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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker with Compressor

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker with Compressor

ICE-100A, ICE-100BCXA, ICE-100BCA, ICE-100MRA and ICE-100RA
4.5 from 22 reviews

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Never going back to bought ice-cream

Unfortunately it took me several months to open my purchase (health reasons took priority). Have made vanilla ice-cream a couple of times now - absolutely delicious. Tonight I made chocolate ice-cream - to die for.

Cuisinart deserve a gold medal. No problems whatsoever - easy, easy and you will never go back to bought ice-cream when you have this! No nasties - have bought some ice-cream cookbooks to expand my repetoire. The booklet that comes with it has heaps of recipes too.

If you love ice-cream - you will love it!! No regrets at all -
only that it took me 8 months to use!!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Best gelato Ice cream maker

I bought this on special from Myer for $399.

Works great, I’ve used it to make gelato commercially from home and manages to sold over 90 big tubs of gelato over 2 months summer period.

The size is very bulky and heavy.

The settings on the machine is very manual, with no sensor telling you when ice cream is done.

But the machine works great.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Delicately eaten

So creamy, needs to be eaten delicately, no need to rush...Take your time, small spoon, with a grilled peach and ginger syrup drizzled on top and enjoy the total experience. Looking forward to getting to know one another this summer. Have yet to try sorbet and gelato. Christmas will be its testing time!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Didn't work/poor quality

Just a glorified mixer, couldn't cool the mixture lower than fridge temp, 3 hours and nothing changed. Had to return to sender. Very disappointed considering the units its price. Very poor quality. The company was ok for me to send it to them so they could locate the issue and replace, expensive venture for receiving an item that doesn't work.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Don't bother.

Have made three batches of ice cream with this machine. As said by a previous person, left a fatty deposit on roof of the mouth. When made as per instructions from book, ice cream was soft, if eaten straight away, but when frozen, ice cream goes very hard and contains a lot of ice. Not like store bought ice cream. Tried to find a way to overcome these problems by Googling, but was unable to find a fix. Will keep eating ice cream with all the bad stuff, but maybe not as much.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Was ok

I purchased my ice cream maker as Christmas present to myself
I have only used it 4 or 5 times and it did work a treat. I went to use it again in early January but it played up it worked ok for about 3 or 4 minutes into its blending cycle and then made really terrible grinding noises. I stopped it to check and make sure I had placed ice cream container correctly. Restarted it and again got the grinding noises. Reached and then restarted and it worked ok. I have since been very hesitant to use it. I will give it another go and but it looks like I may have a lemon. Other problem is the zvailabily of ingredients some recipes call for the use of pectin only place I can source it is online and the postage is almost the same as the product.

Date PurchasedNov 2016


Brilliant machine, simple to use and great results every time. I have tried the other type where you have to freeze the bowl and this is absolutely worth the extra cash you'll need to splash- don't even consider any other one just be patient and save up for this one

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Good Machine

does what it said it would do, can't depute the product. But the Recipies, plus others sourced leave a fat deposit on roof of the mouth I don't think this is the product fault but I can't find out how to avoid this. will put me off making ice cream


Great little ice cream maker, we have this model and a similar Apuro model and much prefer the Cuisinart for the little extra cash. We just ran it for three days straight producing ice cream for our ice cream van and it didn't miss a beat, yet the Apuro would freeze up.

Love My New Ice Cream Maker

This machine is amazing. Most of my family are dairy intolerant so I instead of using full cream milk and cream I substituted them for tinned coconut milk and coconut cream. Also instead of using sugar, I used honey. You would not know the difference. Creamy, delicious icecream in less than 1 hour. Restaurant quality my husband said and he is very fussy when it comes to his ice cream. This product is worth every cent. Thank you!

The key to making the perfect ice cream!

I definitely agree with all the comments here. This is a dream come true and a life saver for grandmothers like me who has grandchildren always clamouring for ice cream, burgers and french fries. It’s quick and easy to use and a breeze to clean up!
The noisy part though is right, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Got my ice cream maker!

It will make a large quantity for all the kids, .Its a little noisy when churning the ingredients, but that is to be expected. Very easy to wash and clean.

Love it!

We've made about a half-dozen batches of ice-cream and we're delighted.

it's easy, fairly quick and we control what goes in. Just milk, cream, a little sugar and flavouring. No preservatives, colouring or salt which are in most commercial ice-creams. We've found that half the amount of sugar suggested by the recipe book is all that is needed. Strawberry is the best we've made so far!

