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Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter

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Terrible customer service

We've been waiting for 3 months and they can't fix our air conditioner that still under warranty. Customer service can't even manage their own staff. products still under warranty but it doesn't work,

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Not Insulated
Room Type Whole House

Works every time except when the weather is hot!!!

We have had this 3 phase $8,000 air-conditioning unit for 8 years. I have stopped complaining as I get no reply and I guess it is now out of warranty. But even when it was guaranteed we still got very little support and no solution. Every single year, when it gets really hot (the 'when' for which we purchased it!), it repeatedly throws the breaker and even when turned back on the compressor doesn't run, so it doesn't work until the outside temperature gets cooler and it will restart. (by then we don't need it of course). If we call the installer to look at it, they don't turn up in the heat... so don't see it in its failed condition. In my opinion ... as it won't work in the hottest weather I think to say "it's not fit for purpose" would not be an exaggeration. (Written: 3.30pm inside our home which is now at 30 degrees!)

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Daikin just okay

We have four of these in our house. Overall they do a great job but there are a few strange things that have happened with them that is concerning considering that they are less than a year old. Firstly we run one in my son's room every day and it works quiet well. I set it at 20 degrees and I have and avent thermometer on the bed side table and the room sits at 20 so that is good. The other three do not get used as much which might be the problem. We've had to get technicians out twice now to look at them. 1 time was for the one in our bed room not turning on, I would press start and the lights would just flash and flash over and over which apparently it was flashing in a sequence to tell you what was wrong. I didn't realise this, on one hand that was good as the technician could fix the problem on the other it kept waking up my husband as it wouldn't stop flashing until I would turn it off. The 2nd time we called the tech was because the one in the lounge would not turn off once turned on with the remote. Again it was fixed but still takes a few goes to turn off. So for being less than a year old they are not amazing, but may it is best the more you use them.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Affordable, does the job

I am happy with my purchase of the Daikin 3Phase standard inverter - it falls into the budget price category & cools the room quickly & quietly. Probably ideally best for a medium sized area - too large for a typical bedroom. I only use it occasionally and have had no problems at all - easy to use remote control, didn't need to read pages of instructions to work it out. Overall, does a good job.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very happy, quite and efficient

I am very happy with this system, it does everything I wanted.
The unit was installed a month ago. It replaced a Bonaire unit which failed, so the installation used the original ceiling ducting with new R410A piping. The new installation has six zones so it uses the Daikin electronic zone control module incorporating the zone control switches, with six new 24v zone motors.
Since installation the unit has run continuously through many hot humid days and has worked perfectly. The controller has 3 fan speeds for the internal fan, in both manual and automatic mode. The fan speed stays to the set speed, but in the auto mode switches on and off automatically when the room temperature drifts from the set temperature. I presume the auto mode helps to reduce running costs. I have noticed that in manual mode with continuous internal fan, there is less temperature variation than with the auto mode.
The previous Bonaire unit was very noisy both inside and out, so noise was a big priority during selection of a new unit. The Daiken internal unit on low fan speed is almost silent, with a very gentle wind noise as air passes through the internal return ceiling filter. It continues to amaze me that it keeps the house cool on 30+ days yet it does it silently without drafts.
The outside unit when it first started had to work hard and consequently generated a fair bit of fan and pump noise. However now that the house temperature has stabilised it is surprisingly quite with only a subtle fan/wind noise and occasional motor hum. At night it gets even quieter with the cooler night temperatures.
Acclaim Air Conditioning from the Gold Coast did the installation, I'm fussy and they impressed me. Their installation was significantly better than the original unit installation when the house was built. They even moved the controller from the first floor to the ground floor where I requested it. I highly recommend them.

P.S. I also had a 5kW solar power system installed at the same time, so the solar helps pay for most of the air conditioning running cost. Running the air con continuously avoids large variations in house temp, and associated power consumption spikes at start up. Based on a month of summer usage we average 25kW a day from the grid.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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What is the unit cost for this model?
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does anyone know the star rating for the below on the cooling side?
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Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter FDYQN180LBV1 (18kW)Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter FDYQN200LBV1 (20kW)Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter FDYQN250LBV1 (23.5kW)Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter FDYQ160KAV1 (16kW)
CategoryDucted Air ConditionersDucted Air ConditionersDucted Air ConditionersDucted Air Conditioners
Cooling Capacity18kW20kW23.5kW
Heating Capacity20kW22.4kW26.8kW
Indoor Unit Height500mm500mm500mm
Indoor Unit Width1230mm1430mm1430mm
Indoor Unit Depth970mm765mm465mm
Outdoor Unit Height1680mm1680mm1680mm
Outdoor Unit Width930mm930mm930mm
Outdoor Unit Depth765mm765mm765mm

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