as a normal press. I guess 1500W is not the best for p

Home & Co (Kmart) Sandwich Maker

Latest review: This is a very simple sandwich press - which is why we bought it. We wanted a press that would not squash our sandwiches into odd shapes that don't always fit the shape of the bread. This one is

Cuisinart Griddler

Latest review: After two years of using the Quisinart Griddler a few times each week, I'm happy with it for everything except that it can't brown steak without over-cooking the meat. It just can't get hot enough.

Target Essentials TESSWM660

Latest review: I have one of these at home albeit from a different store. However hubby and I were in target and saw this sandwhich maker for only $5 on the discount rack! They had several there so it was just a

Breville the Power Toastie LTS425GRY

Latest review: Like most children of the 80’s, I grew up with fond memories of the Breville toastie maker. It’s presence in most homes was so ubiquitous that for most of my generation, there was no concept of ‘ja

Smith & Nobel 4 Slice Sandwich Maker

Latest review: The power cord is sooooo short you need an extension cord to reach any power point on the wall. Every time I do a toasted sandwich, it sticks to the plates so bad that by the time you get it out, it

Kenwood SM650

Latest review: It says on manual that it takes 3.5 minutes to make a waffle, I put in 15 and the waffle was still a bit not cooked through inside. I had followed instructions of heating the thing up first before

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