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Delta Airlines

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Atrocious, cruel check in staff @ Boston international

My son & wife Business class travel out of Boston international heading home to Australia. They missed their flight cos checkin staff refused to allow his wife to travel on her married name. Even when they produce their original Australia marriage cert. her passport in maiden name. No help offered, just refused to allow boarding. Refused to contact virgin-original carrier or offer any assistance. This is what u can get if u travel on delta one. Enjoy delta atrocious cruel inhumane indifferent business class service by boston international ground staff. When u ground staff delta Boston international can treat delta top customers like that u are surely a long way from human civilisation

DestinationLos Angeles, CA, USA
ClassBusiness Class
BookingThird Party

worst flight ever

Flew from Brisbane to LA then on to New York November 2018 window shutter broken stale food seat and table dirty from previous flight entertainment screen not working lost luggage and emails to customer service manager and CEO ignored . Avoid Delta airlines at all costs

Surprisingly poor.

Thought these guys were one of the better US airlines but have had multiple issues. Arrived at airport for an 11am departure which was delayed to 1, to 2 to 3 to 6pm. What a joke. No compensation or even much communication. Dont even know why it was delayed. Wasnt an airport or weather issue as other airlines on same route were fine. I'll stick to American going forward.

Perfect flight

My fiancee and I flew Delta (after a 13 hrs flight from Australia to LAX which we had no complaints with virgin Australia) then we flew Delta from LAX to Vegas. We had an amazing flight with the polite air stewards who couldn't do enough to help. We flew back on the 20/10/18 at 600am after we were married and oonce again had an amazing flight. Kellieanne Young and David Brown.

happily surprised

My husband and I were booked Brisbane Au to Seattle via Korea on Korean airlines in Business. However due to late departure in Brisbane we missed out connection and were put on Delta a bit over an hour later. We were nor particularly impressed. Howver it was a good flight with attentive, pleasant staff and even the food was reasonable in fact better than many. I am now considering them for a flight we will take early 19.
My one tiny whinge is that I had the large doonas and pillows (nice by the way) stuffed in the gap between our two middle seats as the place in front of my feet read no stowage and I was made to move them to the no stowage area where they slip out an would have blocked the aisle in any sort of emergency, it was take off they were still in plastic. Where I had them stuffed between the seats the would not impeed the aisle. Maybe this small thing could be reconsidered.

Pathetic! Never fly again!!

Missed my flight because of their flight delay. Paid several hundred more to arrive at smaller airport for convienence. $27.00 reimbursement...really???? No follow-up, no questions, just the way it is. Never fly Delta again!!!!!!!!

Baggage opened and damaged.

Polycarbonate bag fractured. Lock broken. Bag contents rummaged through. No TSA note. No baggage claim receipt given. Still waiting to hear.

Atrocious & unprofessional flight attendants

The flight attendants were rude and abrupt. From Sydney Aust to Los Angeles (flight DL40 on 18 June, 2018 @ 11am departure) - worst service ever. It consisted of 3 meals and 2 out of 3 times the they just walked straight past me without any acknowledgement and skipped my meals. When I tried to call the stewards back (which was quite embarrassing) they just ignored and I had to wait till the stewards on the other isle walked by. When I advised that my meal had been skipped although I was awake and waiting, she did not care. The flight attendants were of very mature age - 2 were brunettes which 1 had glasses and the other was blonde. When service came to collect trays an Asian male collected mine and spilt chocolate custard on me then insincerely apologised. Then the 3rd tray collection the mature aged brunette lady came and squished rubbish in my coffee cup and spilt coffee on me. Instead of apologising she said she now needs to get napkins as she didn’t know there was still coffee in there when she had a CLEAR vision of the tray. She was very rude and acted as if it was my fault. I’ve never witnessed such poor service and it’s unfortunate to say we will NEVER be flying with Delta airlines again as the flight in itself and the pilot talent was flawless.

