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DeLonghi F28311

DeLonghi F28311

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Delonghi Deepfryer

A must have if you like to cook your own instead of store bought chips, fish, scallops, chicken nuggets. This has a rotating basket and is super easy to clean. I love home made hot chips and this is the best product on the market. I had my deep fryer, then a friend said a air fryer would be healthier & bought me an air fryer the air fryer went to the salvos and I have still got my delonghi.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Nice product, very short lifespan

I have the third Fryer now, i like the angled rotated basket design, use less oil, the food less oily at the end, but the quality of the unit below average, with normal usage (say few times a week) don't expect to last longer than a year and a half. Really miss some easy way to clean the oil, like new Tefal has, with the rubber drain, what this has very messy, complicated. Plus have to put up very soon with an ugly oil burnt upper aluminum lid, you just can't clean it properly... What is died first always? The bearing / seal of the basket rotating part, worn out and the oil sipping through exactly into the small drive motor, and stops working. And of course that bearing seal part is the one what you can't find anywhere. :(

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Best fryer ever

IF you're going to use a deep fryer then this is the best one.
Half the oil so you don't have to buy huge bottles, great if you forget and only have a bit left. Easy empty, the best on the market, so simple when cooled just empty via the hose back into your oil bottle. Wipe clean inside and it's ready to store. Makes 1kg of fries fast. Good temp range. Great lid, extra safety with kids around - love the filter so your house doesn't smell like fried food. Good size, easy to store.
I got this so cheap secondhand, I would say for how much but it would make everyone really envious :D

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Almost excellent product

Chips are as perfect as they can be. Schnitzels juicy and crunchy. The only downside is that it does not have a timer, so you have to use some other device to measure the time of frying. Also, condensation can cover the window. I found cleaning very easy. I used oil only 2x for health reasons.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good product just a bit hard to keep clean.

The deep fryer performs really well and the Teflon part of it is easy to clean but the lid is a bit of a pain. Overall we we're really happy with it, I'd just recommend keep on top of the cleaning and it'll keep you in hot chips for years.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Excellent product

This is my second deep fryer, for the price this product certainly makes things easy.
I actually wore my first one out, and had no hesitation purchasing another. Easy to clean, comes apart.
Does not use too much oil.
Wipe down outside surface with baking soda dishwashing detergent undiluted and wipe clean and dry.
Comes up well.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Seal leaks after a couple of years

We bought ours May 2015 and now the central seal is leaking spilling oil all over the bench top. I doubt the warranty will cover it. I could repair it myself if the parts are available, i have not yet checked. 2.5 yrs use for $100? The old style don't leak but they do use more oil. I found that the 4l of oil in the old style would go rancid between uses and disposing of that much oil was both expensive and a problem. The Roto Fryer saves that mess. But the cost saving may not be that good if you factor in the cost of new machine ( or repair ) in 2.5 years.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Hard to clean, filters expensive

Find it time consuming to clean after every use so therefore dont use it much.. the stopper in the rubber tube always gets stuck.. even with filters it smells whilst cooking.. to me its an ok fryer.. not sure when I purchased it.. it was a few months ago .

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Very Good for 2-3 persons.

We have been using a 4L Tefal deep fryer that is close to a gold standard for domestic use, but 4L is a lot of oil when only cooking for 2. Enter the Rotofryer that only uses 1.2L of oil. The Rotofryer does not cook quite as well as a 4L deep fryer when the basket is near full and especially with frozen foods because the modest amount of oil cannot maintain temperature well when the food is first dropped. The food cools the oil and the heating element will come on. The Rotofryer is the equal of the deep fryer on small-modest portions and is surprisingly easy to clean compared to a deep fryer.

Follow the directions to load the basket around the edges and accept that 1.2L of oil does not hold enough heat to lower much frozen food without a short term temperature drop, so (eg) "too many" frozen chips can get a bit greasy. Our worst load of frozen chips, 500g, was no more greasy than many F&C shops! The directions recommend only 180g per load of frozen chips - not much- although we do 300g with very good results.

One downside is that some larger food shapes/sizes may not be amenable to the Rotofryer rotating basket, another is the charcoal filter needs periodic replacement (thanks for the hint mastoi) and another is that the window fogs up for the duration with frozen food, however we found no downside to opening the cover to check the food during operation.

Absolute rubbish

Search my reviews, I give credit where it's due. It is not due here.

People use the expression "proof of the pudding"? A kitchen tool is only as good as the food it cooks, otherwise it's just taking up space. After way too many disappointing results I tested the unit with an over-the-counter digital thermometer plus an expensive imported Thermapen, and the claimed 190c cook temperature read under 150c on both. No wonder the food was under-cooked. My roto-fry is now taking up space in my garbage bin where it belongs. I'm not even going to bother with a warranty claim.

Two Stars short of 5 - Read review

Purchased at a bargain at TGG Melton VIC. Have had it for some years now, still in an excellent condition as it is a true genius design as far as hygiene etc are concerned. Uses roughly 1100 - 1200ml (1.1-1.2L) of Oil, which is very economic.

Types of oil you should use to get the best out of it:
1. Cottonseed Oil.
2. Canola.
3. Rice Bran.

I have recently seen people looking for filters, if it is the top charcoal filter you're after, buy the large white commercial canopy filters from eBay and cut to size, they are very good with getting the smell filtered, economic, reusable and washable. I bought a large sheet a year ago for roughly $25-$30 and cut out roughly a 50-10% piece which I am still using, simply wash with dishwashing liquid under warm tap water and leave out to dry.

If it is an oil filter you're after to filter the oil when draining to avoid crumbs etc, use a clean dry chux or similar cloth, put it over the container you're draining the oil into (if a bottle, use your little finger to push the cloth in an inch or so, it filters just as good as anything else.

