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MooGoo Full Cream

MooGoo Full Cream

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Moogoo msm cream wow

I have megga rash issues and chemical sensitivity i tried moogoo msm cream under my arms due to deodorant rashes even the natural ones. Omg its working and interesting bonus i havnt used deodorant but i haven't needed to and I'm a busy person and I can work up a sweat.

Purchased in September 2019 for $22.95.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin


I have been using the blemish cream and milk cleanser and my skin feels and looks amazing. Ordered online and delivery was quick and packaged nicely. I will never use another skin care range again. Thank u MooGoo :)

Purchased in July 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeDry Skin

Great to clear up skin

Been using for 2 months, has cleared up my skin irritations and some blemishes. Leaves skin feeling moisturiser and not dry, also does not leave skin feeling greasy and I love that about it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Local Pharmacy for $15.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

MooGoo is amazing!!!!!

I first found MooGoo at a tourist shop while camping. It looked good so i bought the full cream moisturizer because i have an extremely dry face. I have been using it on my face every night ever since. normally my cheeks are so dry they are bright red but after the first night of using it the redness calmed down heaps! I now no longer have red dry cheeks, instead i have a soft and nice smelling face! I love the feel and smell of MooGoo and it has helped so much. Would definitely recommend to y'all.

Actually works! Natural Natural Natural

Loving the FULL CREAM MooGoo . Have tried loads of other creams & lotions but this is THE FIND!

It has a gentle natural fragrance, sinks right into my skin, is NOT greasy/oily, and actually repairs some of the damage that my overworked hands had.

For many years I've been a careful reader of ingredient lists & have steered away from the many nasties that often make up these types of creams. MooGoo has no "baddies". All natural! Hurrah!

Even though I try to wear gloves as much as possible, it's not always suitable - constantly have my hands in water & rough surfaces etc, so have loads of tiny cracks along the sides of my fingers as well as dried-out rough skin.
This is the only cream that really repairs the cracks.
You can go about your business within a minute - even after a generous application - without leaving an oily trail or slipping your grip.

I also REALLY like the transparency of ingredients & explanation of the ingredients on the list. The cream is even EDIBLE (my cat likes it!)

This is DEFINITELY ~THE PRODUCT ~ for me as far as hands go, & I'm keen to try some of the other products too.

not good

I purchased the natural SPF tinted face cream . While using this cream everyday I found by the time I got half way through the tube it started to separate . When you squeezed the tube a heap of oil spurted out followed by a blob of clotted pigment , it also started to smell a little rancid . I keep this below 30 c as directed and try to massage tube to mix to the contents but have had no luck, had to throw away ,After purchasing 2 tubes the same thing happened I don't purchase it anymore. They also changed the colour of the tint to accommodate for lighter skins.
I have also bought the lip balm which is quite good but comes in a 7 cm tube but in actual fact the amount of balm in the tube would be lucky to be 1.5 cm...a bit deceptive.


I put this moisturiser on my skin at night after I’ve cleansed it and in the morning, my skin feels and looks so smooth, milky and even! Almost as if someone has airbrushed it!! I haven’t been able to find this result in any other Moisturiser! I think for the quality of the ingredients Moogoo uses, their prices are very fair and the way this moisturiser absorbs into your skin feels so lovely! (Not sticky or greasy!)

Not the product for my Psoriasis

After using the product for nearly 2 weeks, there was no signs of any improvement in my skin. I have used other creams at less than half the retail price and found the results to be just the same. Whilst my skin has some way to go, I don't hold much faith in any of these preparations that claim to work on Eczema & Psoriasis, unless it is mild. It will now sit in the bathroom cabinet along with all the other "so-called" cures!!!


I've been using this for 4 years. The only problem is during winter I have to layer this on very, very thick because my skin just gets SO dry. Otherwise, this is the only moisturiser that hasn't made my very dry and sensitive skin break out, get sore and red, feel rough, or any of the other reactions my skin has had to other creams.
I recommended it to a friend, too, which I never do.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I've also been using the oil cleanser for dry skin for just as long as I have the cream. My skin also got too sensitive for every type of cleanser, organic or not. I haven't had any issues with MGs oil cleanser over the 4 years I've been using it. HIGHLY recommend.

Good - Not for me!

Purchased MooGoo Full Cream from my local health shop. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be one of those people who found this to make my skin drier. I have tried so many different products with coconut oil as an ingredient, it just makes my skin very dry.
Guess I'm one of the few that really cannot use this oil - yep this does happen to a small number of us.
Have since given to my father who really likes it and uses regularly.