Delta USA Domestic

Reasons why you should avoid Delta Airline within USA, if possible.
I booked with an online agency and paid extra for a window seat before the wings for a clear view of outside. To my disappointment found no window at all at that seat (15A). Aircraft was a Boeing 737 and for still unexplained reasons, I am not being told why there is no window at that seat and why this fact is not highlighted when selecting that seat. Customer Service at Delta just sent me a seating plan for that aircraft saying it is a window seat. I have sent them a photo saying its is a wall, not a window. It would be easy for them to talk to a regular flight attendant on that aircraft and confirm what I am telling them.
So, my advice to you if flying Delta, is to double check that the seat you request / reserve has what you want and not assume things from the seating plan.
I flew with United on another leg of the journey within USA. They changed my reserved / confirmed seat to one where all I could see was the wing.
At the airport gate, a staff member passed the buck onto the booking agency, who do not control seating. Must be a thing with USA domestic flights with these two airlines.
Boarding announcements at the airport gate at Las Vegas was not clear either. I ended up boarding in the last group, then having to get already seated passengers to get up to let me get to my seat.

Terrible airliner

I booked from Delta's site my tickets for Sydney <-> Denver via LA. My flight from Denver to LA was delayed and I lost the flight back to Sydney. I was supposed to arrive at LA at 21:30 but I arrived at 00:30. Delta booked me a hotel at LA in order to get the next flight to Sydney which was planned for next day at 22:30. The problem is that I had to check out from the hotel at 12:00, which means that I had to wait at the airport for 10:30 hours. Delta also gave me one coupon to have lunch (one meal in 24 hours, thanks Delta for keeping me slim).

The best part of the story, however, is that I got a seat next to a giant guy so I had to sit in half seat during my flight. I asked several times the crew to take me to another seat, but they couldn't find any, although this was not true (I spotted empty seats 3 & 5 rows in front of me).

Everything went well, except for one long delay

We flew with Delta to the NYC in May 2017 via LAX. The first leg from Sydney was on Virgin metal (DL6799) and that went well without a fuss. The connecting flight (DL1197) was delayed a couple of hours and we got in to NYC just before midnight. So we spent sometime in the lounge using Priority Pass and had shower to kill time. Could have left the airport for In-N-Out burger given the 6 hrs layover but was exhausted after the flight and decided not to. We also flew to Fort Lauderdale on DL1879 without any issues. Will flow with them again in the future if price and connecting time/airport is right.

Stay as far as you can from this airline - and don't look back.

If you can avoid flying with this airline - do so! I flew with Delta from Melbourne to Vancouver via Sydney and LAX. Delta lost my luggage in LAX and I found out when I landed in Vancouver. This was mid June. It is now mid August and I am back in Brisbane and I have still not heard a single thing regarding my claims for missing luggage as well as my expense reimbursement. There is no way I can contact them for a follow up on this - if any one knows any way I can contact Delta please let me know. To add to the horror that is Delta Airlines, the staff looked like they did not want to be there. My flight from Sydney to LAX was extremely uncomfortable and the staff (aside from smacking their chewing gum and rolling their eyes) were rude and did not care for the passengers on the plane. I get you're probably tired and had a long day - but if other flight attendants can do it (on other airlines), so should you. Will never fly with Delta ever again. EVER.

Horrendous - Staff do not care

Unfortunately I had no choice but to choose Delta due to my connections in the US. I usually fly Virgin to LAX and they are just awesome. Besides the plane feel much more cramped than Virgin, I found the staff very unenthused and basically just don't care about their job. I get it's a tough gig, but other airlines do it very well. I had to wait in line for check-in for about 1.5hrs which was also a pain. They do have great connections from LAX time wise, but moving forward I will go with Virgin and put up with it. 14hrs is a long time with a grumpy flight attendant.

Delta Comfort+ is NOT Premium Economy

I have just returned from the US and booked through Virgin Australia as their Premium Economy is excellent. I did not notice that the return flight was operated by Delta Air Lines. NEVER AGAIN!
They provide an Economy seat with only three inches extra of legroom. No additional width to the seat and the food and the service is Economy. No problem except we had paid almost twice the economy fare.
When you are 180cm tall and on a 13 hour trip home you need to stretch out. Not in Delta Comfort+.
To add insult to injury the entertainment system was out as the power went down in our section. This was on the new Boeing 777 where Delta have opted for the 3x3x3 layout in Comfort+ as well as in Economy.
Also the checkin process at LAX in the Delta terminal is not to be experienced. Very disappointing!

