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Dermalogica Barrier Repair

Dermalogica Barrier Repair

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I bought this following the birth of my first baby. I had hormonal acne all over my face, back and down the side of my body (horrible) the beautician recommended this. I found that it didn't moisturise my skin in any way, it feels more like a plastic barrier which, since my issue was internal did nothing to help and didn't even make my skin feel nice. Acupuncture ended up being the key to curing the acne. I still use this in the morning over my regular products, and as a primer (it seems to last forever). However will definitely skip this step once it's used up.


I have extremely sensitive/dry skin and eczema and it was always a struggle to find something that would protect my skin on windy and cold days. This product has saved my skin. I still moisturise very heavily day and night and do my normal skin care routine but before i leave the house, i put a small layer of this over my face and it literally acts as a barrier to environmental conditions. I think of it as a preventative to my skin getting bad. It doesnt FIX my skin problems but its PREVENTS them extremely well. Would highly recommend.

Absolutely perfect product!

What a fantastic product! I have incredibly sensitive skin, to give an example, the last moisturiser I bought that claimed to be hypoallergenic/suitable for sensitive skin gave me the equivalent of a minor chemical burn. I love dermalogica products because I've never reacted to them. I wish I could post a photo to show the difference this product made to a nasty rash I developed on my face due to change of season (sides of nose, the crease line when you smile, and around the eyebrows - was bright red and peeling) and the difference this product made combined with the ultra calming concentrated serum was unbelievable - cleared within days! definitely great if you have super sensitive skin!!


I started using this just recently when I started breaking out again. I use this after I wash my face in the morning and it is an EXCELLENT barrier for makeup. Kind of like a moisturiser and a primer in one! It creates a silky smooth silicone-like finish on your skin and makeup just glides on! It also really helped control my breakouts because my face wasn't moist and absorbing all the makeup on my skin. It's sort of like a film between your face and the makeup.

The only drawbacks would be that it is very expensive for a small tube, but I am willing to sacrifice the money because it works better than any other moisturiser under makeup. Also, it is not a product that is deeply hydrating. This for me is more like a slightly moisturising cover because when my jawline is dry the flakes don't disappear entirely when I use it.

Overall though, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Would recommend for those with oily/normal skin (not dry).

Perfect after a wax!

Love this product to use after a facial wax, helps protect the skin barrier and gives me less chance of having a breakout


This product doesn't look hydrating, but is actually really hydrating and excellent to sooth reddened, dry skin.

I've used it following dermalogica's Gentle Soothing Booster and found the combination really worked to reduce redness and dry, flaky skin.

You don't need much to apply so the small tube will last you as long as their normal moisturisers.
Non-greasy, fragrance free.


Although this product does not appear to be oily, it seems to hydrate my skin. I find it very useful for days when my skin tone is uneven or is dry and scaly. One application and my skin appears to look much better.
- reduces inflammation
- evens skin tone
- hydrating
- reduces fine lines
- expensive


In conjunction with the sensitive range of products this is an excellent product. You only need a tiny amount to cover the entire face and it is excellent in helping to repair the skin. Also great if your skin reacts with waxing (brows, etc). Helps to keep down the inflammation. This product is fantastic.
Easy to apply, need very little on face, tube lasts for ages.

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Barrier Repair
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