Miracle product

I came across MooGoo scalp products by accident. After years and years of dry itchy scalp and hair, my condition improved just after the first wash.
Previously i have bought expensive shampoos and conditioners hoping that it would help to no avail. Now after two months my scalp no longer itches and my hair is not frizzy and dry. I cannot thank you enough.

Perfect product!

Really great for sensitve skin that is prone to eczema or dermatitis. I have tried other products in this range and have loved all of them!
Non greasy formula, nice packaging!

Extremely soothing, not moisturising enough.

This is incredibly soothing on my rosacea. It works like nothing else. It calms my fire red skin in half an hour, but I agree with all the reviews on makepalley.com, this, like the other MooGoo moisturisers, doesn’t moisture enough so I have to layer it. I use this like a soothing serum, let it work for half an hour, then apply my normal much heavier moisturiser over the top.

Where has this been all my life?

I suffer from rashes - lots of rashes and have done for years, my skin is super sensitive and we live in the tropics and would also get prickly heat - which, if you have ever had it you know how painful it can be. I heard about MooGoo from my niece and thought I would give it a go - wow, can't believe I had not heard of it before. I also bought the deodorant as I have issues with them too - use them for a bit, all good then break out in a rash, so far so good.

Great moisturiser and smells yum~

I’ve been using Moogoo for 5 years since I was pregnant with my first son. It’s gentle yet very effective moisturiser. I have acne prone and sensitive skin. My skin loves it. It smells like yummy cupcake and my kids love it too.

Great product.

I love this Full cream moisturiser. I have dry skin and Moo Goo does the trick. It absorbs into my skin and it is so soft .Would not use any other moisturiser now. Thanks Moo Goo-love it!


After over a year of trying everything for my scalp psoriasis I am finally receiving some relief! After 3 washes with the shampoo and conditioner and using the scalp cream, my scalp psoriasis is getting better. My scalp is less itchy and less flaky although not completely gone. Its early days but I am excited to see the change!

This product excites me

Where do i start ?
Moo Goo is amazing i actually started using it after i used some of my grandfathers stash and i absolutely love it, smells great ! i also have stocked up on all the baby stuff and i am expecting soon and i cant wait to have my baby hydrated in the best smelling stuff around ! thanks MOO GOO

This is worth a try

The skin on my legs were very dry so I used this cream morn and night after a shower. Although my skin has improved it took awhile . I used coconut oil as well to give my legs a hurry along. I like the consistency, no perfume and easy pump container it comes in .
I would recommend it

The best moisturiser I have ever used!

This is by far the best moisturiser I have ever used in my life! I have dry skin and I have to use thicker cream to combat dryness and at the end of the day, my face would turn oily and sticky! If I use less thicker cream the fine lines on my face will start to show up. It all ends until I found this moisturiser! I could see the effect from the first day of using it! I also see less pimples on my forehead and jawline. It keeps my skin moisturised but not oily or sticky! Highly recommend it to people with dry skin like me! Please continue your great work ,Moo Goo!

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Questions & Answers

About to start radiotherapy due breast cancer and node removal. Someone said moo goo applied to the site was very helpful. Any thoughts on this? Would appreciate your answer.
2 answers
Yup moo goo is the goThanks. How long before starting radio do you start applying the cream?

Does moo goo have any phenoxyethanol in their product including the bar soaps?
2 answers
Hi Robina, their website lists each ingredient in every product. I checked both soap bars and neither have pheno. Always contact a manufacturer if in doubt but from what I have seen you should be fine. MooGoo also states, on the following page, that they do not use pheno. or parabens: https://moogoo.com.au/about-usBtw, I just ordered my first item this evening so will be keen to see how I fare.

Where can product be purchased?
3 answers
Hello Connie. I purchase all my Moo Goo products from my chemist Soul Pattinson but I do know other chemists stock the products plus you can order online directly from Moo Goo whose company is at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast Qld. Online look up moogooskincare and all their products can be purchased this way. Good luck Connie.I have also found that a lot of good quality health food shops stock their products and most chemists also stock them. I had my grand daughter over last night and she had the start of a rash on her backside - one application of moogoo and her skin was totally clear in the morning - could not believe it.The MooGoo website lists stockists in Qld. For others elsewhere or overseas just buy directly from their site.


MooGoo Full Cream
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Skin TypeDry
Day/Night UsageDay
Release dateJun 2008

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