Worst travel experience ever.

This is probably the worst airline I have ever encountered. On my flight from JFK to LA, a Delta employee dropped a bottle of liquor from an overhead compartment on my head. It was a very strong blow and the bottle broke. I nearly lost consciousness. All Delta did was to reseat me in a dry seat (mine was all splattered with liquor) and give me an ice pack. You think compensation? No! Just an email with apologies for the inconvenience! I still have concentration problems one week after this incident. Never ever fly Delta!

Excellent experience!

I spent six and a half weeks in USA undertaking three tours and had to make various connections via Atlanta Airport with Delta Airlines. Newark Airport to Dallas - left on time and no issues, New Orleans to Memphis - left on time and no issues and Nashville to Las Vegas - left on time and no issues. The staff were courteous and assisted me at various times.

Lucky to get this one star - Delta simply horrible

Flight was from LAX to HNL Hawaii with Delta booked via Virgin. Booked first class for myself, wife and two kids. Just landed in LAX after long trip with American Airlines first class booked via Qantas, difference was unbelievable.

Even thou Virgin had assured we would be able to enter the Delta lounge to freshen up after the trip as we were virgin lounge members and flying first class with their partner airline, we were refused entry and they had security usher me and my family out, which was totally not required but not to feel special they were throwing all Australians out of the lounge on Virgin lounge memberships.... Not welcome. Totally the opposite at American Airline and Qantas membership.
Boarding the flight, all passengers were asked to board at the same time, no priority offered to first class ticket holders, disable people, parents with kids- total chaos.
When reaching the door the flight attendants ignored all passengers, no welcome aboard your seat is down on the right etc. it was more like we are busy find your seat and leave us alone, as they went about playing with the cupboards in the galley.
Apart from the extra leg room there was no reason to have booked first class, no dedicated flight attendants to serve first class, which meant they were running up and back between front and the back, which meant no screen or curtin to separate from economy, which meant everyone was using the forward restroom - normally you pay a price for these thing not to happen.
The flight attendant were rude and not interested in looking after the customers in anyway, anything you asked for like a drink was problematical for them.
The service didn't get any better when we arrived in Hawaii, no thanks for flying, eye contact or even a smile, the stood at the door, ignoring the customers & looking at the ground. Worst service I have ever experienced on a flight, it would not have been acceptable for a discount economy flight let alone a first class ticket.
To complete the Delta experience we arrived at the baggage carousel and none of the "priority" bags were sent up, they were sent to a different part of the terminal on a different carousel, no notice, no announcement and definitely no Delta staff to help out. We can only be grateful that another First class passenger went looking around the terminal and found her bags going around and bothered to come back and tell all of Delta's "priority" customers or we would be standing there now still waiting.
Do yourself a favour, do not fly delta or book through Virgin Australia, go via Qantas and American...... Chalk and cheese.

Terrible service

Book through a travel agent. Most of the flight attendants weren't very friendly, old and awful aircrafts when flying around USA. The only positive thing to say is the staff flying from Colombia was very helpful as we were traveling with little ones.

Do yourself a favour, avoid Delta for travel to/from Australia

I received incorrect information from a Delta Airlines reservations agent in Manila regarding their unaccompanied minor policy at the time of booking. This misinformation was documented in my passenger record at my insistence because I had a hunch that I would run into problems. On the day of travel Delta Airlines did nothing to acknowledge their mistake, take ownership of the problem or rectify the situation.

Their so-called ‘customer service agents’ in Sydney are not Delta Airlines staff, with one flight a day out of Australia Delta’s work is farmed out to the lowest bidder, in this case Menzies Aviation. I need not say anything about Menzies, a quick Google will give some insight into their company. Their staff lack basic customer service skills and are apparently not empowered to make any type of concession even when the situation is due to Delta Airlines mistake.