1. Lid: if you are not holding the lid when you press the catch release, it could literally fly off the top and could do serious damage, I don't know why no one has mentioned this - the springs are very strong with this one!
2. All of a sudden, the heating element has stopped working properly, I have to slam the lid repeatedly for it to kick off again, then it dies out. As it is out of warranty, I'm going to have a fiddle to see if there is anything minor, if not, I will be reviewing my feedback.
3. Never fill the oil to MAX line, because even at MIN, the basket sits on the oil when raised which is somewhat counterproductive as you want the oil to drain out of the cooked food, not soaking in after it's been cooked and raised up.

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UPDATE: I cleaned the unit out, undid the screws and pulled it apart (some screws are very hard to reach and it also has the Y screws. Upon removing the bottom I found a little black plastic lever / arm thingy just floating around, it turned out that the element was fine, no other electrical issues, that little lever connect the outside thermostat knob to the inside thermostat mechanism, it is not very hard to put back in, but it is very touch and go as far as how good it stays on there, any sudden hits/bangs while that lever is at the right angle and it will most definitely fall off again. It is similar to a CV Joint (Constant Velocity Joint) - Wikipedia it. If you're not too technical savvy, you're in for a $80-$100 cost, make sure the technician shows you a burnt out element if they tell you it's the element. Looking on the inside, this thing is extremely well built, just bad design to keep the lever held up. I am going to increase the rating to 4, as much as the fix was small, it was a very time consuming process for me to get to the bottom of the problem and no doubt it would have cost me $100 in repair (new units are selling at $99 from The Good Guys on special at the moment).

DéLonghi F28311 The Best On The Market

An absolutely brilliant idea.Soooooo much easier to change the oil. 100 times better than the old conventional deep fryers we are used to and the rotating basket makes sure nothing sticks together and all of your food is evenly cooked. If you love deep frying with minimal oil (1 litre) then this is for you. Deep fried food in moderation is okay as long as you do not over do it. I have found that cotton seed oil or peanut oil are the best to use. Buy one, you won't be disappointed.

Excellent Deep Fryer

Best deep fryer i have used to date. For me the most important aspect was safety as i have a little one at home and she was my first thought. Being able to lower the basket with the lid closed obviously means no hot oil splatter making it safe in that regards.

Secondly i like the ingenious design of the spinning basket meaning that no food is going to be submerged in oil longer than it needs to be and gives everything in the basket an even cook time.

The deep fryer also heats up quite quickly so less time waiting or planning. The emptying of the oil is also a great feature with the tube, i can put it straight back into the bottle the oil came out of with this.

Overall an excellent product that i am very happy with.

Best Deep Fryer EVER! Exceeded my expectations

Very happy with this purchase, we use it weekly. After reading reviews on this website and others I decided on this one. A smart and safe design, being able to raise and lower the basket with the lid closed was the big decider, no splutters, safer to use with kids in and out of the kitchen. The angled rotating basket is great as foods don’t get so logged with oil. Super easy to clean, it uses less oil than normal fryers, lightweight to store, looks good and great value for money. I’d highly recommend this product, I love it.
Everything, can't fault it
The button to release the lid didn't engage properly at first, the locking arms didn’t seem to retract enough to release the lid. It soon fixed itself after a few uses and now works perfectly.

Best Deep Fryer Eva

I bought this fryer yesterday after making sure the design fault had been fixed (dodgy legs). Took it home and made chips with it, then cleaned it and put it away. What a great fryer, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. The chips were perfect and I could see them through the viewing window. It only used 1 litre of oil so you don't mind replacing it after every couple of uses and boy is it easy to drain and clean, probably took less than 5 minutes all up:) So, I can highly recommend this fryer, it's lightweight,(only a couple of kilos), easy to use, easy to clean and superior results. The only negative I have is that I was not told I could buy oil filters for it which I would have bought as then you can keep the oil longer and in the fryer if you wish to. I also found out that each time you fry, you are getting more trans fats as the oil deteriorates, so only using the oil once or twice makes better sense and only having to throw out 1 litre of oil makes you less inclined to keep it and use it over and over again.
The design and weight

Very impressed with the design

So many things to love about this product. The basked can be lowered into the oil with the lid down, meaning no oil splutters. The basket sits on an angle and rotates the food through the oil. This means that the food is only in the oil about 60% of the time, the other 40% of the time is out of the oil but still cooking. It is designed like this so that the food absorbs less oil and is slightly healthier. Drain plug to drain the oil, and it uses less oil than the conventional type. Love it.
Too many things to mention

Questions & Answers

Does the oil drain pipe need to take out and clean? Need to change pipe periodically?
2 answers
sorry don't know the answer .. hope someone does so we both know.. :)The box includes a cleaner rod to clean the drain tube, and the drain pipe does not need to be routinely changed out. It is really very simple to manage.

HI What are the volumes the fryer can take, how many peices of fish, or approximately how many servings of chips etc?
1 answer
You can cook a kilo bag of frozen chips easily or six pieces and battered fish plus some chips on top. It is roomy and the fact that you do not have to turn stuff around or over when cooking means that you can fill it up. We usually fill up to about 2 centimetres from the top of the basket which is just about perfect as the basket rotates and the entire basket goes under the cooking oil at some stage during rotation. I hope this helps.

Where can I buy filters for f28311 deep fryer Nth Queensland?
1 answer
What filter are you after? The top charcoal Filter? You can buy one of those Canopy Filter Sheets (bulk) from UK via eBay, which come with a special odour neutralising sheet. You measure and cut to size and they are washable and reusable. I paid like $25 - $30 for the whole sheet a year ago and am still using the first cutting (about 5% of the whole sheet), you do the math.


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