It's a little noisy and the mixture is a little soft when finished (but if it were much harder you wouldn't be able to get it out of the bowl!). We also wanted the plain stainless steel finish, rather than the red, which, surprisingly, cost more.

These are very minor negatives. It's a great machine that does what it is designed to do with no fuss and produces great results.

Brilliant. Amazing ice cream every time.

This ice cream machine has not failed me yet and I am so happy I bought it.
The ice cream comes out smooth and creamy in usually far less than 60 minutes. The recipe book that comes with it is also very useful. Don't buy a cheaper version. This is the best investment I've made in ages. Everyone who has tried the ice cream from this machine says "wow, you should open an ice cream shop!". It really genuinely tastes like something you bought in a gelateria.
The only thing I don't like about it is the cheap plastic cover that sits over the bowl. It doesn't attach properly and the flip opening keeps falling off too. I just perch the cover on top of the bowl when the ice cream is churning and hope that it's doing something useful. But again, despite the rubbish cover, this machine produces awesome results every time.
Note: it's pretty noisy. I only turn it on when everyone is still awake.

worth saving for

I saved up for a while for this after reading only good reviews and haven't been disappointed. The icecream is great and it's very fast. Now I can make all the icecream I like, but without the things added that I don't like in commercial brands. The machine is very noisy due to the compressor, but it's 40 minutes to make a batch so you can live with that. Highly recommended to pay that bit extra for a good machine.

Craps on the cheap freeze bowl models

One of my best appliance investments ever, second to my optimum 9400 high-powered blender which accompanies the Cuisinart Ice cream maker perfectly to add in silky smooth fruits and natural favours. I have had Zero issues, this machine is truly commercial quality. I usually make at least 2-4 batches one after the other, you don't need to chill down ingredients at all, also one tip for the best Gelato is to remove it after it just starts to freeze so it's got minimal aeration possible. 3 cups milk, tin of condensed milk & a pinch of salt is the yummiest foundation for your Gelato.!

Real, delicious and healthy icecream

I was on the lookout for an ice cream machine with a compressor for the last couple of years. I jumped at the chance when I saw it and can't believe how good it is. easy or complex recipes- they are all DELICIOUS. I have not bought commercial ice cream since November 2013. My kids can eat as much as they want because it's ALL NATURAL and I know what's in it. I would have made over 20litres of ice cream over the summer. everyone that tastes it can't believe how creamy and flavoursome it is. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, choc mint- all scrumptious. You can eat it freshly churned after about 45 mins- it's that real silky soft gelato. The recipe book is excellent. Easy to clean. Do yourself a favour and invest in your health with this machine. Big thumbs up!
Can eat icecream straight after a churn


Have had my new best friend for 2 months now and what a fantastic product !!!!! I use it every day and if you want to take chemicals and other junk well this baby is the answer. LOVE IT. I am so fussy when it comes to ice cream and would only ever purchase that. Well now comparing ice cream from my own ingredients my previous favorite brand of ice cream no longer has a place in my freezer

Perfect appliance

Recently bought this, loving, loving,loving it. The ice cream is amazing. So much better than shop bought. Very happy with the purchase and the price from Kitchenware Direct. Soon going to run out of freezer space!! Looks good in the kitchen and matches my other red appliances. I would recommend one for families, my grandchildren were very impressed. Kitchenware Direct despatch was superfast, and product was well packed.
Does what it does beautifully!

Great machine

I had the earlier model of this ice cream maker with compressor and it was not a patch on the new machine. The machine is quiet, fast and churns well. It is easy to clean and a very sturdy machine. Churning time for about a litre of ice-cream is around 35 minutes. I highly recommend it.
Quiet, fast, churns well

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Questions & Answers

Could someone tell me what the bowls are made out of? Stainless steel or aluminium? Or even non stick coated? Thanks
2 answers
I think it'd aluminium, very light and dull colourOh bummer. Thanks for that

Where to find liquid pectin ?
1 answer
They sell it in Coles, IGA, Woolworth in the baking section

Is the Cuisinart 100BCXA suitable to make ice cream or only gelato. Does it come with both paddles
2 answers
It comes with both paddles. Though you won't make the same gelato as the gelateria as they have a blast freezer after they churn the Gelato.It comes with both paddles. Though you won't make the same gelato as the gelateria as they have a blast freezer after they churn the Gelato.

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