I guess you get what you pay for, bargain basement prices result in a bargain basement product. Do yourself a favour when traveling to or from Australia, book with an airline that has capacity to deliver a quality product, I suggest you avoid Delta Airlines.

Do yourself a favour, avoid Delta for travel to/from Australia.

Instead of helping, they(Delta) took me out of the plane without option!!!

My destination was Minneapolis on 7/17/2015. Since I barely took any food in the plane for 12 hours from Shanghai to Seattle, I took a simple soup in Seattle airport after landing. After waiting for more 4 hours in Seattle Airport, and delayed on boarding, we could board at last. On the doorway, I vomited to the trash bag I prepared so I put it in the trashcan in the plane after getting on board of DL2308 (7/17/2015). One of the male crew members saw that. Instead of serving me some drink water or nice greetings, he just reported to the Seattle airport staff, [name removed]. Then [name removed] came to me to ask me to leave this plane and take another flight two hours later. I tried to explain to her that after this vomit, I felt much better and could travel to home as always, plus I would need to have home make food to get my energy back. [name removed] did not listen to me and kept threaten me of getting security to take me out. She, then with the captain of this flight to have told me with very cold voice and fierce eyes saying “this is the last time I told you, if you don't voluntary get out the plane, we will ask the security...”. I told them that I felt well and could travel for another three hours to home. I even asked passengers around me and they were all OK traveling with me, but [name removed] and the captain of this flight did not listen and kept threaten me before the public. I gave up working with them and had to leave the plane. When I stood up from my seat, another girl standing aside and waiting for my seat... The whole process made me feel that I was not treated as a Delta customer but an annoying person that this flight tried to get rid of. I felt that I had totally been threw away as something but not treated as a human being, a weak passenger that need to be cared and a loyal Delta's Skymiles member. I was just been arranged to another flight 3.5 hours later, which made me even hungry and weak. I had to drag my exhausted body and luggage to another gate in a long distance in the airport. I just worried that what if I fainted alone in the airport after such a long time eating nothing? THIS IS THE MOST TERRIBLE EXPERINCE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE OF FLYING WITH ANY AIRLINES. THE FLIGHT OF DL2308 ON JULY 17, 2015 MADE IT.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I’m flying with delta airlines early next year and I’m flying with virgin airlines first and I’m worried about their checked in luggage allowance saying the measurement is 157cm (L+W+H). I work at a bag store with luggage and majority of our large cases are over that. Are they very strict?
1 answer
My experience with Delta checked luggage is that they are more concerned with weight rather than dimensions. Delta just wants your money per suitcase. Check if Delta and Virgin are booking partners and if all your bookings are through Virgin, then ask Virgin if Delta will cause problems. Do not expect help from Delta staff in USA. They will just 'pass the buck' onto someone else. If you are going to pay for the baggage at each USA airport, then be advised that check in and luggage payment is done at kiosks. You attach kiosk supplied baggage labels to the suitcase, then take the luggage to a counter to hand over for it to be security checked behind the walls and loaded onto planes. As for cabin bags, Americans try to take as much as they can to avoid paying for checked luggage. Some of their carry-on are so big they would not be allowed on Qantas or Virgin. So the overhead lockers get filled up very quickly. If you are not used to the American accent, the call up for the seating can mean that you board as last group and miss out on overhead locker space. Hope you have a better experience than I did earlier this year (2018).

Is there in flight entertainment on DL40 leaving Sydney 19th July to LAX at 1115?
1 answer
Yes there should be in flight entertainment.

i am flying sydney to los angeles monday 26th august arrive la 6 .45 am connecting flight to calgary with westjet at8.50 am. is 2hrs and 5 minutes enough valid connection time?
2 answers
It should be ...it will sldo be dependent on the terminal.from which.you cstch your connecting flightWas it enough time ?? I'm flying Sydney to LA arriving 6.10 need to connect to another flight to Minneapolis at 8.4. Hope we make it

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