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Dermalogica Precleanse

Dermalogica Precleanse

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Love this product!

This is such a wonderful product. I use to clean makeup off first before using a gentle cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and very clean. Will never use anything else.

Best ever!

I've recently started using Dermalogica products because they are really jelling with my skin and it's improved so so so much with my acne and redness but when I was first told to buy this I thought it had to be some sort of money making ploy. Like, who needs a PRE cleanse. I was convinced they had just added another step for the sake of it. Plus I was worried about the oil on my oily skin. But wow-e was I wrong. It gets through the thickest of makeup without leaving my face red and raw, and has helped a lot with my skin agitation. Plus, it makes so much sense to use oil based for oily skin now I was told, oil and water don't mix so won't remove much. Duh! Just make sure you use it as labelled, on dry skin to start with and you will see huge results. I use a range of Dermalogica products on a daily basis so they're all contributing to my skin getting much better but I am 100% sure my acne has reduced because of this as i'm not leaving/sleeping in leftover makeup remnants that were not removed. And, as with all Derm products I have been using, only the smallest amount necessary! I do agree with another poster that the container could be changed to a non-pump so it's more friendlier for transport but I haven't had any issues with leakage.

Poor product design - leaks everywhere (even on the bench)

I have been using this product for 8 years and sadly I will no longer use it until the package design is addressed. It was previously a flip-top lid but last year it was changed to a pump dispenser. The new packaging actually leaks the product down the bottle and all over my benchtop. I am unable to travel with this, let alone use it properly in my own home. And yes I have tried the wipes which were rubbish. It's frustrating because I have gone through 3 bottles this year and this is an expensive exercise. I have recently turned towards a competitor's product that is a travel-friendly balm that uses the same concept of cleansing with oil. You have truly disappointed me Dermalogica. Lift your game.

Fantastic Product!!!

I absolutely love this product. I've tried lots of other makeup removers and not one of them will ever compare to this. I use it as advised, as a pre-cleanse, before I use my cleanser. I rub it all over my face and eyes and then rinse. Every bit of makeup is gone. I hate cleansing straight over the top of makeup, your skin doesn't feel clean and there's usually a lot of makeup residue left. Highly recommend this product!
Takes off all traces of makeup. Lovely scent

The best cleanser I've ever used

I use this as my cleanser not a pre cleanse, and I no longer have pimples and my skin is alway looking clean and radiant ! I was abit off put when I realized it was an oil, but it hasn't had any effect on my skin but make it cleaner and clearer
It smells fresh and clean on your skin


I have problems with acne and have been using other dermalogica products for a couple of years. Started off with anti-bac skin wash and post extraction solution, which helped my skin improve alot. Then i heard of this pre-cleanse, got a sample and fell in love. Now about to order my second bottle. It helped my skin improve even further!
Smells good, no artificial fragrances. Feels awesome on the skin and works wonders. Even removes waterproof makeup.


i have done product training with dermalogica as a beauty therapist and this is by far my favourite product of theirs. you only need a tiny amount so lasted ages and it removed makeup and suncream really well. even waterproof mascara. the oil attracts oil is so true. i then use a water based cleanser for my second cleanse to remove water soluable impurities. make sure you use precleanse on dry skin or it won't work.
this is the best makeup remover i have ever tried. the philosophy behind it is not just theory, it really works.
dermalogica are little pricey, but this is well worth it. also i needed to buy a water based cleanser for my second cleanse.


Very expensive item thats a jazzed up makeup remover. Wouldnt buy it again due to the price and also that i have found a wet facecloth or cold cream does the exact same thing
removes makeup very well and does help to deep cleanse the skin before using another cleanser. Leaves skin feeling very clean and i love the fact that it even removes all traces of waterproof mascara.
doesnt do anymore than my $5 bottle of cold cream. very expensive and it doesnt last a long time at all. it runs out of the bottle so quickly half of it is a waste


The concept behind this product is to remove makeup and other impurities prior to your normal cleanse. This gives your face a brilliant cleanse and leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and very clean. This works in brilliantly with your normal cleansing routine. This product was recommended to me by a skin specialist because I suffer from acne prone skin. Not only did I notice an improvement but it removes makeup extremely well.
Removes all traces of oil, dirt, makeup etc giving your skin a great cleanse.
Dermalogica products are expensive, more so in salons. So it's best to shop around for better prices online.


Fantastic at removing makeup, more effective than makeup removers. The product whilst oil based, is light and washes off easily.

It is an essential first step to any cleansing routine before washing your face with cleanser.
Lightweight and washes off easily
If your skin is oily, it may lead to breakouts.

If you know how it works it makes sense

If you have oily skin you need this product. When my beautician first tried to sell it to me I thought it was a bit of a con, but when I did my research it made sense.

It is very simple. If you have oily skin you want to cut through that oil. Water and oil dont mix!! So just getting you facewasher or whatever is not going to work! Detergents will cut through the oil but are more harsh. By starting your face washing routine with an oil based product it can dissolve all the oil that has built up on your face.

I use it and not only does it break down the oil but it feels really nice to use and there is something oddly satisfying about rubbing oil all over your face!
Great start to your face routine
It is expensive

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It is not just for oily skin - it also rids skin of all make up - including waterproof. Great product and a little goes a long way - so lasts ages.

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