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Real-u Beauty Bundle

Latest review: After a month my skin had a beautiful texture it was smooth and glowing , I now hardly ever break out anymore and i have confidence again thank you real u

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Latest review: Of all the hand creams I have tried over the years this one has to be the worse. I don’t have an issue with silcone based products which gives this product its concentrated consistency BUT the d

MooGoo Full Cream

Latest review: Been using for 2 months, has cleared up my skin irritations and some blemishes. Leaves skin feeling moisturiser and not dry, also does not leave skin feeling greasy and I love that about

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

Latest review: Sukin night cream is so good it makes my face so fresh and filled with moisture. My skin is quite dry and dull however once I use this product my skin has changed and is more brighter and

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

Latest review: I'm in my sixties and I have touchy skin. My legs were getting dry this summer, so I started using skin milk after every shower instead of now and then. It takes a minute or so and since I

Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Moisturiser

Latest review: I purchased this recently and I really like it but I am really disappointed that it is perfumed. If it was fragranced by adding natural oil I wouldn’t mind but it is ‘perfume’ and this puts me off it.

Nivea Creme

Latest review: This is a great lotion for skin that needs hydrating. I use it for my feet and hands. Makes them smooth. Someone on a previous review claimed they changed the ingredients of The Original Nivea from

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser

Latest review: I have used this for years. I suffer from awful eczema (atopic dermatitis) and have done since I was a baby. Without using a moisturiser my skin is a mess and I need to resort to either very strong

Nivea Soft

Latest review: I've been using Nivea Soft for a very long time now. It's the best! Can't tell you how many years I've been buying it. I'm 60 now & you wouldn't know it by looking at me. I look much younger than my

Sukin Facial Moisturiser

Latest review: I now have a dermatitis like rash all over my forehead after two days of use and have to teach a class today and tomorrow. It burns and is unsightly. I will not recommend or continue to use this

The Body Shop Body Butters

Latest review: While the smell, texture and some ingredients are lovely, I am shocked that the body shop uses parabens (known hormonal disrupters) in their body butters (and other products). Also contains other

Swisse Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser

Latest review: Okay, so I have to start off by saying that I´ve spent years and loads of money on different brands and most of them have been expensive and ineffective. I tried Swisse for the first time a few weeks

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

Latest review: It’s good, it moisturises and does what it has to do. It absorbs very slowly and leaves the skin feeling quite greasy, though. I like to use it on my lips, elbows, knees and ankles! Works wonders on s

Lacura (Aldi) Face Cream

Latest review: The day after using Lacura Renew Q10 my face became very flushed looking, felt like burning and started getting puffy. No associating it with the face cream I reapplied it that night and felt a

Ego QV Skin Lotion

Latest review: I find most lotions drip off me in the summer heat but qv soaks into my skin very well. And I really love that the products are Australian made/

ASAP Range

Latest review: I have used the ASAP range for about 4 months now and have seen my skin get smoother. However recently I have had an allergic reaction under my eyes and itchy patches on the sides of my face. The

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Vera

Latest review: Very good value for money. A light lotion, that really hydrated my skin. I loved it and it smelt great

Dermeze Ointment

Latest review: First two pictures are before treatment & third picture is now, my hands are so soft & smooth & no longer extremely dry. Highly recommended this ointment to my friends & family on facebook.

Cetaphil Moisturisers

Latest review: I have been using Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion for many years on my body and face. It was the one brand I thought I could count on. But when the packaging changed, so did the lotion. It is really

The Body Shop Hemp

Latest review: I brought this for my mum and the hemp face cream she absolutely loves it for when her skin gets rushed from sweat and daily make up use. It’s the only one she doesn’t react too

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