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DeLonghi Steel Elite Fan Heater

DeLonghi Steel Elite Fan Heater

HVS3032W (White) and HVS3032C (Chrome)
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DeLonghi and the P.R.C join forces to bring you this deceptive little number. Priced like a top tier item, performance of a lemon. We got about 30 seconds of operation before an audible crackle and pop spelt the end for this unit. Better off burning your money for warmth.

Purchased in May 2019 at briscoes for $88.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Room Type Small Bedroom

Do yourself a favour and buy another product!

I bought this particular brand of heater in February 2018 as a clearance item from The Good Guys. It doesn't heat particularly well, is incredibly noisy and blew itself up after only 7 months - I'm so lucky it didn't set my unit on fire. DO NOT BUY, it is dangerous!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

What a lemon

This has to be the most expensive fan heater on the market with only a 6 month guarantee it’s obvious DeLongi don’t expect this heater to last the distance. $98.00 for something we switched on about 10 times as to be a joke. Couldn’t believe it was only 6 month guarantee.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great little fan/heater

Bought this during winter and found it a handy little heater in my computer nook. Haven't yet used it for cooling but it seems quite powerful for its small and compact size.

Potential for a fire hazard.

We bought this heater at the beginning of winter, to use in our Caravan. It is a little noisy, but that we can put up with, what the worry is, is the way the dust and fluff accumulates inside the heater in the element area.... with no way to clean it out, without dismantling the heater.. which of course would void our warranty.
The heater often sets off our smoke detector.
For the price we paid for this potential fire hazard we could have purchased four cheaper heaters that do not collect the dust and fluff.
And yes our van is swept and cleaned and dusted regularly with a damp cloth.. but the fluff and dust still accumulates inside the heater, We went back to the Good Guys where we purchased this heater and asked their advice.. they didn't want to know about it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

OK but really noisy

I bought this because I like Delonghi products and it was priced at the premium level. I am suffering from buyer's remorse. It heats OK and looks nice but it is the noisiest fan heater I have owned and I've had many over the decades.

I'm not sure if it's a basic design issue or I have a bad item. I think the fan is out of balance so you get a lot of resonance on top of the fan noise. Forget about using this in the bedroom at night. It will keep you awake. Even on the so-called silent setting it is just about as noisy as the high setting.

The cheap Kambrook it replaced was quieter. I should have spent half as much at Bunnings. I would have had a better outcome.

Not recommended.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best buy for winter

Cannot go a single winter without this thing as it keeps the room warm for hours with just 30 minutes of on-time. It is also very safe as it will automatically turn off if accidentally knocked over. It has two knobs which are easily turnable and simple to use straight out of the box but the reason that I am giving it a 4 star instead of a 5 star is because I wish that it had a timer so I could leave it on for a bit when I go to sleep instead of having to get out of bed.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Good heater for bathroom

We've had this heater for almost 2 years and use it in the bathroom in winter. To date we've had no issues.

The only thing I find is that it's quite a dust catcher and needs constant attention to ensure that it's operating at its optimal performance.

It's an attractive unit and relatively quiet to run.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Maybe better is summer as a fan

All I can say about this heater is that it just does not heat, it should be called a warmer. Honestly do not waste your money on this. Bought it two days ago and I am taking it back today for a refund, you will barely be able to tell its on.

Not The Same As 3 Years Ago (Poor Quality)

We purchased one of these heaters 3 years ago and loved it (and still going strong).
We decided to purchase a 2nd one for our little bubs bedroom and must say we were really disappointed with the quality of the new ones (even though still the same).
After taking it back and exchanging it 3 times, we thought we would eventually get a good one. All 3 developed really loud vibrating noises (the old one is still quieter). We even tried a Dyson Hot & Cold and this little Delonghi heater still heated up the room better.
Overall good little heater just a shame the quality has dropped off.

OK but disappointing from such a high end product

This heater is called Steel Elite, model HVS3032.W (white) so I will begin my review on this. This model is manufactured in China. The main body and frame/case of this heater is actually plastic ie the 'steel' is the part only in front of the heater and is stuck or placed over the plastic frame/case anyway. It's disappointing to open the box and discover this high end heater is mostly made of plastic. The front grill is made of honeycomb style metal but again its stuck over the plastic case. A closer inspection inside this DeLonghi fan heater revealed that the fan blades are also made of metal. At the front of this fan heater is a large round opening for the fan and it measures at 18cm wide and this does push out warm air which does radiate but at it's highest setting at 2400 watts it generates warm air only (it does not produce hot air which is disappointing). It's a heater and it's main purpose is to generate lots of warm and hot air but it doesn't do it all that well.

However, I have this heater situated in a large master bed room and it does warm up the room at a comfortable warmth. The dual manual dial for control is also made of brittle plastic and has a small fine fins to move the dial with and this a concern as these small plastic fins can easily break or snap off! Looking at the rear of this heater it does not have a fine dust filter to catch the fine dust so this means the dust would be either be trapped inside this unit or circulated back and out into the room. And over time dust does get trapped inside and begins to singe. This may be a concern to persons like me who have a sensitivity to dust.

During it's operation the noise level is tolerable but not super quiet. One of my reasons for purchasing this DeLonghi heater was as a replacement of another noisy fan heater (other brand). It is quieter than other fan heaters but only slightly. It does have a 'Silence' setting but this produces only just a very slight difference and the air at this heat setting is luke warm (not such a great feature after all). This model is high priced but it's disappointing to pay so much when other lower priced brands produce similar or better results. Whether it's going to last or be robust or a durable heater with longevity or be trouble free - I really doubt it.

My main reason for purchasing this heater was because it claimed that's its 'Steel Elite' as I was looking for a metal cased heater. It was disappointing overall to discover that most of it is made from plastic. Hmmm. It's aesthetic appearance is nice looking. DeLonghi you can do better in providing and improving the quality of this fan heater. At such a high price DeLonghi you can afford to improve the durability, design and the overall functionality of this model.

Ok for the price

I paid $99 for this heater at HN so considering the price I was expecting to be amazed. It does the job of heating a small room ok, although it dries the air with it fairly fast. It's fairly loud, you can't have it on at settings that do any heating without it being a noise nuisance. The way I use it to pre-heat my room maybe 10-15 minutes before bed, if you're doing something similar it's not a bad purchase. Long term though I'd get something else.

For small rooms only

Reasonable for small rooms, noise levels tolerable for someone who needs noise to mask tinnitus.
Takes about half an hour to warm a long rectangular room at max settings, then down to 2nd setting or silent to maintain warmth.

Here's hoping it will last given the price I paid for it ($79)


Noisy. Not silent at all.poor heating. Will cover only small areas but too annoying noise.Only suitable for bedrooms when you dont care about noise. Pretty basic with no extra features. Would probably spend little more and get better product. Low setting quiter but next to mone heating. Very disappointed. Don'togo for this.

Disappointing. Too noisy.

Very noisy heater. Had a silence setting which is the lowest setting and it is still too loud. The low setting isn't very efficient for heating a room. Even the high settings don't heat the room very well. Heaters shouldn't make such a loud clanking noise. Steer clear of this one. I'm taking it back.

OK but the Silence System noise level not as advertised

A standard fan heater with cool fan and 3 heat settings. Warms a small room really well. Very basic features just like most fan heaters out there. It has a "Silence System" feature if you run it at heat setting 800W. According to Delonghi site, if this silence setting is used, the noise level is about 38 dB (decibels). Unfortunately this is not the case. I've used a smartphone decibel meter to measure the sound level, standing at 2 meters from the heater, the meter hovers around 50 dB to 52 dB.

I use this heater in the bedroom. This noise level is still a bit noisy for me, although tolerable.

Note: I do not like to use radiant, oil, convection heaters because they are mostly silent! When they are silent, people tend to forget they are on nor monitor them, and forget to turn them off when leaving the house. Higher fire risk. With a fan/ceramic heater, the sound of the fan can act as a reminder that it is on.
small compact size, various heat settings
no oscillation, no timer, noise level for the "Silence System" feature is not as advertised

Questions & Answers

Any suggestion for a quite fan heater? I got one for kmart and it's too noisy for a small room.
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Steel Elite HVS3032W (White)Steel Elite HVS3032C (Chrome)
Price (RRP) $119.00$119.00
Heater TypeCeramic & Fan and PortableCeramic & Fan and Portable
Colour / Finish Pearl WhiteChrome
Dimensions 305 x 220 x 162 mm305 x 220 x 162 mm
Weight0.8 kg0.8 kg
Construction Material Stainless SteelStainless Steel
FeaturesFan and ThermostatFan and Thermostat
Additional FeaturesAnti-Frost Function and Tip Over ProtectionAnti-Frost Function and Tip Over Protection
Number of Heat Settings33
Power2,400 W2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)
Release dateJun 2012Jun 2012

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